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  1. Having built SunkWorks and submarine parts for Buffalo 2, I second this. I know it's Kerbal Space Program, but if there was more to do underwater (explore anomalies, go fishing, learn about oceanography, build colonies, etc.), I'd love to see boat and submarine parts. If nothing else, boat parts would be a great addition to KSP - possibly as a DLC - for use in capsule recovery craft. For Chris: - KSP 1 and 2 currently has the Shuttle cockpit for large space planes and aircraft. As a concept designer, how would you go about designing a second Mk3-class cockpit part for use in airplanes? - How detailed do you go into when creating concept parts? Do you unwrap & paint them like a modded KSP 1 part? - Just how do you pronounce "Nertea?" - Though not exactly parts, how would a modder create "parts" for kerbals to wear and use in KSP 2? Jeb needs SCUBA gear, and Bob would like a tricorder... - When creating part plugins for KSP 2, are there any considerations for kerbal skills? Will kerbal skills appear in KSP 2?
  2. This looks great! I love the breakdown of how you made the city and sank it. I’m curious to know why SunkWorks ballast didn’t help; I designed the plugin to drop part buoyancy to zero when there is no IntakeLqg, so in theory it should have worked. With 40 parts you might have needed more ballast tanks but it’s been awhile since I looked at the code. for the save and load, the ballast not being saved sounds like a bug. I’ll look into it. Thanks again, I too wish there was more to do underwater despite the game being about space programs…
  3. They should have Omni storage but only if you install Wild Blue Tools. I don't recall if I made B9PS configs for them as well. @kurgut made an awesome Kerbal Subnautic Program video that features the Buffalo 2 sub parts and an amazing city, check it out! Buffalo 2's IVAs were definitely inspired by Subnautica, and some of the parts were inspired by the Sea Truck as well. @kurgut I like the changes you made to the Guppy's IVA, are those available somewhere? Once again, great video!
  4. This is amazing and very well done! I love the changes you made to the Guppy IVA too
  5. KFS 1.1.1 is now available: - Updated the FX for the standalone gravitic engines. - Bug fixes in Wild Blue Tools.
  6. DSEV 3.2 is now available: - Added new texture variants to the Nautilus Centrifuge. - Added new texture variants to the 2.5m station parts. NOTE: The Nautilus Centrifuge and the S2 Cargo Bay parts have to use the stock texture switcher, while the rest can use the Wild Blue texture switchers as before. It's a bit of a kludge, but it works and no parts had to be retired. - Removed BARIS configs from the 2.5m station parts.
  7. Buffalo 2 v 1.6.0 is now available: New Parts - B2 Workshop Module (Short): A half-sized version of the B2 Workshop Module. - Support Unit Endcap: A Stilt Lift Module without the stilts. Changes - Increased the B2 Workshop Module's Sandcastle printing capacity to 800 liters. - Added Superstructure part variant to the B2 Endcap. - Fixed wrong node size on the Stilt Lift Module. - Fixed AuXEN requiring Breaking Ground DLC. - Fixed missing texture on the Mineshaft.
  8. @Nertea This is a great explanation of the design goals for KSP 2's thermal system. Having seen you struggle with KSP 1's system- and running into the problems of heat management after timewarp or after being away from a vessel for a long time- it's good to know that factors like these are being taken into account in KSP 2.
  9. There's supposed to be a converter utility in Pathfinder to turn them into regular astronauts. Are you saying that doesn't work? I still recommend KIS/KAS for Pathfinder; the parts were specifically designed for it. They technically work with the stock EVA Construction, but given its less-than-optimal implementation, you can't snap parts to the correct angles, and some Pathfinder parts won't node-attach. It would take a whole new Pathfinder mod to use stock EVA Construction, something that I sadly don't have time for right now.
  10. The biggest thing keeping me from modding KSP 2 is a lack of official modding support. Someday they might include it, then someday I might mod the game. That's one big difference between KSP 1 and KSP 2: in KSP 1, the designers provided modding support early on. I wasn't around before KSP 1's 0.23.5, but by then they had modding.
  11. This would be for advanced users, but the ability to set part, suit, and flag colors via RGB and/or hex values would be immensely useful.
  12. Question: Are there plans to add, perhaps for advanced users, the ability to set rocket and suit colors via RGB and/or HEX values?
  13. Question: Longtime players of KSP 1 know that throughout its development, rocket parts had varying levels of texel densities, styles, and mesh qualities, which resulted in community projects like Restock (spearheaded by @Nertea, who is now part of IG). KSP 2 is already following suit, with different numbers of faces on cylindrical parts of the same size, disparate texel densities, and different art qualities, such as the exterior of the Mk3 shuttle cockpit not matching the other Mk3 parts. In terms of texel densities, number of faces for cylinders/number of polygons for parts in a set, and color palettes, how does the the art department ensure a consistent look and feel for part sets so that another Restock isn't necessary, and will modders be provided with the art standards ? Side note: A part quality standards guide would be immensely useful as part of a modding toolset.
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