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  1. fuzzdemon - What's your velocity/speed when your docking ports 'bang' together? I find all I need do is very slowly come to just within touching, and the dock ports attract and pull together (even with with very large ships).
  2. Algomeysa, before you time-warped did you turn SAS off? I've had a few ships which would develop wobble (space station too) with SAS left on. There's a few posts here on the forums about that. Also, are you sure your craft didn't collide with your other ship?... the one you thought you had moved safely out of they way? Been there and done that too.
  3. I wonder... will dual docking ports as such fail?... much like trying to use triple docking ports on the Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler? I tried that and learned the hard way - http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85580-Docking-Undocking-Issue-Why?p=1259303#post1259303
  4. I agree with MarvinKitFox above... build an airplane. Only, instead of trying to land it, put parachutes on the cockpit and jettison it while flying low and slow right over the mountain top ... you should be able to land safely, and recover the pilot when done...... plus you'll get to watch a big explosion as the plane's body crashes. Hope you succeed!
  5. Thanks all for the input. In some flightsims you can link the aileron and rudder (I always looked at it as linking the rudder to aileron) so that turns become more 'simpler to manage' - especially when using a keyboard and not a joystick. Thanks for the link, that's next! Sound advice, Slashy. Thanks. In spite of what's suggested, about CoL and CoG relationship, I've found I still get 'pitch excursions'. Also, trim does not seem to work as I'd expect it to. Lots of food for thought and trying out.
  6. Unlike other flight simulators I've flown, there seems to be no way (that I know of yet) to link aileron and rudder movements (for auto-coordinated turns). Does anyone know if that is possible? Also, I've noticed in many pictures of other folks planes that they've built, that they've incorporated dihedral (mostly anhedral angle) in wing placement. Does KSP actually account for and handle the physics of dihedral? How accurate is the flight model's physics for airplanes? Thanks
  7. WOOT! Thank you, that's the thread I was reading that I couldn't find LOL!
  8. I was reading a thread about this the other day, and now I can't find it again. Grrrrr. I want to download and install the new version. I'm running vanilla, career mode. I want to save and continue my progress on my current career in the new version (24). I'm still a total noob with KSP, and don't know where or what files I need to save. Help? Thanks.
  9. Jeb's sitting idle with his other two cohorts, wondering why he's been passed over time and time again for a flight. He doesn't realize that he's just a figurehead in KSC's Public Relations department. His two cohorts have been trying to explain to him why it's better NOT to volunteer for anything.
  10. Thank you for the Rep points. Glad someone caught my intended humor. :)

  11. Did somebody say 'Rats' ?
  12. Very true, good points! I should have mentioned struts, as I do use them, a lot. I put radial decouplers up on some of my larger builds, which allows me to place struts and build a support 'cage' around stuff. After launch and leaving the atmosphere, before orbit, I stage the decouplers and release the cage... debris falls back.
  13. Yes, the piece I put up was fairly large, which is why I tried the tricoupler thing for 'strength'. Yes, I constructed it just as you described. I'll suppose the dual-coupler would have the same problem then (another idea I'd been toying with). I don't have the larger docking ports available yet (career mode). I'll have to work on that. Thanks, I'll play with those suggestions.
  14. Ok, I made a part for my space station. I fashioned it after something I'd seen someone else do. Why does it not work for me? After launch, in orbit, I went to release the part from the triple-dock, and the docks fell apart. Am I missing something here? https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/hM4ltIjt5rGE_u83fzXeL6LAf-j_PeS7XmiuyE5WpdU?feat=directlink
  15. Just looked at Prison Architect screenies for the first time ... looks like circuit board design. KSP.
  16. Worked again. Could not duplicate the problem. I'm just going to mark this as solved and pretend it never happened. Sorry, noob here. Thanks all.
  17. Ok, well it must have been some weird gremlin attack or something... it didn't do it this time. Handin Kerman is alive and well, and piloting my still existing tug. But I just realized the tug still has fuel, so now I'll re-dock and dump the fuel and try it again. Stand by..........
  18. Horseman, I'm going to have to check on the persistent debris thing. I didn't know about that. Is 0 the default setting for career mode? I was originally at (controlling) the station, decoupling the tug... pilot was aboard, had been docked overnight. I tried map first, then went space center and then tracking station - as you correctly point out. In map mode, there was/is no debris ... the only debris, other than stages in reentry, would be a few radial decouplers used to temp-anchor support struts during launch. I just got back home, so I'll try to duplicate it tonight ... like now.
  19. My station has grown quite large, and I've encountered the wobble. From Tracking, I went 'to' the station and turned RCS and SAS off, then went back to Tracking, and then back to the station - wobble be gone. For the ship wobbles, I added additional ASAS units evenly distributed the entire craft, and used fins. That only partially solved my problem though. I found the final solution was to throttle back a little (too much thrust) and nurse the craft into orbit. I've lifted some heavy structures for my space station (top-heavy rocket shall we say), and that's how I got them up.
  20. Greetz. New to the game. Played the Demo, got hooked, bought the full version. Playing Career mode currently. No mods, running vanilla. Learning, experimenting, having a good time with it. Don't care for these forums though, vBulletin must no like me, keeps making me log back in whenever I try to post ... not to mention I have to wait for a moderator to approve. That's ok though, been there, done that, I used to moderate and admin so I know how it works lol. See ya'll out there.
  21. When I decoupled the Tug, I tried to click on the capsule and see if I could 'control from here', but it wouldn't let me. When I went to the map, it did not show the Tug ... yet returning from the map the Tug was floating there next to the Station. Yes, I had a pilot in the Tug. The only thing missing from the Tug was fuel - it was loaded with RCS mono-propellant, but no fuel (Liquid & Oxi). When I went to Tracking, the tug was all of 10m or so from the station, just floating. When I got to Tracking, all that showed was the Station, no Tug. When I returned from Tracking (back to the Station), the Tug was gone. The debris page showed nothing (I keep a clean spaceport and orbital environment... everything comes back down and gets recovered). Being new to the game, I'm not sure where to look for the save file. I just now went to the pilot selection screen to check for the lost pilot's name - and he's gone lol ... now it shows no lost pilot. Very strange. The Station's name is simply "ISS". I know, not very original. The Tug's name is "RCS-Tug n", where 'n' is the Tug number... for when I have more than one aloft at a time. At the moment, I have one Tug (another, launched last night) at the Station. I have no mods installed. I'm looking at the docking alignment and camera tools though... maybe... tempted... I like playing a vanilla game. I'm going to try to duplicate the circumstance. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the replies. Ferret
  22. Greetings, new to the game. Playing career mode. I've a 'space station' built with crew and lab modules, and with cross segments holding RCS and fuel storage tanks. I built a 'tug' and brought it up to the station, the idea was to use it to move parts around during the construction process. It worked quite well, and I left it docked overnight. Today, I resumed my construction project. The tug holds a lot of RCS, and figuring it didn't need fuel, I offloaded what was left to the station holding tanks. I decoupled the tug and waited for it to drift clear for a moment, then switched to Tracking to go pick up the tug and fly it. It was gone. It just disappeared... and with it, the pilot onboard, who is now listed as "Lost". Any idea why?
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