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  1. I put my lander can in orbit, changed the orbit’s inclination so I’d pass through the rock’s latitude, then plotted a maneuver node that would have me overshooting by many hundred kms, because the atmosphere cuts the descent arc short. Plus you have to lead the target to account for Kerbin’s rotation. Then I saved and reloaded ten times until i landed about 1 km away. No rover, so i just walked the 1 km. Tedious, but it was good practice in pinpoint landing.. Next time i’ll try a rover and less save-scumming.
  2. My three pet peeves: 1. How about a hotkey for autorun? I'm getting awful tired of holding down shift-W while I run to the latest landing site I missed by a couple kms. (Yes, jetpacks are a thing, but sometimes I want to conserve monopropellant.) 2. I struggle to rotate a planet or moon so that I can see my orbit from the side, something I used to do a lot in KSP1. It's sort of doable in KSP2, but it's always a struggle. I find I really want to do it when I'm trying to make a pinpoint landing, so I can see my trajectory. I also like doing it when I'm trying to achieve orbit. 3. On the timer displays, if they insist on keeping leading zeroes, could they at least boldface the significant digits and gray out the leading zeroes? Or use a different color, or both? I hate those leading zeroes.
  3. @Oak7603 That rover is a thing of beauty! I assume it's there to stay, and it will transmit its science back to KSC via that spiffy antenna. I imagine it took a huge rocket to get that thing all the way to Duna; or did you use refueling stations? I'm way behind you on the tech tree, but I did just get my first rover mission after finishing the first set of Mun-landing missions. Your posts will help motivate me to push on! @Antnee That's glorious! I'm also curious about how you got the spaceplane nosecone to hinge upwards. And does that vehicle with claws actually grab stuff? Is KAC (er, that mod with hinges and construction features from KSP1) part of stock KSP2?
  4. Great challenge! I’ve started doing Apollo-style missions, but only to the Mun and back. I really like that style of space exploration , so someday I hope to try this challenge!
  5. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for posting your story, and especially that awesome screenshot. I enjoyed reading it, and I'm impressed you put that together in orbit! I used to make complex space stations in KSP1, but I've never tried to assemble an interplanetary craft like that. Good going. Yeah, that many parts surely invites the Kraken, but hey, why not? Have you tried the Maneuver Node Controller mod? It's made KSP2 much more playable for me. You can find the mod, and info on how to install it, here:
  6. I'm not sure I'd call KSP2 "captivating," but I've really enjoyed my time with it so far, even with all the bugs and missing features. I had a great time with KSP1 back in the day, but for me there's no going back. KSP2 has an actual story of sorts (one I hope they continue to flesh out), it now has a satisfying science mode, it performs surprisingly well on my PC, it looks beautiful, docking is at least as good as it was in KSP1, it has good tutorials, and it presents new challenges, like pinpoint landings. There are even mods for the things I want most -- a new PreciseNode and AlarmClock, for example. I can't wait to see what they do with resources and colonies. That said, it does need time to bake. Yes, there are a lot of bugs, but none of them strike me as unsolvable. Yes, there are missing features, but they'll be here in time. I think this game has a bright future.
  7. How many such experiments are there? I've unlocked the Science Jr and the Science Jr Jr so far, and that's it. Do those count as different experiments, or are they (as I've assumed) the same experiment in different packaging? I'm sure there are other experiments in the tech tree, but I'm nowhere near Tier III yet. I've unlocked most of Tier I and a few things in Tier II.
  8. @Periple Good stuff! What is the function of the orbiter you left in orbit? A fuel depot?
  9. I finished my first Apollo-style landing on the Mun -- there and back again, safely. I landed on the Mun many times in KSP1, but I never did the Apollo thing, so this was a thrill for me. I used a huge rocket to get into orbit around Kerbin: Which gave me the luxury of a pretty big middle stage for the transfer to the Mun: The command module and LEM separated there. Wish I had a better picture of this big moment. The requisite picture of Shepble Kerbal planting a flag in the Mare Turbidum -- the stormy sea, my Kerbals call it, because there's some mysterious noisy transmission nearby. I'll investigate that in my next mission. Maybe the most exciting part for me -- the LEM rejoining the command module Snoopy, manned by Tim Kerman, I think. (I tend to put less famous Kerbals in charge of things.) The crew safely returned to Kerbin, though I didn't take pictures because there was a little excitement involving a forgotten decoupler and some improvisation with parachutes. But never mind that! Mission accomplished!
  10. Ah, thanks for the clarification on the magnet icon. That explains it. Likewise, I appreciate your input on the eye and the green-rocket icon.
  11. Thanks for your replies! They cleared up most of my confusion. I’m still curious about the eye and magnet/snap icons, so if anyone can enlighten us, please do!
