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  1. I'd like to see which mods I have installed are the major memory hogs. I've hit the upward limit of mods I believe (~40) and now get single digit frame rates that make the game unplayable. Wondering how to suss out which ones need to go.
  2. Hey just wanted to let you know I'm having this same problem and not really sure what's causing it. I don't have a 'monster PC' but it's OK. * 64 bit Windows 8.1 but 32 bit client * GTX 970 * AMD 3.2 ghz quad core processor * 16 gigs DDR3 memory Should be far more than enough to run KSP but for some reason I'm getting crawling on an 82 part craft (4 parachutes) and a 130 part craft (10 parachutes). My KSP on the launch pad is using 30% of processor power by itself (total of 35% used across the machine) and 3,500 megs of memory (total of about 60% across the machine). I guess KSP is hitting a memory threshold and that's what's slowing it down? Is playing in Linux the only way to actually play KSP with mods? I'm only using about 40 of them, though some are big mods like Astronomers and EVE. Edit: Nope, not a memory issue, or not entirely. I uninstalled Astronomer's and EVE and got an extra 500 megs sitting on the launch pad (sitting at 2,900 now) but no improvement in frame rate.
  3. Well it's a modded install but I doubt the mods have anything to do with it. I don't have any terrain modifying ones to my knowledge. Basically I've narrowed it down to this: I walk within 200 meters of an object (seemingly any object but I think slopes make it worse) or I switch into said object that's 200 meters+ away from my current active object (in this case a Kerbal on the ground) and then the terrain pops up (loading a higher detail I guess) which causes the object to pop up in the air as well and then explode when it falls back down. I tried it on low, medium, and high detail terrain and low detail sinks everything completely below the ground, medium has the same issue but pops things into the air higher, and high detail has the same issue but pops things into the air only a few meters, which you can eventually, with a lot of quicksaving and loading, get things to land appropriately. Anyhow: The version of KSP you are using; - .24.2 A detailed explanation of what happened and what you were trying to accomplish; - Above Which addons and plugins you have installed
  4. Actually it seems to be only the smaller things that are affected. The larger base structure has never had the issue (knock on wood), but I'll give that a go if possible. I figured something like that was what was happening (that or the items themselves conflicting with one another) but didn't think to try setting adjustments.
  5. I'm making a small rover landing base of sorts on Kerbin as a trial run for Minmus. Whenever I have something small on the ground (like say a rover) and load the game, it'll do one of a few things: 1) Nothing 2) Immediately pop up in the air and then explode when it lands 3) Nothing immediately, and then later it'll pop up in the air and explode when it lands Doesn't seem to be any correlation to any action I'm doing, so I'm curious as to what causes this and more so, how to fix it. Is it related to the kraken bug? Or just another idiosyncrasy of the game's design?
  6. Hey y'all, anyone have tips for how to get a helicopter to fly? I don't know if it's a problem with 64 bit, a problem with FAR, or just a lack of understanding of how helicopters work on my part, but I can't get even the simplest of them to fly. Here is a picture of what I think a helicopter in this game should look like to function correctly, but this design doesn't work. I've tried having the center of thrust in front of, directly over, and behind the center of mass and it makes no difference other than how fast it tips over. I've tried it with SAS on and with SAS off: makes no difference. I've tried it with front wings (like an Apache), hind 'wings' (stabilizers on real helicopters), putting control surfaces on the wings, and just a slew of other things. It either pitches over laterally (even with a centered CoM) or tips backwards/forwards and I can never get the rotor to be centered enough. Doesn't seem to respond very much to controls.
  7. I'm not working in Earth time, already checked on that. The current date of my save is something like Year 1, day 214 according to KAC.
  8. Your 64 bit client cooperates with ATM? Everytime I try to run 64 bit with ATM it cries foul and crashes my game.
  9. Isn't that the point of waiting for a transfer window though? So that the planet is the closest to Kerbin to reduce the amount of transfer time? Actually I was using Kerbal days, unfortunately. The 15 h was just a guess going off of memory and I guess I saw 5 h instead and just misremembered it. Still can't get this transfer to be any shorter than 150 days. Completely boggles my mind. I'm using protractor, PreciseNode, AlarmClock, that link above, and everything short of just having MechJeb do it for me and still getting the wrong result.
  10. A basic question but what orbit period are y'all using for your geosynchronous sats since .24? I've tried 5h 59m 01s and 5 h 59m 09.4s which are the two values I've read about previously. Neither of them hold my satellites in a GSO though so clearly I have the wrong value.
  11. Why not? It makes the crafts load just fine. Does it break the game/mod in some fashion?
  12. Don't know how to tell that. I don't think I do, but when I get the intercept it says "T = 170 d, 15 h" or something like that. The first time it crosses the orbit. What's kind of odd is that I have a circular orbit but at certain points the projected second orbit (the one of the sun) completely shrinks down to the initial orbit of Kerbin. I guess that's where I'm shooting out of Kerbin retrograde and just get recaptured or some such since the dV isn't that different. Do you know where a more recent chart is?
