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  1. On 11/27/2023 at 6:20 PM, ike2462 said:

    I know that there is a known issue with TU and scatterer on some devices. For me, the sky is just black in the reflections on my crafts. has anyone found a way to fix this? Currently I have to go all the way back to 0.06 for the reflection of the sky to work GKr4CWa.jpg

    Yeah this currently happens on OpenGL (linux and Mac), I'll release a version fixing this in the future. If you're on windows make sure your reflections are enabled.

    On 11/23/2023 at 8:26 PM, Rocket fan said:


    I have scatterer, EVE, AVP, parallax, TUFX and kopernicus on and Kerbin looks like this. Any advice?

    This happens randomly to some users, disable all the "scaled adjust" settings to fix it, including scaled contrast brightness etc, they're in the atmo settings. I'll have a version fixing it out in the future.

    On 1/1/2024 at 2:52 PM, ForLok said:

    can you update the Ckan version to v0.838.1?
    i can't run kerbalVR without the .1 version

    What 838.1 version?

    On 1/2/2024 at 4:25 PM, Kielm said:


    I just wanted to check my assumptions based on what I've found searching through this thread:

    1. Scatterer disables the in-game Antialiasing, so deselecting the in-game antialiasing is preferred to avoid artefacts. Or at least, scatterer will disable/override it (I assume permanently) when changing scenes - is that right? Should I turn the stock AA off?
    2. Scatterer defaults to TAA as it's preferred anti-aliasing

    I play in 2K so aliased edges aren't a huge problem, but I still prefer some minimal antialiasing to smooth them out. However, I've found I'm particularly sensitive to Temporal Antialiasing and the way it can cause 'ghost images' when in motion, so tend not to use it if I have a choice. I think (assume) that scatterer implements it's own TAA so this may not be a problem, but would there be a significant performance impact in switching to scatterer's SMAA implementation instead of it's TAA? Or should I just disable scatterer's antialiasing entirely and use in-game (stock) antialising instead?

    1. Correct
    2. You can switch to scatterer's SMAA, it's even cheaper than TAA. You can't use the in-game AA anymore, if you modify scatterer's source so that it no longer forces it off you'll get black artifacts.

    On 1/6/2024 at 7:49 PM, Kakub said:

    Out of nowhere those black patches appeared on my sandbox save, idk what are they cities lights ? On map view they doesn't exist, but cities map do. Any help ?


    Looks like broken city lights config, don't know more than that.

    On 1/6/2024 at 9:03 PM, Ultim32 said:

    Hi, does anyone know if any other mods or steps are needed for scatterer to work on a 2.5x scaled kerbol system? I keep getting 4 errors shown in this image: 20231231205112_1.jpg?ex=65a6ac78&is=6594

    I'm not sure what's causing this, and it only shows up whenever scatterer is installed.

    Also, here is the content of the .cfg that the game was complaining about. Could anyone tell me if something is wrong with this code?

    		%editCache = False
    		cacheFile = #Kopernicus/Cache/$name$.bin
    		@cacheFile = #SigmaDimensions/Cache/§$SigmaDimensions/Resize$x]Resize/§$SigmaDimensions/landscape$x]landscape/$cacheFile$
    		@cacheFile ^= :§:[:
    		!editCache = DEL


    No idea, best to look at the KSP.log file for errors.

  2. On 11/16/2023 at 3:17 AM, StormxWolf said:

    May I make another request for the keybinding to be changed? I understand I can recompile but doing that every update is going to be a bit of a pain. This rose to my attention again when I realized your keybinding, Alt+S conflicts with the stock keybinding of trim pitch up. It's quite something to have the singularity UI flash over and over while tapping the keys for trim. Any way to change it would be enough, a cfg file even if that's the easiest way.

    I regret if getting this again is annoying, I will take your reply as the final word on the matter.

    Do it and submit a merge request, make the keybinding loadable from a config file, I've not made any updates in a long time so this isn't really an issue.

  3. 1 hour ago, aced said:

    KSP: 1.12
    Problem: Ocean visual glitch with Scatterer
    Mods installed: Scatterer v0.0838
    Reproduction steps:
    build rocket
    launch rocket
    once in air, weird shadow appears in ocean and gets bigger and bigger over time
    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/UCG1c84

    It's godrays and that's the shadow of the craft, disable godrays and it will go away.

  4. 18 hours ago, AloE said:

    Hi blackrack,

    Thank you for these remarkable shaders!

