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  1. Kart how are you doing the fairings for the Delta K? I don't see a download link available so I couldn't see for myself. @VenomousRequiem is trying to get me to make one for BDB but I'm not entirely sure how I'd go about it. Our thought was to make a 1.5m (the scale of Thor/Delta in my mod) fairing base, and then have Delta K be 1.25m underneath, with the tank and engine. But that then requires some sort of fairing.

    I'm about an inch away from just listing PFairings as a requirement, just to have the easy to make interstages.

    1. Kartoffelkuchen


      I guess you're talking about the Interstage fairing now right, not the payload fairing?

      What's your main problem? How to do it in general, or are you having issues with the colliders? 

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