  13. I'm looking at this chart for my transfer to Duna. It's my first interplanetary journey so I could be just doing this wrong period, but I think I'm doing this correctly. So the chart says I'll need about 1060 m/s dV to get to Duna once in orbit around Kerbin, and that it should take me 75 days to get there. Kerbal Alarm Clock tells me that there is a transfer window in 3 days time. I launched my craft, got it into LKO, and then set up a transfer node to plot out my course to Duna. Using PreciseNode I went 3 days into the future and the closest intercept I can get is 160 days at 1100 m/s dV. If I go up to 3000 m/s dV I can get a 100 day intercept, but that's not really within the bounds of my craft. I basically set up the maneuver node, set the prograde until I'm at 1100 m/s then play with the rotation until I get an intercept, same as I'd do to go to the Mun or Minmus, but I'm getting entirely different results than the established ones. Is there something I'm doing wrong? My craft only has life support for 270 days so I can't do a 160 day journey or my Kerbal will die on the way back.
  14. Just a heads up I guess: in the new version of Karbonite they took out the part called 'antenna' which of course breaks any designs you had that included it in it. So just copy and paste that file from your old karbonite install to your new one. Probably the same case for any other parts you might've used since the naming structure seems to have changed for the parts.
  15. Is there a way to delete items off an already launched ship? Either through editing of files or in game without a bunch of rendezvousing? On all my satellites I included a Kethane scanner which is a problem now that I don't really use Kethane. I can't delete Kethane without deleting the satellites and I can't delete the satellites because they serve a function through RemoteTech as part of my communication network. I'm aware I don't have to delete Kethane at all, but I'd like to to get rid of the popups and just for general house keeping.
  16. Has anyone tried using a telescope on land with this? I wanted to build an observatory on a mountain but testing the telescope on the launch pad, I can't get it stable at all. Past 300x or so and it's just too shaky to keep the target in the view field with even the slightest movement. I'm using IR to rotate and pivot the telescope but even small steps in the IR framework just causes the telescope to wiggle uncontrollably. Nothing can seem to steady the movement either. Struts don't work, SAS doesn't work, the included gyros don't work, anchors (with KAS) don't work nor does attaching it to ground pylons through winches. Literally the only thing that works for me is the time warp bug but that's not really 'working'. Anyone else have ideas?
  17. Taki: That's stupidly simple. I should've thought of that lol. I actually nailed the landing on the very next try after I made this post, but that would've been a lot easier. GoSlash: The rover would take too long to drive over there.
  18. Is it a common/known bug that crashing a craft with a procedural wing on it crashes your game? That seems to be what's going on for my newest craft (first one with pWings).
  19. There's a specific mountain I'm trying to land on just NNE of KSC. It's above the cloud cover and I want to build a telescope/observatory on it. Having a devil of a time landing there though in the first place with just a basic rocket (I want to plant a flag as a beacon for later). I've tried...oh roughly 20 times now? You'd think I'd land there simply by accident at this point but nope, have hit all around it but never on it. A helicopter is really the ideal craft to get me there but we don't have one of those, nor do I have anything for a VTOL and the plateau isn't long enough for me to land on, so I'm stuck with a rocket. Any tips for aiming these sub-orbital trajectories? I get up to about 70 km (just easier to maneuver and the trajectory stops moving once airborne) then make my adjustments to deal with spin and that sorta thing. Then I let it fall and make what few adjustments I can on the way down until the atmosphere grabs the rocket again and I lose control. I don't really see what more I can do but figured I'd ask. Or does anyone have any alternate ideas?
  20. The UI elements were missing. When I right clicked a part there was just a blank spot where the tweakscale stuff should be, but wasn't. Anyhow it turns out it's not compatible with ActiveTextureManagement. When I took out TweakScale the game was fine. When I took out ATM (with tweakscale installed), the game was fine and tweakscale finally worked.
  21. Are there any known conflicts of TweakScale with other mods? I haven't been able to use TweakScale since the installation of 24.x and can't figure out why. I'm using IR like the fellow two up from me but there's no old TweakScale install coupled with it. Installed TweakScale and IR independently as well. I have TweakableEverything installed so maybe there's some conflict there? Searching through my mod directory there's no duplicate instances of TweakScale in any other mod. Kind of at a loss here as to why this doesn't work. Just for funsies, my mod list is as follows: ActionGroupManager AviationLights BahaEPL BahaSP BoulderCo (part of EVE) CactEye Chatterer CrewManifest DebRefund DistantObject Engineer EhnahncedNavBall EVE ExtraContracts Extraplanetary Launchpads FAR Firespitter KAS Kethane KWRocketry MagicSmokeIndustries (IR) ModStats NASA ORS PartCatalog PartWizard PreciseNode ProceduralDynamics (procedural wings) Procedural Fairings SCANsat SpecialTech StationScience TextureReplacer TAC Toadicus TriggerTech TweakableEverything US_Core US_KAS MKS/OKS Karbonite All updated to their latest 24.x versions where applicable.
  22. So since this is just skins (I think?), it should be compatible with 24.2 even though it's not technically 'updated'?
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