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  1. Rocket Sound Enhancement includes rovers:
  2. You could have reflections turned off in the game settings or you may need planetshine to make it look how you think it should.
  3. Firstly, remember that I said the PartVariant integration only got to an alpha release, so the mileage may vary. Secondly, it looks like you are trying to have all variants use the TU shader: the proper way to do that is to set the model itself to use TU via KSP_MODEL_SHADER instead of messing with whatever PartModules. The normal ModulePartVariants can change shader properties on the TU shader just fine, it just can't set the shader to TU, so if you set the shader via the model, the rest can be done using stock variants. This is also how you ensure TU plays nicely with other variant modules like B9PartSwitch and others. KSP_MODEL_SHADER { name = path/model MATERIAL { // mesh= or excludeMesh= shader = TU/Metallic keyword = TU_STOCK_SPEC } }
  4. on your ksp shortcut in the target. after the "blah\ksp_x64.exe" -force-glcore
  5. If you combine a KSPTextureSwitch and stock PartVariant, I'm not sure which texture it will cache using inherit, you'd have to test. He added PartVariant support, but only got to alpha testing before it frustrated him, so it's a use-at-your-own-risk kind of thing. MODULE { name = ModulePartVariant VARIANT { EXTRA_INFO { textureSet = xxx } } } MODULE { name = TUPartVariant } inheritFloat and inheritColor have also been there
  6. I downloaded it quick and looks like it already has built-in TU support.
  7. TU Recolour Depot allows you to recolor all stock parts. If you crank metal and shine to max, you get a mirror.
  8. You can try using -force-glcore and see if that gives a better reflection. This used to work in previous versions, but haven't checked lately.
  9. Okay, doing a couple tests I think I figured out what's up. Also, my suggestion of setting textureColor works perfectly fine. MATERIAL { shader = TU/Metallic float = _Metal, 0.38 float = _Smoothness, 0.275 color = _Color, 1.15, 1.15, 1.15 inheritTexture = _MainTex } This does not set the BumpMap. It looks like one of the parts ends up with a null BumpMap, while the other has a black BumpMap (why they act differently, I don't know). The null one will get set to Unity's "bump" by default in the shader, whereas the black one will just royally screw up the light direction. MATERIAL { shader = TU/Metallic float = _Metal, 0.38 float = _Smoothness, 0.275 color = _Color, 1.15, 1.15, 1.15 inheritTexture = _MainTex textureColor = _BumpMap, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0, 0.5 } This one sets the BumpMap to the default flat, the same as Unity's "bump" and works fine for both. As a side note, you only need to use KSPTextureSwitch if you provide multiple choices and want a selection; otherwise you should use KSP_MODEL_SHADER.
  10. Please, post your config in a spoiler tag so I can see what's up. I tested with the mk2 tanks and none even needed me to specify a _BumpMap to show correctly.
  11. @Shadowmage Would you have any desire to try your hand at Screen Space Path Tracing Global Illumination similar to what Pascal Gilcher is making for ReShade, or is that too far down the rabbit hole?
  12. That's usually what TU would look like if you forgot to enable reflections. Please, verify that and also use DebugStuff to verify that all these parts are using TU to render. [Edit] It seems that Sarbian reverted to a much older version of DebugStuff that no longer has any model, material, or shader info... the mesh names are still present though.
  13. Unity protects internal asset textures, so the only way you'll get them is by rendering it using a flat shader with Blit onto a brand new canvas, then changing it how you want. Generally, it's better and more efficient to just create a new height map and load it in with Kopernicus.
  14. I'm going to guess that something with the functions shadow used to try to compensate for the mass chaos that is KSP bump/normal maps affects materials with a null _BumpMap so instead of being set to "bump" default within the shader (RGBA: 0.5,0.5,1,0.5), it instead gets set to blank black or white. Unfortunately, no attempt was made to consolidate or standardize KSP's shaders, so it's mish-mash of customized shaders on different objects depending on when they were made. @Shadowmage made a config option called textureColor so you can use/assign that in any that are missing, but I forget the syntax and it's not in the wiki. Guess: MATERIAL { textureColor = _BumpMap, (0.5,0.5,1.0) }
  15. @DMagic Would you mind cleaning up some of the cfg's to include a NEEDS UniversalStorage for applicable parts to help clean up log errors? If need be, you could create an empty dummy part with just a name that you clone via patch. I vaguely recall that MM may have gotten an update some time ago to also work on non-patches, but I won't swear to it.
  16. Is there a list for all the parts that are soft deprecated so I can remove them to prevent them from creating broken contracts?
  17. Now that @Gameslinx tesselation shader includes raycast collisions, are there any plans to convert JNSQ to using it?
  18. If you don't want to deal with blender, you can use DebugStuff mod. The MODEL{} section replaces original texture name with new texture name, whereas PartVariants actually need the material name, not to be confused with mesh name that other variant mods like B9PartSwitch and TexturesUnlimited use.
  19. @R-T-B do you and @Gameslinx intend to work together to create a singular package for planet creation with all the bells and whistles available?
  20. This might help you: Also, make sure you select one of the shaders that supports normals as several KSP shaders do not.
  21. You'd need a mod that lets you switch out textures for things that are not parts. It'd be pretty simple, but I don't have one made right now. You can check TextureReplacer and with Sigma to see if anything fits the bill. I'm not sure what all they iterate through. I just deleted my KSP texture name db last week when reloading my computer, or I could tell you which names you needed, sorry.
  22. +VARIANT is copy syntax for MM; you just want to use VARIANT if you want to add your own without copying an existing one. If you start with a copy, you'll need to use the @ syntax for editing an existing property instead (like @name = Duna).
  23. @inigma Have you considered adjusting these contracts to allow them to be viable with Luciole as well? It contains both 0.3125 and 0.625 rocket parts.
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