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  1. On 3/31/2023 at 8:12 AM, adsii1970 said:

    ... the freaking soundtrack!

    Sorry, a little late here, been MIA.  Yes, the music (I don't care what game it is) is immediately turned off... I want game, not music. :mad:

    On 6/16/2024 at 2:26 PM, Ryaja said:

    I bought the game usually and don't wanna spend more money unless the game is really good.


  2. I play Squad.  I like it.  If you're spending a lot of time walking it's likely because of poorly experienced leadership and lack of teamwork and communication.  Most squad leaders I've had the misfortune to work under lack any real tactical experience or training.  Throw multiple such leaders into the mix, and then allow them to pick a commander between themselves, and it's a recipe for disaster.  A scattered few whom I've played with who have some manner of real military training (tactical and/or combat experience), has made for an entirely different round in the game.  I should mention, these guys all tend to be over the age of 30.  Perhaps that is the difference.

  3. On 1/15/2023 at 1:41 AM, Krazy1 said:

    I hope you found this already...  in Settings > general... "max alarms before scrolling the list" I have it set to 15. Maybe you have is set to 1? If not then there's a "double caret" button at the top of the window to minimize/ maximize the list. 

    That did not occur to me, so I'll go take a look.  It's likely set to '1' as the double caret doesn't expand it further.  Thanks!

  4. Cool video.  When I Googled "cri cri plane", one of things in the results was 'What is Cri Cri made of?' ... so of course I had to look.  Thinking carbon fiber or some such thing, I was a bit surprised at the answer; "...a whole hazelnut covered in dark chocolate and rolled in crunchy bites of sugar!"

    Ok.  I can work with that.

  5. On 10/19/2022 at 7:28 PM, AlamoVampire said:

    Robert Gordon (March 29, 1947 – October 18, 2022) was an American musician, best known as a neo-rockabilly singer.


    Wow... how did I miss this one? :(  RIP

    Saw him with Link Wray in a NYC club back in 1983 (Warren Zevon was sitting next to me at the next table, he's gone too).  Awesome show, I'll never forget it.

  6. Haven't played in a long time. Updated to KSP v1.12.3, plus Breaking Ground v1.7.1, and added KAC (along with ModuleManager, HullCameraVDS, and ScanSAT)... all of which I rely heavily on.

    A minor issue I'm having, KAC seems to only want to show me 1 alarm even when I've got multiple set.  I have to scroll the window to see the rest, 1 line at a time.  I can't find any way to expand the window, unless I'm missing something, I thought it did it by default and only began scrolling after display 10 or more lines (or something like that).  No, I do not have it set to just show the current vessel.  Any ideas?

    I know this thread is old.  Sorry.  Where else to go?

  7. Well it didn't exactly happen today, but it was funny... so funny that I laughed so hard I almost threw up.

    While on vacation this past year in the Republic of Georgia, I took my grandsons to the dinosaur display (for kids) at the mountain top Mtatsminda Park.  It's a very popular landmark in the capitol city of Tbilisi.  Walking through the exhibit, the various dinosaurs (some of them animatronic) have sensors that play a 'dinosaur sound' and make it move when you get close to them.  Very low budget Disney thing.  We came across one that played a submarine dive alarm as its dinosaur sound (Wikipedia Commons ogg sound file).  You had to be there.

    The grandsons couldn't figure out what was wrong with grandpa.:lol:

  8. On 10/25/2021 at 8:28 AM, JoeSchmuckatelli said:


    This is really good.  I hate mushrooms - but this opened up a whole lot about biology that I was only peripherally aware of (you could say I only had a surface understanding of the topic).  He takes a deep dive into the subject and really gets into the weeds to demonstrate how fungal life touches pretty much everything.  Even a section about Lichens in Spaaaaaace! 

    Not a book, but none-the-less interesting with some really fantastic photography (if you've never seen these vids before)...


  9. Haven't been here in a good while. Stopped in to grab the latest version 1.12.2 and figured I'd wave hello.

    So, hello, from the Republic of Georgia. I'm here on a 6 month vacation with my wife. We've been traveling all over the place, spending August in Batumi for example. This past week we went up to Kazbegi, to visit the Gergeti Trinity Church and Dariali Monastery Complex. The trip put me at the Lars Checkpoint, beyond which was Russia. Closest I've ever been to Russia. A few pictures are in the spoiler below.


    Mt. Kazbek as seen from the village of Stepantsminda.


    The Gergeti Trinity Church.


    The Lars Checkpoint.



  10. 18 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    Specifically, this image is currently 380x380.  I would like to get it make larger (not just resized) to be a full 1920x1080.

    I am thinking of using this as an offline background for my Twitch screen, and possibly for my startup screen as well.

    If anyone would take up the challenge, I'd appreciate it.

    My thought were that towards the back of the room (BTW, that picture hanging on the wall at the top right is angled wrong) there would be a wall with either a shelf or a low cabinet with some models on it, kerbalized of course.

    Anyone interested?



    I take it you want to keep the same aspect ratio?

  11. On 9/2/2021 at 10:41 AM, lajoswinkler said:

    I remember that game. It was insanely difficult and too resource intensive for its era. But it was fun to roam around. Young Timmy and his grandpa's yarbles. LOL

    Playing as the Mecs was fun. Playing as Delphi was even more fun... it totally rocked! Playing as Kabuto was a let-down. :/

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