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  1. Which is entirely possible, and within Squad's legal rights. KSP was, and in some ways still is, a gamble. You paid a reduced price for an incomplete product. If it were to become a 1.0 game with the next update I agree accountability would go up. But the scope of the game would either diminish or cost you more for future DLC. I play with mods too and I agree that updates breaking mods are annoying, but it has to be expected when a game goes under such great change per update. If you wish to complain about a product after buying it that makes sense. But to complain about it not conforming to standards that the company explicitly told you it has no obligation to meet doesn't make sense to me. A more constructive option would be to report your bugs and make suggestions to squad then to ask them to redefine the game before they think it is ready, IMO. If I'm misunderstanding your argument please let me know, I'm all for constructive debate.
  2. KSP is a game that really could benefit from a custom set up like this. And while I am only a little intimidated by the physical construction (particularly soldering; I solder and braze a lot for appliances, but for some reason those skills do not transfer to electronic work ) I am very intimidated by the programming. The furthest I've gone was a Fahrenheit/Celsius converter that I copied line for line out of a programming for dummies book. Needles to say it scared me off. I respect the talent, I just wish I could find someone on the forum who enjoys doing this sorta thing as a hobby and would be willing to make one for a reasonable purchase price... hint hint lol
  3. Awesome idea! I would download this and make every Kerbal except for the Big Three a red shirt... lol
  4. Haha I know my save could use a kessler syndrome removing focused update
  5. Yeah when I heard KSP was on sale I figured being able to know how much time I had in the game was worth another fifteen dollars, heck the next update is worth fifteen dollars
  6. Thanks Spartwo and austin4050! This probably means I'll just switch over to my steam copy then so I know how many hours I have logged in the game.
  7. ... and while I'm not new to KSP I am to steam. Just seeing if anyone else played on both steam and, uh, on "not steam" to tell me if there was any difference beyond that steam counts your hours and auto updates. Thanks and Cheers!
  8. I can't believe that I'm only the second one to say this but Major Tom is one I listen to a lot. I like the cover by Shiny Toy Guns. But this thread is awesome gave me a lot of new music to try while playing, take some rep OP!
  9. KSP taught me that lithobreaking is for the profesionals.... and Jeb XD. And its better to spend a few hours testing every component of your ships before launching than to spend several hours redoing a mission because of something stupid like ladders or improper staging.
  10. Cool idea! I think it would be cool if maybe it would occasionally focus on one of the flags you planted. Recognizing the features on the start screen and having power over what they are would be cool IMHO.
  11. Now that I'm on the right thread... Ahem. Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! (said only half ironically) 64-bit?? Plus new sounds and little touch ups to the visuals thrown in! Working with Nassault on a video! I can only imagine how awesome that will be. Cool update danRosas, I thought that last video was what you were working on, I'm excited that there's another one coming.This post is awesome thanks for all the hard work guys, I hope you enjoy your vacation Harvester and that you get to feeling better Roger. This game is and will continue to be by far the best twenty-something dollars I've spent!
  12. Well it has now been posted to the forum, oops got a little excited. Sorry, mods feel free to close/delete this thread so the shame of my over abundant eagerness will lessen with time, thanks
  13. Yup it's on Tumblr but not on the forum for some reason, really cool and exciting stuff go check it out!
  14. moeggz

    I am a dog.

    hopefully there'll be another one soon. I'll wag my tail and bark for your team lol
  15. moeggz

    I am a dog.

