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  1. 3 hours ago, Rodger said:

    Also just so people know, dev branch currently has some new merged titan tank parts that are waiting on model updates,
    I’ve also added paint switches for the LR91 “housings”
    added a missing paint option to the interstage (3B, not applicable to all variants)
    and merged the Transtage RCS parts into one (this wouldn’t have worked a couple of KSP versions ago!)

    I woke up to a message from Rodger containing this image:


  2. 4 hours ago, DeadJohn said:

    The X-15 has a wonderfully high heat tolerance. It came in handy for a contract that required 3000 m/s speed while flying level inside the atmosphere.

    Accelerating the X-15 that much given where I was in my tech tree needed a combination of supersonic airlaunch for a head start, the extended fuselage, and wing drop tanks. Science pods were stripped off to save weight.

    I present F.I.S.H., the Fast Intercooled Spaceplane Holder. Nose and tail come from Mk2 Stockalike Expansion, wings adjusted with Tweakscale

    None of that craft is in the bible

  3. So, first off - I'm sure many people have noticed the... instability of the forums these days. In the event of them fully disappearing, we of course will be saddened at the loss of years of conversation, comradery, and explosions. It will not be the end of BDB though. If the forums ever fully die and do not come back, please check my Twitter or the BDB GitHub for updates on where to find us. Just wanted to put that out there while I can. :)


    In any case, work continues. I got the Mariner 6/7 parts in game yesterday on stream, but of course forgot to take some screenshots. I also put some more work into the ablative-coated X-15 texture. Still a lot of work to do, but I feel like I've figured out what kind of effects it needs to get the look I want.



  4. Finally started work on the switches for X-15. Here's the black inconel variant, which will be joining the default blue.



    And here's the ablative-coated version for X-15A-2, perhaps better known as the 'white X-15'.


    There's a lot of work left to do for the ablative version to really nail the look of the real thing, but this is a good start I think.


    A small detail, but my copy of Hypersonic noted that there was a different pitot tube affixed to the ablative-coated version. I've included that in the switch. I'll have Rodger look into increasing the thermal tolerances of these part variants; I doubt adding ablative to all the parts would be good in game but might be fun for recreations...

    L2cS9Jb.png      atefjp1.png

    These switches aren't available for all parts yet, and as I said the ablative version is subject to further improvements. Things like multiple drop tank paint variants will come later down the line.




  5. Just now, GoldForest said:

    True, but those updates are mixed in with each other most of the time, so you got to take the half-done parts with the "For playing" commits. Besides, lets me play with the shiny new parts and comment on things you need to improve on them, even though you probably already did that. :P Note: I don't comment on parts unless it's a major bug that should be fixed ASAP. I'm just joking around with the comment.

    Reporting bugs will liquid me off, but finding a bug years later that everyone knew about but didn't tell me will liquid me off more.

  6. 8 minutes ago, GoldForest said:

    Give it time, Rodger has to create whole new configs for the parts, and it can be a lengthy process making sure you get everything correct.  Seems they are doing the most difficult parts first, i.e. the engines since they have so many part switches to them. The Tanks should come next. 

    Yeah it's going to take some time for the dust to settle on these changes, there's a lot to do.

    Also worth pointing out, there's a subtle but key difference between GitHub commits that are for playing with, and GitHub commits that are us passing half-done updates between each other. (The latter are often mine...)

  7. 8 hours ago, Taco Salad said:

    OH I forgot about this part. Wish it was a docking piece itself instead of being a row of parts nodes. Though it's probably supposed to go with the flat construction ports that also got added, the small ones.

    I think of the structure and the ports themselves as kind of one part; they just needed to be separate to have the length switches work. The other thing is it solves the issue of making sure multiple docking nodes can index correctly, since there's only a selection of pre-defined offsets.

  8. 3 hours ago, GoldForest said:

    IIRC, it was purposely left out. Cobalt or Zorg gave a reason, but I have forgotten, and I don't want to go searching through 1300 pages to find it lol. 

