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  1. i have to agree here. my mom likes to turn the burners all the way up, because she is possibly the most impatient person i know. electric burners do not change temperature quickly. so turning it down when it starts to burn is already too late to save the contents. this has ruined meals and irreparably scorched some good cookware to the point where it needed to be replaced. low and slow. the only time those burners should be cranked, other than boiling water, is when you need to carnalize something, which has to reach a sufficiently high temperature. low and slow those onions and you get mush. and when you do use such high temperatures, you need to control it by lifting the pan off the burner periodically. so when mom uses the giant fire hazard burner for the little sauce pan, glowing bright as the sun, i cringe a little inside. she is going to need to get burned before she stops doing it, you cant tell her anything. this is why ive been cooking since i was 13 or so.
  2. dont live in big cities or anywhere of strategic value. fallout is still a problem, but at least you aren't on fire.
  3. im still not sure why anyone would want to eat at taco bell. id rather eat at one of those no name hole in the wall places where nobody speaks english. the food is better and they are less likely to screw up your order, at least if you learn a little spanish. there was this one little taco stand in phoenix that would serve you a ginormous encherito with everything on it. it was hard to finish in one sitting.
  4. really hard to say with a strong visibility bias. of course we will know more about this when our telescope technology approaches god-tier.
  5. a girlfriend who understands general relativity. dont let that one go. i once dated (we will call it dated) a girl who thought that trucks stop faster because they weigh more.
  6. i got pulseview to function at least. unresoved dependency. silly linux. this was kind of an extra. i was pretty sure there were metal filings in the computer due to me using my room as a makeshift machine shop. so i broke it down cleaned it thoroughly and rebuilt it, with some (more!) mods. i devided i wanted to mount the fan in the bezel rather than in the case, this required some modifications. i also cut out the fan grill which i found kind of redundant, so once the case was stripped i dremeled it out and cleaned it up with a file. i really wish case manufacturers would stop putting those in there, especially if there is another grill that goes on top of it. and since i had space in the bezel i added a couple extra usb2 ports and moved the power button. their choice of an illuminated badge button was kind of questionable, because it blocked placement of a large fan. nibbled at the whole assembly with some flush cutters, sanded it clean, and removed the coolermaster badge. i figure il just print a new badge that doesnt recess an inch and a quarter into the bezel. i moved the button to the top, put in a nice chrome panel mount button right next to the new usb ports. i just took the power light out. there are so many lights in the case, mostly just on the mobo and video card, that it kind of looks like a borg ship.
  7. its easier to write your own game from scratch that to replace huge parts of the engine.
  8. im more a beerwear kind of guy. i have a hobby and want to share that with others, i dont want to become a lawyer to do that. but its different when writing code is your livelihood. also the ossiliscope software is built in to the package manager, it supports my model scope. the thing is probibly just serial over usb (i know the 3d printer is) and as such linux sees it as a ttl like any arduino. this should be part of the default usb driver stack. its part of the spec (under the cdc-data device class). the software speaks the command set and interprets the data, but the interface is as generic as it gets. i made some headway on the 3d printer. i got it to print. however the software has a bug in it that causes it to spawn endless window popups during the process. and since its linux i dont know what the shortcut key is to kill the process and i cant get to a terminal. pulling the power cable works as usual, linux is good at surviving that. and yes it was a permission issue, i didnt have access to the tty group, the internet said i should use the dialout group. consistency is not linux's strong suit. 90% of the problems i have with linux are permission issues.
  9. obviously id like the code release. but this isnt the golden age of gaming. when the source code for doom or freespace was released, the engine was developed in house, owned by the developer and could give it away at their leisure. if there was any 3rd party code or assets, used under license, then those had to be removed (as was the case with freespace's cutscene codec) resulting in code that wont compile out of the gate. communities could patch these holes (as was the case for freespace), but when your entire game engine is under license, its a completely different matter.
  10. im not really asking that much of the system, just to run at most four applications that are natively supported by linux. they are even available to the default package manager without having to add a bunch of extra repos. idk why those packages cant set up my security settings to use the parts of the system they need to function, or at least prompt me with what the extra steps are to make it work, in the event that the package manager cannot. linux is pretty solid once its set up to do the thing you want it to do, but getting there is a damn nightmare. i dont really want to poke too many holes in security though, that's one of the things linux is good at. certainly keeping the root password in the clipboard is not the answer (especially considering its persistent after a reboot). i also have no problem with open source developers finding creative ways to feed themselves. if that means selling disks or providing a support plan, so be it. reminds me of this. except the critical piece of infrastructure is written by a homeless man living under a bridge, tapping power from a light pole and stealing internet from a poorly secured convenience store router to push their github commits all while surrounded by people using their code. just one semi truck driver oh his cell phone away pulling a john galt.
