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  1. *Waits for the day AI starts remote controlling the work of Boston Dynamics*
  2. Problem with paralax is coming in from orbit. The pop in is very bad. Once low enough its gorgeous no question.
  3. Haha. Oh wait you're serious? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHA!!!
  4. Interesting. When i got up close and personal with Endevor and Enterprise, they seemed smaller than I expected. Still huge, but yet smaller than I thought they'd be. Perspective.
  5. Tho this is old, this post will be helpful to others who stumble across it. https://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmsstv.php has a Windows program that can convert SSTV audio to pictures and vice versa.
  6. It is interesting. I wonder if "Gagarin's Start" was built with that in mind or just coincidence? I always thought the R7 flame trench looked overly huge (both depth and width), but given this info, perhaps not.
  7. Well by standing I mean it existed in the early 60s when these decisions were being made. For the era, ot was probably built to make Jupiter or Redstone rockets or one or more of their brethern. Now if you are angleing at tye factory matched the rockets abd the rockets matched the railroads or aircraft or barges etc. Thats fine, but the C-5 was choosen based on it being the biggest they could build in an existing factory. They didn't want to loose precious time building a new factory to accodate the larger Nova designs.
  8. S-IC was dictated by the size of a standing factory. In fact that helped drive the C-5 (aka Saturn V) to the top of the list of candidate launchers and in turn Lunar Rendezvous as the mission profile. Direct Ascent, the original profile, was nixed in part due to the required C-8 (aka Nova) requiring a new factory, and they had a hard deadline of 12/31/1969 to meet or beat.
  10. You lost? This js KSP1 discussion.
  11. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. Lets us know how you get on.
  12. Delete them, they are global. Meaning they will appear in any and all saves existing now or created in the future so long as the instances (recorded and saved positions) exist. However it works both ways. Any savegame you delete an instance in will also delete it in all other savegames.
  13. Another Mün landing... A Reusable Kerbal Transport System launch to the Interagency Space Station... Some atmospheric neutral buoyancy studies... and... questioning some life choices.
  14. I have accounts, but I also use Greenshot which does the anon upload thing, so some of mine may go poof unless loading from the forum counts. OTOH I've seen this before, here and elsewhere, images go poof. Some posts get seriously damaged from the lack of visuals. Some dont. But it doesn't brick anything.
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