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  1. Probably a greater internal volume to use, and perhaps lower reentry thermal loading in the forward section due to the stubbier shape?
  2. Can the engines gimbal? From the way they are integrated into the heatshield I'd assume they can't. So they'd have to resolve to shutting of the engine on the other side in case of a failure to balance the thrust. Let's hope they have their engine reliability in check then! I'm >stoked to see this fly
  3. We've had this exact discussion like two pages ago, what's the point about in discussing this again? We know the engine is not as reliable as one could hope for with another flight test coming up soon. Some like the approach, others don't. Apparently SpaceX has the money to give their vehicle a go anyway and see what happens.
  4. I think the point he's critizicing is that SpaceX choose to go ahead with the first orbital flight test, while they knew their engines still were pretty unreliable and the vehicle had a high chance of multiple engine failures / loss of control because of that. No one blames them for exploding engines when they are still in development and are properly tested on the ground. However, knowingly sending your rocket up with engines which are likely to fail on ascent is a bit "meh". Obviously we don't have the full picture though. It could be that they were done simulating everything they can, and just had to know if their launch vehicle design worked as their simulations shown to progress their work. At some point you have to make that jump. Still, I agree with him here that perhaps the test feels a bit rushed, and if they had spent a couple more months proving their engines work halfway reliable it would have greatly increased the chance of a successful first test flight.
  5. Very lovely to see such a big interest in my work here. I've stepped aside from modding for quite a while, but I'll see if I can cook something up for you guys once my time schedule eases up a bit in the next weeks.
  6. Could you please elaborate on your mystical answer? In how far would adding a second Vulcain to the Ariane V or 6 be of any help in making it a more competitive launch vehicle, because I don't get what you are trying to imply.
  7. Yeah, it's pretty nuts to think about. However, not as crazy from an aerodynamic perspective with air density and thus dynamic pressure being very, very low at that altitude and, compared to reentry velocities, low speed at stage seperation. I was much more worried about the aerodynamic stability during ascend leading up to Max-Q, since with the flaps being deployed, that will quickly generate a huge momentum if you deviate even just a little from your velocity vector. When we're talking about the actual stage seperation mechanism, I'm not really sure what the benefits to doing it this flippy way would be, except for a lower structural mass. But I'm sure they have their reasons, or we will very quickly let them see switching their strategy. Rapid iteration in aerospace is always exciting to watch
  8. Like the thing just doing barrel rolls in 35km altitude? Soooo incredibly Kerbal, yeah. Not enough gimbal authority and too much lift in the front obviously, we all know it. /s
  9. Holy sh*t it actually flies. Looks like multiple engines out though, maybe intentional?
  10. so basically another Falcon 9, when speaking of payload numbers and architecture. Interesting bet on that design.
  11. Doesn't it work any more in 1.12.? I don't really know if there has been any impact on part mods which would prevent this from working between KSP 1.7 and KSP 1.12.
  12. Excuse me, but "he"? Rocket looks very cool though
  13. Also, having the option to copy and paste a certain colour set from a part, onto another part would be great! It's very tiring to paint a certain number of parts this way, then paint some other parts in a different colour only to see that you forgot to paint some parts with the first colour. Then you have to go back and try to get that first colour again, which mostly results in having to repaint everything because you can't 100% get the previous colour again with the sliders.
  14. A list of bugs I noted when building and flying around in my first built airliners, jet aircraft. Control Surfaces on Angled Wings rotate off-axis in flight How to reproduce: Attach any Wing to a craft, e.g. HPW-1000 "Evolution" Rotate the wing using the translation tool, for example upwards as seen on this image Launch craft and play with the controls Wings don't change mass when adjusting its size I mean...seriously? This was a feature in KSP 1 with the procedural fairings, so it shouldn't bee to hard to implement to make a wings mass depend on its span, thickness, width etc. How to reproduce: Build any wing and watch the vessels total mass when changing its dimensions Reverse thrust animation is broken when using action groups When Action Group is toggled, the reverse animation of the J-90 "Goliath" Jet engine plays, then goes back to its base state (showing that the engine is not reversing), while the engines deliver reverse thrust. I'd need to check if this happens with the other jet engines too. When using the right-click menu to toggle the reverse thrust, everything works. How to reproduce: Attach J-90 "Goliath" Jet engine to aircraft Assign an action group to the action "Cycle Mode" Launch craft, activate engines, throttle up Enable the assigned action group and watch the animation play, then go backto its first frame Another bug, related to this: While the reverse animation is playing, the thrust produced by the jet engine is not updated. Check right-click menu to see the thrust value.
  15. Oh that's a nice gesture! I'm excited for the new modding opportunities, and for some reason: Clouds! They look so fluffy.
  16. If only this could be implemented to work without Ferram Aerospace for the Stock atmosphere....
  17. So shiny I like that they actually sticked to the design they marketed it with in the beginning, looks very cool.
  18. Yeah sure, I don't know exactly how it works but there's probably a Partmodule which you can simply copy from a stock command pod part config and paste at the end of the Dragon cfg file.
  19. Well well well. Call me surprised, I honestly did not expect they'd actually manage to light it today. Cool Stuff
  20. @pmborg Is doing a great job with the RO Configs, you can find them in his post: I'll update the link in the OP, thanks!
  21. It does look pretty awesome, not gonna lie. I especially like the worm on the SRB's, nice touch
  22. I think there was a mod which allowed you to create and export float curves in Unity. For simple atmosphereCurves, with only two keys like you have you don't really need it though. Key 0 is the specific impulse at 0 atmospheric pressure (so in Space), key 1 at full atmospheric pressure (at ground level). The higher the number you choose, the better is the ratio of thrust generated / fuel consumed.
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