    Oh I hope you get to play in the kerbin kup. You're basically our mascot/fearless leader/crazy uncle. Really hope you make it, it'd be a shame if not.
  16. Yeah anything by Nassault is a good bet. Scott Manley for the details of even Kurtjmac for the learning curve. Plenty of videos to share
  17. That's neat! According to your names I've been a member since Tweaked... So not that long lol
  18. That's awesome because I was trying to decide what type of tablet to get. The tablet that can play KSP is the winner. Don't even need to look at specs or anything now. Thanks for sharing
  19. I think it sounds dangerous and fun too. Sounds like a plan aman608 I'll start at .24 too and if you want when .25 comes out we can compare the total death tally to see how we fared. This is new territory for me, I'm excited .
  20. Oh I've done more than my share of that... ... Wait, why aren't I aerobraking. What? Moho doesn't have an atmosphere? Why didn't anyone tell me this?? Oh don't worry Jeb your mission is now reclassified as a flyby.
  21. That's funny cause I was just in a very similar situation with my Laythe landing. The irritation of having to go the last 100m or so with full powered landing kind of led to the idea. Thanks for all the response guys! And just for clarification, I don't think quicksaving and loading is bad or anything. I just want to try the game a different way for a bit. There seem to be a few types of KSP players in relation to quicksaving. 1. Never 2. Just for glitches 3. Glitches and simulating aerbraking/precision landing 4. At milestones in missions 5. Every few minutes. I've been all types of player except #1 (excluding the few days I played before knowing about the feature). I think it'd be neat to try the game that way for an update. And I debated whether or not to just go back to 3, but I kinda like the idea of trying a challenge. It'll be interesting to see how I do without it completely, and by that I also mean not being able to revert flights. After this experiment I'll probably try to go back to 3 or 4. It's cool to be part of a community that allows so many different play styles yet is still united and respectful.
  22. There seem to have been a lot of threads recently relating to the quick save feature. And I must admit that while at first I used it only to undo bugs, I have since become addicted. I don't even pretend to be "simulating" any more I just quick save almost every minute. I have not lost a single Kerbal in my current save because of this. I know many people like playing this way, and that's cool. But I think it's time to take a step back. When .24 comes out my new career save will not include quick saving at all (wonder how difficult this will become with contracts). I don't know if this will be permanent, or a one update type of thing. I just feel like this will add more risk and therefore reward to the game. Hopefully make me plan and care a little more. So does anyone have any suggestions/warnings for me? And if anyone would like to join me I think it'd be cool to post on this when .25 comes out the total death tally from .24 to .25. Join me on the dark side
  23. I once crashed my lander on the Mun due to me receiving a badly timed text message from a girl I was interested in. Lover boy that I am, I stopped playing KSP and wrote out my reply. In the process I left poor Jeb to fall to the Mun like a rock and he, uh, "lithobraked" harder than was intended. When I finally returned to the game I was distraught (I had yet to learn how to quick save.) I took Jeb on an EVA, and what do you know, the ship moved! I had lost my landing gear but by using Jeb like a ramming bull (his skull is so thick I'm sure he's fine )I was able to position the ship in a way that I could take off. I had heard the whole "get out and push" line about KSP before, but I didn't know that it was real, for both in space and on the surface. O.o Fun times indeed.
  24. I thought it would be nice to take a stroll down memory lane and think about how we learned about KSP. I'd make this a Poll but I'm relatively new to both KSP and the forum, so I'm too much of a newbie to figure it out. So, how did you hear about KSP?? Personally, I learned about it in a very roundabout way. I didn't hear about if from a friend or watch a Scott Manley video. Instead I read an article online. About Minecraft. Specifically about some crazy idiot trying to walk all the way to the Farlands. I thought this was insane so I checked out a video. After watching my first Kurtjmac episode I thought he was a genius and now I look forward to his episodes. After a while I checked out some other games he covered and stumbled upon, you guessed it, KSP. I watched the first video in his series and thought, "Oh I can do MUCH better than that!" and downloaded the demo. In fact I did much worse but I was hooked from the start. After making it to the Mun I downloaded then version .23 and have been addicted ever since. (Jool I have my eyes on you ) I'm even eagerly waiting my 3d printed Jeb figure!! So that's my story, just think that it is interesting that if I didn't click on one little article on Google News I wouldn't even know what this game is. So whats your story?
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