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  1. Not for me, I can't access any right click menus in VAB or flight
  2. I'm a couple of weeks into a save with this mod and it really is superb. The scale is huge; I've only installed Dawn and that system alone is going to take me months. And so many beautiful backdrops! Thank you for all the work that has gone into this mod
  3. This only happened to parts which share appearance. I imagine they must share a file which got blocked when I pruned one of the parts. Examples are TAC Life Support, both cylindrical and hexagonal parts. I pruned some of them and left others, but they were all missing. Another example is Procedural Fairings. It gives you two each of conical and egg-shaped fairing, white ones and beige ones. I removed the white, and the beige were missing. That mod only has one file named 'fairing', so you would expect that pruning one would prune the others, but TAC LS seems to have a separate file for every single different part. I un-permapruned it all, and pruned more carefully, which actually didn't take all that long.But it would still be good to know if there's a way to prune these similar parts. Great mod though, thank you.
  4. Tremendous idea for a mod. I installed it and went on a cleaning spree, removing a few hundred redundant parts. But, I got a little carried away, and I've permapruned a few things that I need. For example, I tried to remove the Tac LS hex cans for food, water & O2 and just leave those which contain some of all supplies. But those have been pruned too; I guess because they share a model which I inadvertently removed. Same for proc fairings, permapruning one fairing base apparently prunes them all. I've tried exiting the game, and removing the suffix '.prune' from all off these parts. But when the game loads, it adds that suffix again, and doesn't load any of them. I tried unblocking, then repeating the reload, but no joy. I realise that undo permaprune will reinstate these, but I don't want to also reinstate the hundreds of other parts which I spent ages deciding to permaprune. Is there a way to un-permaprune specific parts, rather than all in bulk?
  5. Yep, it needed exactly that. The menu music has just started playing as I type this! Many thanks for your help
  6. Thanks. I'll give this a try this evening. There was clearly some sort of issue with the download, missing files or something. It just seems weird that the same happened on 2 different operating systems. Something to do with my Steam settings maybe...
  7. Quite a few similar threads, but none seem to have quite the same issue as me. When I run a clean Steam install of KSP 1.2, all I see is this: The loading bar starts in that position, and never moves. The words 'Progress Text' never change. I get various background images and witty comments. The same thing happens in both 32 & 64-bit, and on both Windows and Linux (same PC). Which is odd. The output log (from Windows) is a stream of error messages, starting with "TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'GameDatabase' from assembly 'Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'." Full log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fy79ti8dgo9nb38/output_log.txt?dl=0
  8. Well, I never worked out what was going on. Multiple issues maybe, given the variety of problems related to docking, and my inability to pin down exactly what was going on. In the end, I chose the nuclear option, and switched the whole save file, along with all mods, into a Windows version of KSP. And I'm happy to report, that has worked! Docking is now functioning, and touch wood, I don't seem to have any further save-breaking issues to overcome. I'll leave this thread open in case anyone else experiences these kind of problems, or comes up with a solution.
  9. What is actually happening with this, is that it switches the active ship I'm trying to dock to 'landed' mode, rather than 'in orbit'. The camera continually shakes around and MJ reports 0s and NaNs for all the Orbit numbers. If I go to the Tracking Station, it has the craft described as 'Landed at Kerbin' even though the map in the tracking centre shows that it is in orbit. However, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes (rarely) i can dock ports successfully. Sometimes they just bounce off each other with no attempt to dock, and sometimes it tries to dock, and I get the 'landed' thing I just described. I'm really struggling to find a pattern for these. I haven't had much time to test recently, as I've been busy coming to terms with my country failing a national IQ test. But i should be able to tinker a little more in the coming days, including a stock-only test. Incidentally, @Padishar removing the Trajectories mod made no difference, apart from speeding some things up in orbit slightly, but it was;t related to the docking issues
  10. Not entirely sure what that means. Hmm. I'll try removing that mod and see what happens. That mod has often been problematic for me, to varying extents. Or perhaps that's a product of the fact that I hyperedited the craft into orbit? Errrr....I have no opinion to offer on that! Thank you for your help with this, very kind of you to take the time to look at it for me. I'll try without Trajectories, then again with a stock-only install, to see if I can get any different results.