    I didn't really like people doing recreations of actual nuclear strikes with them. The Titan 2 RV was included because it looked so cool and I made it into a small launch vehicle (with a STAR-37 or similar stuffed in there)


    55 minutes ago, Rodger said:

    You may have accidentally installed the main branch instead of dev? 

    The way my mouth opened when I read that and everything suddenly made sense


    Added Neptune Camera support to the relevant X-15 parts. Also working on adding the 'bugeye' cameras that were mounted early in the X-15 program, sorry but I forgot to grab a pic.

    KSC as seen through one of the belly mapping cameras.


  9. 4 hours ago, Alpha512 said:

    But have you added true UA1206s tho? (with 6 segments, not 5.5)

    4 hours ago, GoldForest said:

    It would have to be modeled. Cobalt or Zorg would have to do it. I don't see it happening unless an actual Titan Update is done. 

    Rodger is just cleaning up the part list really. Combining many parts into one part then giving that one-part part-switching capabilities to bring the parts in line with the current standard of practice.

    1 hour ago, Pappystein said:

    CobaltWolf's Stream yesterday was about Titan update :D *oh and Fixing IUS and X-15 dev* (really just kitbashing existing parts to the current BDB standards.)  Which is what Roger was talking about in the above post.
    It is 100% up to @CobaltWolf if he feels it is important to make the Saturn proposed UA1206 with its full 6 segments.    I have always designated this as UA-1206F (F for the full segment, but that is 100% my designation and my headcanon.)

    I could look into the UA1206. We're not really trying to make new stuff, just rekerjigger the parts a bit to improve QoL for the part set.

  10. 1 hour ago, Entr8899 said:

    @CobaltWolfIdea, you know how each individual component of the new Atlas V tank has paint switches, like the tank itself, the raceways, the LOX line, and the avionics unit? What about doing something similar for the Saturn parts? Like, you can switch between white paint, Atlas-style copper, or SOFI, and switch between the black roll stripes. At the moment it's either white with roll stripes, all white, or SOFI/copper with roll stripes.

    Also, whoever maintains the all white Saturn patch, the paint switch for the 4.25m adapter is broken.

    1 hour ago, Rodger said:

    Paint switches like that need to be set up in the modelling phase, so it depends on how the current models are set up already.

    And I'm not sure what the "all white Saturn patch" is, is it a 3rd party patch?

    If I recall, the Saturn tanks are mostly single meshes for each length switch. I might be able to split them into separate tank walls and stringer sections.

    @Rodgerthe all-white switch was made by... someone else, recently. I could've sworn I uploaded it to GH but I'm not seeing it anywhere so maybe I'm just going senile in my old age.


    2 hours ago, hugoraider said:

    Is it just me, or does the X-15 have a tendency to dive to the ground when air launched?

    1 hour ago, GoldForest said:

    That happens with anything air launched. You're supposed to pitch up the mothership before release, so you have time to compensate for the nosedive.

    56 minutes ago, Gupyzer0 said:

    While some nose dive is expected and even a bit desired for separation ... at what speed are you releasing the X-15 perhaps you're too slow? Maybe trimming up before the release can help you mitigate some of the excessive nosedive.

    Early on, we had reports of some unexpected lift/drag issues with the X-15 which only occurred when air-launching it from under the wing of another craft. We'll have to look into it more - I also feel like my X-15 was uncontrollable and dropping like a rock after release.


  11. 1 hour ago, Socowez said:

    While this image is still fresh, what's the policy on flotation devices for capsules like in this picture? Is it "Gee we never thought to implement these, We'll get right to it" or "Screw you and your stupid kiddie floaties, go bother someone else about it"?

    I like that there's only those two options.


    1 hour ago, GoldForest said:

    Hmmm. Any plans to bring the X-20 into BDB in a future update? I know Well has a mod for it, but I would love to see what a full fledged BDB X-20 would be like.

    No plans but if I did I'd probably just clean up the textures instead of making one from scratch.

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