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  1. Very well put @Poodmund I 100% agree with everything you said. Glad we can all come together like this as a community.
  2. Thank you for the awesome and well written suggestions! I'll definitely incorporate some of these into the mod Hey! Yes! I was planning on adding an optional download for them that would include the comets, Ceres, Vesta and what not. I'm hoping to be back working on this in the next few weeks Someone had this issue earlier and it was because they didnt downloaded the correct Eve, you just need the config files and not the BuilderCo folder. Here's the Download if you need it. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, :p It's because each mod contains its own scatterer planet config, I was meaning to add a mm patch that fixes that but haven't gotten around to updating them yet
  3. Hey! Using a mix of my own and a few e.v.o textures from @ItsJustLuci
  4. Yes, Scatterer is a required mod because it blends all the sun colours together
  5. Yes KSC switcher is compatible. This mod is based off of our solar system and thus the sun is white, you can get rid of that by deleting the "sun" in the config folder of earth The ocean has bumps for obvious reasons, you need to download all the required mods though, scatterer gets rid of those almost completely. As I stated above I feel this pack is complete and am I doing other things currently, I may add contracts in the future . I didn't do Ceres because overall Dres is good enough for the vision I had for the mod
  6. Yeah it merges both together. Jupiter replaces jool and its moons, so if you download that, you won't have laythe or anything. It basically just replaces the stock body analogs and adds a few gas giants
  7. I haven't had that issue yet You can always try and duplicate your install and then try it on the duplicated save before adding it to your main save file.
  8. Hmm, strange! If you want, you can Dm me a picture of your gamedata folder, and we can try to figure out what's going on through the DMs I downloaded Saturn and placed it into a fresh install, and the rings are working for me: \ ^ this is on a fresh install Hey! By recover, do you mean the vessel sinking into the ground and exploding? If so, I believe that has been fixed on the newest version of Kopernicus, I've also made sea level changes to most of the planets which has seemed to help slightly. I haven't had really any recovery issues regarding vessels, the only thing that can mess up is if you add this to a pre-existing save, since this pack uses the stock bodies as a "template" it's technically moving them to different orbits which will cause your crafts to orbit something completely different or just be stuck inside something like jool.
  9. Hey everyone! Dropped a pretty big update for all bodies! This will most likely be one of the final updates for this as I see it pretty much complete at this point However, I am still working on better textures for Mars and Earth, I don't see that update dropping anytime soonISH because a few other games are having some pretty big updates
  10. Sure! I'll include an optional 2.5x config with earth that will apply to all bodies
  11. The Nile looks pretty good! Right there on the left There's a-lot more moutainish regions that this picture isn't doing justice edit* So! I was a bit conflicted about what I should do with Eeloo but I believe I came up with a good middle ground. Basically, if you download Pluto and Neptune, Eeloo will orbit Neptune. However, if you only download Neptune and not Pluto, Eeloo will be in its regular orbit to keep it as somewhat of a "Pluto analog"
  12. No worries! Everything is pretty stable currently, however there will probably be an update for most of the bodies tomorrow Yes, earth has rivers and mountains! This is right outside the launch site
  13. Hello! Small Jupiter update today: Cloud Fixes And Improvements Scatterer Fixes And Improvements Uranus and Pluto are ready to go, however I'm going to finish Neptune and release the last few bodies at the same time. Should only be a few days I'll post some updates here throughout the day!
  14. Some more updates for tomorrow! - Jupiter Cloud Fixes Worked on improving the colour and how the bands interact with each other Keep an eye out here for more edits throughout the day!
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