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  1. I don't think I will "ever want to come take SD back", my main worry is that by freeing up the license a bunch of low quality clones will pop up and ultimately destroy the mod, I would rather it die by being outdated and broken rather than it becoming a clown show if someone I trust wants to pick this up I am willing to give them full access to the mod, even renaming it if they feel necessary however it would need to be someone I know from back then or someone that has contributed a lot of good stuff to the mod after I have gone @R-T-B you definitely qualify if you want for anyone else, if you want to contribute and have questions about the code you can still contact me if you run into some issues and need pointers about the code, for what my memory still holds (best way would probably be discord or github) at this point I don't think anyone should donate to me, surely there are other active modders that are more deserving, I'm happy with what little I got back when I was working on SD
  2. the harcoded name "Kerbin" was because at the time the name of the homeplanet needed to be "Kerbin" (you could change the displayName but the actual name needed to be "Kerbin" for some reason) as for the fix, I'm not sure if it was for ISP or for the atmospheres of other planets being calculated based on the home planet, (so if you change the atmospheric curve of kerbin to be identical to duna, both kerbin and duna would display atmosphere of 1 atm rather than whatever fraction of 1 atm duna's atmosphere is) ✔️
  3. the latest SD should have solved this or at least I thought it did
  4. I didn't test but there were very little changes so it should probably work fine.
  5. I had a break from ksp and played classic wow for a while. I found the curseforge client to be very useful so I decided to upload my mods there. the number of downloads is higher from there rather than github, which surprised me since I didn't expect it to be as popular
  6. Actually I changed the folder to be: GameData\SigmaDimensions\ rather than the old: GameData\Sigma\Dimensions\ this was done for 2 reasons: 1- making it easier to tell which of my mods is installed and making them more independent from each other 2- allowing the user to download and install the mod automatically with the CurseForge client https://curseforge.overwolf.com/ so, @OrbitalManeuvers, the correct one is GameData/SigmaDimensions/ (basically just unzip the archive directly into GameData/ )
  7. SD sorely needs an update for 1.11 sorry for taking so long but real life i getting in the way I'll see if I can find some time. In the meantime, for the collisions bug there was a solution floating around somewhere, not really sure where though. maybe in the github? I'll try to see if I can find it EDIT: https://github.com/Sigma88/Sigma-Dimensions/issues/95#issuecomment-650375904
  8. @linuxgurugamer @OhioBob @Kwebib I think the issue about getting weird results from the calendar has been fixed now. It was a combination of a Kronometer issue (fixed in the latest release v1.11.0-1) and Kopernicus (already fixed in the dev version, not sure when @R-T-B plans to release it)
  9. @linuxgurugamer @OhioBob @Kwebib Day 0 is not necessarily a bug, there are 2 different ways leap years are handled and one of the two uses a day zero while the other doesn't depending on the kronometer settings it can be that you are using the first mode, or it could also be a bug, I would need more info about the system to give you an idea of how it should work, these are the values of "year / day" you would expect from a system with a 10h year and a 3h day:
  10. GN is very complicated mod which also should require a lot of work to be brought up to speed with latest kopernicus/ksp I'm not sure it should be used right now, but I also can't really give you an ETA for a newer improved version tbh
  11. @Arrowstar I noticed that you exported all your images with "oceanFloor = true", I would suggest you to try with "false" because I have the feeling it would give a better result for this specific use
  12. I sent you a PR with the fix I had added in my version, not sure if it still works because I didn't test it in ksp
  13. KKtoSD is not needed anymore. KK now automatically keeps all buildings tied together when rescaling. the only thing you need is to use the feature built into SD to tweak how the group are positioned in the final result there's a description of how to use the feature into the README file of SD, just search for PQSCity_Groups
  14. does mechjeb reads the day length from the rotation speed of the planet or from the ksp definition of 1 day (either 6hr or 24hr depending of user settings)?
  15. if you look at the RESCALE! mod from galileo it should have a pre-tested cfg for 10.625 (https://github.com/Galileo88/Rescale/tree/master/RESCALE_10625) If I were you I would stick to that and it should provide you with what you are looking for. if you want to set up your customized rescale you can find all the info in the README and if you still have any specific questions feel free to ping me here some things you should be aware: @OhioBob has done a lot of work on atmospheres, iirc his suggestion was to use something like Atmosphere = 1.025 atmoTopLayer = 1.4 (this is from memory so might be completely wrong) landscape should probably be lowered to something like ~0.5 the most realisting option should be around 0.10/0.15 but gameplay-wise 0.5 looks much nicer
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