  11. I got it, thanks. Wasn't aware of the hidden files. (F8 unhides them in Ubuntu, if anyone else doesn't know). I did more testing last night. Same as before, with 2 hitchhikers and 2 standard docking ports. They are definitely both identical in the save file, but I still can't dock. However, I've now observed that something quite weird is happening. When very close together, the ports are trying to dock. There's no magnetic force, but the camera view starts to shift, kind of like when you switch your trajectory to suborbital (although I'm still comfortably in orbit). The camera shakes around a bit, as the docking command is clearly trying to work but failing. I didn't get chance to try this in a stock only game, will do so later. If anyone thinks they can help, the log and save file from my testing last night are in this dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7rrt8c4nvc5qsyq/AAAuLyr7zSW3cNmIGbD6YkzHa?dl=0
  12. I started a new save last night, and made a ship that was just 2 Hitchhikers and 2 normal ports, one of which was in between the 2 pods. And some RCS thrusters. I launched it, exited the save, and looked in the save file. One port was State = Ready, and the other PreAttached. Just as you would expect. I went back in and decoupled the node of the port holding the 2 Hitchhikers together, to separate them. I then checked the save file and both ports were now State = Ready. Again, just what you would expect. So I tried to dock, but still could not. I bumped the 2 ports together for ages, with no suggestion of any magnetic force. Back in the save file, I compared the 2 docking ports, and they were identical. Line by line, every value was the same (except the Set as target, seeing as I had targeted one to try and dock). How can 2 docking ports behave differently when the code in the save file is exactly the same? I'm out of ideas. I'm not sure there's much point in me providing a craft file. This happens on every ship, with every different type of docking port (stock or mod). But I agree it's a good idea to try to replicate in a stock-only install, which I'll do later. Also, I'm not sure where to find the output log in Linux. @NathanKell kindly gives instructions in this thread, but the file address he provides appears to bear no relation to anything on my computer. Thanks for your input @Padishar
  13. I have quite a specific issue with docking ports, and I can't find any other examples of this particular problem. My ports will not dock when one of them has been attached at launch. I marry them perfectly, but no magnetic force, and they just sit next to each other - no docking! If I launch a ship with an 'exposed' docking port, not attached to anything, it works fine. But any port whose docking face is attached to anything else at launch will not work. This is true if I launch it docked to another port, or attached to a decoupler, or just attached to a fuel tank etc ready to decouple node. Looking through the save file, I found that a bunch of my docking ports are 'State = PreAttached'. Seemed like the culprit, so I edited them all to 'State = Ready'. Unfortunately, this didn't fix the issue, and doesn't seem to have changed anything. Is there something else I need to change with the docking ports in the save file to change them from being stuck in this state of preattached, to being ready for docking? I would be happy to work out how to fix this in the save file every time I launch a new ship. But if anyone can suggest a reason why these aren't automatically switching to Ready when I undock/decouple them, that would be even better! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Get an app for your phone (or ideally tablet) called Heavens Above. It takes your location and calculates when you'll be able to see Iridium Flares (and ISS passes, and loads of other satellites). It shows you on a sky map, so you could get your telescope set up pointing at an object the flare will pass, and I guess you'll be able to see it as it streaks across. Though of course you don't need a telescope to see iridium flares, they're very bright. I first saw Jupiter through a telescope last year. It's jaw dropping isn't it. Especially the clarity of Jupiter's atmosphere and of the Galilean moons. This site will tell you which moon is which: http://www.shallowsky.com/jupiter/
  15. Being a little pedantic, it's rendezvous that's your problem, rather than docking. Once you've matched velocities at close range, you have a bunch of new problems to look forward to! But you need to RV first. Any mention of the nav ball is conspicuously absent from your post. It sounds like you're doing this in the map screen. Early on that's fine, but when you get close to your target (within a few km) you really need to use the nav ball markers. You can still do that in the map screen of course, but the point is you need to be focusing on the nav ball rather than the orbits on the map screen. You want your retrograde (yellow) to sit directly on top of the target retrograde (pink). If your yellow marker starts to move away, which it will, then you need to 'push' it back onto the pink marker. Move your heading away from it, so the yellow marker is directly between your heading and the pink marker, and burn gently. Your yellow retrograde marker will move back towards the target marker, and you'll also slow your relative speed down a little. If you over do it, and find yourself going too slowly, then spin your ship around and point to the target prograde. Except this time, you need to pull your prograde marker onto the target, instead of the way you pushed your retrograde marker. Reading this back, it seems kind of confusing. But honestly, it does make sense..... Good luck. It took me ages to learn to RV and dock. Weeks. But it's a great feeling when you finally crack it.
  16. There are a bunch of different techniques. But Minmus is very forgiving. You can just attach RCS and basically float the ports into each other! It's easiest on the flats, as everything is nice and level. And you can land planes in reverse! Go near the edge if you want to be close to resources
  17. Can you balance the tanks to keep the CoM in position? Tac Fuel Balancer can do it automatically for you. Otherwise, maybe just plenty of SAS and low thrust? The control authority can make up for the misaligned CoT. And this being Gilly, you don't need much thrust.
  18. Yep, I've made a start too, having finally got a stable-ish save working in the latest KSP. After an initial probe exploration, I now have a small scouting crew in Jool orbit and a bunch of hardware on the way, or still in the VAB. I'll try to add captions to a few pics and get them up in a thread soon. Are we ok just doing this for some sort of completion award, rather than for the points? I won't fulfil many of the requirements for points, and I don't really want to keep track of expenditure.
  19. Nertea's Station Parts mod has an airlock which can attach anywhere radially
  20. Would this event produce significant gravitational waves? As we become better at detecting these, can we start actively looking for such events?
  21. It was the Procedural nose cones! Both LFO and structural. I found it by rebuilding a ship that wouldn't load previously, saving with a new name every time i added a new part, and clicking through them until I found the one that wouldn't load.
  22. It's pretty slow to inflate isn't it? Looks like they're inflating it orally!
  23. Thanks. The suggestion to make the trial and error search quicker seems like a good one. I will post the output log later. Perhaps that will suggest whether or not this is an issue with a specific part; I've been assuming it is, but I guess it could be something else.
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