    The mod Principia alters the coordinate system in the way describe below (key excerpt: "original x axis will become the y axis when |body| is the main body, and the |initialRotation| will be correspondingly increased by 90°." )

    & indeed, when used in conjunction with Principia, the Singularity blackhole shader appears to me to visually display the part of the skybox 'that is 90 deg to the right'. 

    For example, with Principia when looking at a Singularity black hole via the tracking station, if I align the view such that the 3 belt stars of Orion of the skybox show up close to centered in the 'view of the blackhole', then in order to see the actual 3 belt stars in the skybox I would need to rotate the tracking station camera/view 90 deg to the right.

    Principia Singularity Coordinate Interaction

    Do the shaders happen to be coded in a way where I might in one or a few config file(s) locations tweak a few values in order to align the rotation/coordinate system expected by the shaders to align/compensate for the orientation change that Principia makes (described below)? Or any other suggestions you may have regarding what may be occurring based on what you see in the screenshot provided above (e.g. perhaps I would also need to adjust some values in a Scatterer config, etc...)?   Thank you!



    Yeah, rotate the rayDirection here when sampling this cubemap: https://github.com/LGhassen/Singularity/blob/master/Singularity/Shaders/SingularityShaders/Assets/Shaders/BlackHoleAccretionDisk.shader#L303

    Ideally though you wouldn't do it in the shader, you would add some code on plugin side to detect if principia is installed, then you add the correct rotation here when creating the cubemap: https://github.com/LGhassen/Singularity/blob/6006f990a6b4f1dd1f712aa43feac66859e24746/Singularity/Singularity/Singularity.cs#L118 depends how much effort you want to put in this.

  5. 7 hours ago, Nyxilo said:

    Hey ! I'm using your preset for the Sun, however even with the hideClestialBody set to True, I see what looks like the stock Sun's corona.
    I tried to remove each of Ghost1, Ghost2, Sunflare, SunSpikes or replace them with black / transparent PNGs, but it didn't worked.

    Here's a screen without hidecelestialbody enabled and with it.
    Is there something I can do ?


    Hmm I think maybe something changed since I implemented this. Is this with Kopernicus? Could you maybe look into how to remove/modify a sun corona with Kopernicus?

  6. 13 hours ago, guituga--- said:

    What I did was unistall AtmosphereAutopilot, I haven't played for a while but what I used was the Mechjeb plane Autopilot function which is similar to AA and let's you keep at a certain altitude/speed/.... idk if there is any other fix besides unistalling the mod.

    I just ran into the same issue and updating AA fixed it

  7. 10 hours ago, PresidentCash said:

    It's supposed to show the KSC through the clouds as well?  When leaving the planet's gravity I can still see it through the clouds and atmosphere as well.  It's much more obvious in-game, I'm not sure why the screenshot makes it look so small.  If you want, I can get a screenshot of it showing through the clouds.

    I never paid attention but it probably renders on top of everything in local space (like the ship does) while the rest of the effects are in scaled space. I personally don't care because I barely see it.

    If you really want to you can make a mod that hides it when/after transitioning to scaled space.

  8. On 5/5/2023 at 12:25 AM, NaviG said:

    I'm polishing the look of ksp, somebody knows a way to avoid the cascade-effect on shadows, so they're on highest quality all the time when in distance range?

    Set scatterer to the very high setting, check the wiki if you don't know how

    On 6/3/2023 at 4:01 AM, PresidentCash said:

    Any help with the KSC showing up when zooming out in space?  It happens with mods and without(happens on the latest version).  You can see it in like a black/grey color through clouds/atmosphere.  You can also see it in the wireframe setting.

    Here is a pic with only Mechjeb(for quick testing) and Scatterer.  It's hard to see on the picture, but it's very obvious in-game and especially obvious with cloud mods as it will go through the clouds like it is layered.(Fresh install of both the game and the mods, nothing edited at all.)


    This is a stock feature

    2 hours ago, funnelton said:



    Heya, im having an issue with scatterer, for some reason the darkside of kerbin isnt actually dark when looking at it from the mun's surface. I'd also like to add that the visible parts is the seabed of kerbin.

    This is a stock bug with reflections, nothing to do with scatterer. If you disable the game's reflections it goes away.

