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  1. Yeah this currently happens on OpenGL (linux and Mac), I'll release a version fixing this in the future. If you're on windows make sure your reflections are enabled. This happens randomly to some users, disable all the "scaled adjust" settings to fix it, including scaled contrast brightness etc, they're in the atmo settings. I'll have a version fixing it out in the future. What 838.1 version? 1. Correct 2. You can switch to scatterer's SMAA, it's even cheaper than TAA. You can't use the in-game AA anymore, if you modify scatterer's source so that it no longer forces it off you'll get black artifacts. Looks like broken city lights config, don't know more than that. No idea, best to look at the KSP.log file for errors.
  2. Do it and submit a merge request, make the keybinding loadable from a config file, I've not made any updates in a long time so this isn't really an issue.
  3. Yeah, rotate the rayDirection here when sampling this cubemap: https://github.com/LGhassen/Singularity/blob/master/Singularity/Shaders/SingularityShaders/Assets/Shaders/BlackHoleAccretionDisk.shader#L303 Ideally though you wouldn't do it in the shader, you would add some code on plugin side to detect if principia is installed, then you add the correct rotation here when creating the cubemap: https://github.com/LGhassen/Singularity/blob/6006f990a6b4f1dd1f712aa43feac66859e24746/Singularity/Singularity/Singularity.cs#L118 depends how much effort you want to put in this.
  4. Hmm I think maybe something changed since I implemented this. Is this with Kopernicus? Could you maybe look into how to remove/modify a sun corona with Kopernicus?
  5. Are you saying that based on your detailed analysis of how both render?
  6. Not really, you could recompile after modifying this line: https://github.com/LGhassen/Singularity/blob/master/Singularity/Singularity/SingularityUI.cs#L73
  7. I just ran into the same issue and updating AA fixed it
  8. I never paid attention but it probably renders on top of everything in local space (like the ship does) while the rest of the effects are in scaled space. I personally don't care because I barely see it. If you really want to you can make a mod that hides it when/after transitioning to scaled space.
  9. Set scatterer to the very high setting, check the wiki if you don't know how This is a stock feature This is a stock bug with reflections, nothing to do with scatterer. If you disable the game's reflections it goes away.
  10. Could you describe the issue in more detail and maybe include more images? Which planet is that? Which config? In which situations?
  11. You can set the quickStart wait time at the main menu to a few seconds (I set mine to 3 iirc) and it will load correctly, no need to uninstall it.
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