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  1. @Bit Fiddler I'm on modding hiatus until KSP 2 comes out.
  2. Configurable Text and Image LCDs like in Space Engineers.
  3. Now add footprints from Kopernicus expansions and you get double the awesomeness :3
  4. @The-Grim-Sleeper Yeah, I'll get to fixing my stuff eventually. Was extremely busy with my startup this summer.
  5. Wow, I was just about to take on this endeavor. Great Job! MAS doesn't have docking UI yet. RPM is the way to go currently.
  6. The PAWs of the proposed UI look very good on dark background. How will they look above textures of poles or deserts? P.S. There was one attempt at UI overhaul previously, which proved the concept. Kerbalism uses its own UI, which also has a very contemporary look to it.
  7. Yes, improving idle animations is the only wait to go, unfortunately. This is a physics based game and any uncontrolled movement of an object on a surface can have undesired consequences and kraken summons. Kerbals can be preprogrammed to follow a certain patrol route with EVA Follower mod.
  8. LEGO Mindstorms in KSP :3 People usually use kOS mod to program in stuff like that.
  9. I think it's the coolest mod for new players and for those starting in new planetary systems. Prevents spoiling the fun of discovery. I installed it for every friend of mine who got hooked up on KSP.
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