  9. 1 hour ago, parachutingturtle said:

    Just putting this here in case anyone else runs into the same issue:
    EVE didn't work for me, and then I realized it was because I used the mod "QuickStart". That mod skips the main menu. Since you can see clouds on Kerbin in the main menu background, my guess is EVE probably does some initialization there, and if you skip it, it won't work. So I uninstalled QuickStart and everything is fine :)

    You can set the quickStart wait time at the main menu to a few seconds (I set mine to 3 iirc) and it will load correctly, no need to uninstall it.

  10. For those who are wondering why things are quiet here, the forum rules don't permit discussion of content that is not publicly/freely available, so I'm limiting discussion in this thread to what you can download here.

    2 hours ago, Gamerikboi said:

    Man release the mod for free asap people who can run your mod most likely can run KSP 2 and probably are playing ksp 2 as we speak

    1 hour ago, rettter3 said:

    Please don't preassure the modders. Actually there are many people like me, that are still willing to wait a bit for the mod, as there are huge Performance problems with KSP2, that probably won't change top soon (I expect earliest bigger improvements in maybe a few months).

    But yeah, I am also eagerly waiting for this mod, just don't preassure the modders;)

    If anything I'm seeing a resurgence in KSP1's popularity.

  11. 9 hours ago, ra4nd0m said:

    @blackrack Sorry for another ping but after doing that fix I've noticed some really bad "staircases" on models.

    Any idea how can this be fixed? image.png

    I'm running medium setting in Scatterer with SMAA enabled because TAA causes tragectory lines blinking.

    Enable the game's built-in antialiasing from the main menu (it will be auto-disabled outside the editor by scatterer), Scatterer's AA is not used in the editors.

  12. 26 minutes ago, ra4nd0m said:

    Hey guys. So recently I've decided to boot up my old KSP modpack with KSRSS and BDB and found out that my game lags as HELL on all planets with atmosphere. After running a few cleanroom tests with and without both KSRSS and visual mods I've managed to pinpoint the issue to combination of EVE and Scatterer.

    Here's my latest test config image.png

    On this particular config I still have that massive lag. 
    I decided to run AVP 'cause it always ran pretty well, even with 4k textures. 

    Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xTsfY2AlghevNOidVUe514yo3GeuBjn0/view?usp=share_link

    Yeah I've Alt+F4'ed the game. It's not the crash.



    I've got 16 GB's of RAM i7-7700 and rx 580 8gb and as I was saying it ran pretty well. In fact I've managed to run an enormous modpack with BDB Tantares and KSRSS on my poor PC and after loading it managed to run really good .

    Even had 60 FPS in flight while now lag is everywhere on boides with atmo. It stops being severe only when craft is (in Space High). No atmo bodies are perfect.

    I DO hope @blackrack  sees this 'cause I'm kinda desparate.

    I got nothing based on the log.

    Make sure you turn down the reflections built into the game, I've seen them tank framerate on an RTX 3070, there is a settings file posted in the Parallax thread which does that (even if you don't use parallax), check the troubleshooting section -> my performance has tanked


  13. 3 hours ago, alartor said:

    Sounds a lot like the old "eclipse / shadow" issue... (see for instance this post). To date I am not aware of a fix for this...

    I'll seize the chance to thank blackrack for his truly amazing work, although those clouds will probably never fly on my laptop, with a Radeon RX Vega M... xDDD I'll have to stick to the "integrated" config... Cheers!

    Thank you, I fixed this for scatterer eclipses and will add the fix in eve eclipses at some point.

  14. 15 hours ago, jrodriguez said:

    @blackrack I think I finally have it ready:)

    I have created 3 different coverage cube maps for 3 different cloud layers based on the original 64k cube maps used on EVO but selecting color ranges for the different cloud altitudes.  Finally adding noise mixed with patterns made the trick for creating random clusters of clouds :)



    Looks good, now you can think about adding random cumulonimbuses and other interesting vertical formations to spice things up even more, unless you already have

  15. 6 hours ago, Nonax said:

    does the volumetric clouds have support for Amd graphics card?

    Yes but what card is it out of curiosity?

    2 hours ago, Gunham said:

    I have the patreon volumetric update. I like it, however it seems kind of pixelated compared to what I'm used to. Like a little blocky. Is there a setting that I can change?

    Lower temporal upscaling https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/wiki/Temporal-upscaling-and-noise-detiling

  16. 1 hour ago, adriangm44 said:

    I’ve got the patreon update of the volumetric clouds.

    In Duna, night time doesn’t feel night cause it won’t turn completely dark, the surface and the craft are not shiny but I can see everything clearly as if it had some kind of brightness.

    I also have Prallax and I followed the installation steps. Do I need to change some settings or something?


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