  11. linux. this has become synonymous with every swear word ever devised. having gotten completely fed up with the windows 11 install on my shop computer, i installed a fresh copy of debian 12. while i was generally impressed with the amount of progress towards making the ui more useful, i was less impressed that nothing i needed to do with that system worked. this thing needs to run vlc and my video projector, which worked out of the box, though in the process linux put the monitor to sleep, and then failed to wake it properly. because i hadnt configured the power button yet, the only way to reboot was to hit the master switch on the psu. the next thing to get working was the 3d printer. my printer is one of the earlier ones, a printrbot, which made a series of excellent machines only to get out paced by the cost cutters among their peers and ended up going out of business. its still supported by cura and there is even a preset for it in the most recent version (which also is what i used on windows). it was even available in the package manager. the linux version has a unique feature, in that it is incapable of finding the printer. my dso is the same. its one of those cheap $200 usb ossiliscopes, and it also has a logic analyser built in. the windows software for this is terrible, but there are a number of linux only alternatives, which is a major reason why im going with linux instead of going back to win 10, 8.1 or 7. like above the software could not find the device, even though its selectable in the drop down menu. the final piece of software i need is for my usb inspection scope. which franky i could use vlc for if i was desparate. i havent even plugged it in yet, but i know whats gonna happen when i do. it supposidly also has a wifi mode but it only seems to work with phones. i saw an article awhile back on how to hack into it with a linux shell, but that is going to be more advanced and require some python. i think this ultimately comes down to permissions. the default user doesnt even have access to sudo, which i quickly rectified. these devices use serial over usb, which means i need permission to use the ttl devices. this is one area the ui still fails at. something so fundamental to the linux system still cant be handled in the desktop environment. if i cant make headway in the next 3 days im just going to install win10 ltsc.
  12. good games do exist in the indie sector. developers who still see game dev as an art form rather than a cash cow.
  13. to think the battle of endor could have been over fast if just one of those x-wing pilots rammed the death star at hyperspeed. dont even need to waste a pilot, just have an astromech droid do it.
  14. i never was much of an indiana jones fan. and that was before the crystal skull abomination came out. i dont even think im gonna bother with the new one.
  15. idk about that. many games have an m rating and are meant for young adults. i play mechwarrior online quite a bit and that community is like 90% aging battletech grognards. its not just loot boxes. the pricing models are attrocious. makes me long for the days of flat priced games. buy once and done, and get the expansion if it was good. now you buy bits and pieces of games, endless waves of mediocre dlc and exclusive features if you bought it from a particular game store.
  16. you can always make more money in the younger demographics, so all the shows/movies/games target those demographics at the expense of the aging fanbase. so when your starship bridge starts looking like a frat house, the shows become very unwatchable. especially when you got older and younger characters acting like they are in their mid '20s or whatever the target demographic is. good shows have an assortment of characters who are not only different ages but also act their age. modern entertaiment has not only targeted the younger demographic but they have also declared war on people older than 35 it seems. especially with games there is incentive to only gain young players, as the pricing models and marketing practices have been slowly becoming more a lot more casino-like, in frog-in-a-pot fashion. younger players are preferred because they have no recollection of a previous golden age in gaming where games were fun, of high quality, and affordable.
  17. i didnt much care for it myself. i know it was supposed to be a comedy, but i watched it with sisu, which i thought was funnier, as a double feature.
  18. i still think we are better off sticking to chemical propulsion when dealing with earth-leo operations. for long term sustainability lh2/lox are optimal fuel mix, they get the job done and have fairly good isp (for chemical) and a sustainable fuel cycle (provided the electricity supply is also sustainable). it will always be less dangerous (keep the reactor on the ground) than any exotic propulsion means for the application of boosting payloads surface to orbit. once in space start relying on solar arrays and plasma drives for the inner solar system, with nuclear reactors being developed when we transition to the outer system. by that time we should have shipyards on the moon and can launch from there (and with a hot drive). but you are still going to need a way to get passengers and cargo to and from the earth's surface in order to supplement these activities.
  19. 6'3" freedom units.
  20. found a tigermoth larvae on the way home from my head shrink. its a fuzzybug, in a black-yellow-black fur coat with little white whiskers. i brought it home to show mom, she was tickled pink. i then figured id let it go, so i put him on a salmon berry bush, which is where i found em.
  21. so cat walked on the keyboard and chrome help came up, rather than removing the cat and undoing the damage, i entered "there is a cat on my keyboard". finding no useful information, i minimized chrome and hit f1 again to get windows help. and with cortana shoved into an oubliette somewhere, bing came up and greeted me with an article about cats on keyboards. neither source suggested simply removing the cat (of course expect recompencement, cats are big on revenge).
  22. sounds like an excuse to get out the blender. rip in margaritaville
  23. binged st:snw s2 over the last 2 days. thought the season was better than s1, minus a couple obvious instances of jumping the shark. its no picard s3 though.
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