  12. I'm a returning player from KSP1, and I've so far made it to the Mun and the start of Tier 2 of the tech tree. But the VAB UI still confuses me. 1. First, what does the green icon at the top of my ship mean? It seems to be a picture of a rocket next to a gantry. Does it have any function? 2. What exactly does the "eye" icon do? I often click on it and see no change. I think it's supposed to make fairings opaque or transparent, but I'm not sure. 3. Does snap do anything? I toggle the magnet icon on/off and don't seem to notice any significant difference when placing parts. 4. Most important: does the rotate/translate tool really allow me to hide any part inside any other? I don't recall being able to do that in KSP1. Here, I've watched videos of people putting an RCS tank inside a methalox tank, or sliding a Science Jr Jr inside another part, or pushing radial parachutes partly into a capsule. This seems to make the cargo bay part superfluous. Are there any limits to what one can hide/clip with this tool? 5. Speaking of which, I just slid my Science Jr Jr inside a landing can. Now I can't seem to select the science part using the selection tool. I can highlight the Science Jr Jr with the parts manager, but I can't select or move it. I suppose I over-did it with the rotate/translate tool? Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Thanks for that advice, @Periple. I just watched a video by a YouTuber who does exactly what you do. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for that explanation, @Bingmao! Very helpful, and fun to look at, lol.
  15. Thanks for your reply! That was exactly the kind of information I was hoping for. So I assume asparagus staging is more efficient than just slapping on some solid-fuel boosters, which is what I’ve been doing. From an aesthetic perspective, I don’t love the look of either solution. I want my Apollo missions to lift off in a Saturn V! Still, I think I’ll try it. I can get Kerbals to the Mun, but I’m struggling making it a round-trip. And I hate stranding them there.
  16. I've researched most of Tier 1 of the tech tree, as well as the Medium Orbital Rockets and Medium Launchers techs in Tier 2. I'm struggling to carry enough fuel to make round-trip Apollo-style Mun landings, and so I'm wondering what to research next. I have 523 research on hand. I see Fuel Lines are available, and the descriptions hints that asparagus staging is still a thing. But I haven't played KSP for a couple years, it's been longer than that since I last tried asparagus staging, and I've mostly forgotten how it works. Would it help me? Or would I be better off getting , say, Expanded Construction (which might help me build better landers or rockets), or work toward Atmospheric Science? Also, I'm sure I'm not timing my burns optimally. I know enough to burn at PE to affect the AP, and vice-versa. But when landing on the Mun, is it best to slow down far from the surface, or close to it? Or is a gradual slow burn best? (I know there are excellent autopilot mods that can do this better than I possibly can, but I've always enjoyed flying manually.) Likewise, when coming home to land on Kerbin, is it best to establish a low circular orbit, or can one just get away with establishing an elliptical orbit with high apopapsis and low periapsis, and then just burning retrograde from the periapsis? Thanks in advance. Apologies if I've chosen the wrong forum for these sort of newbish questions.
  17. Oh! I hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  18. Kerbin-rise over the Mun, as my Apollo-style spacecraft prepares to separate the Munar lander from the Command Module. Separation went fine – except that my VAB engineers cleverly installed a decoupler instead of a stack-separator, so the decoupler remains glued to the command module, obscuring its docking port. HEADS WILL ROLL! I can’t pry the thing off, sigh. This may slightly complicate docking, lol. Nonetheless, I safely landed Donley Kerman on the Mun, making Kerbal history! Er, we had a little bit of parking trouble, but I later cured this by shoving the lander a few times. I'm also a bit worried that the docking port looks a little crooked, like a drunk's New Year's hat. One more tiny complication is that Donley has only 308 m/s of delta-V left, probably not enough to make Munar orbit. But the good news is that this moots my multiple docking-port issues. I'll just send the orbiter home, build a better rocket with a bigger lander, and return to rescue Donley. We got this!
  19. I docked for the first time in a couple years, when I last played KSP1, with helpful advice from folks here. Success! Then I put together my first-ever Apollo-style Mun mission. In KSP1, I used to just load up a single capsule and land it on the Mun, then hope I had enough fuel to get the thing home. This time I'm trying the LEM/Command Module thing, mindful that some people have had trouble docking with this arrangement. I don't know if this configuration will work, but it will be fun to try. Too tired to finish now; back at it tomorrow. I turned on the purple lights to give my Kerbals a restful night light.
  20. Thanks for your reply. I see -- so when I was telling RCS to translate left, it had no single set of ports that could do that, so it fired more than one. Hmm, maybe that's what was going on. Often, however, it seemed like all four ports would fire at once, all working against one another. Maybe I could have cured it by rolling the ship so that the ports were aligned straight left, right, up and down as I looked at them from behind. I assume that's what you mean by my ship axes? Incidentally, I found it easier to dock without using docking mode. I used WASD to pitch and roll the ship, and IKJLHN to translate. I think that's muscle-memory from KSP1 -- I rarely used docking mode there, either.
  21. Hmm, I don't have a YouTube or Twitch channel. I suppose I could make one? How do people typically upload videos here?
  22. Sure. I'll try to do it tomorrow. Thanks for your interest. Should I just post it in this thread, or PM you?
  23. Docking success! For me, this is one of the most satisfying things to do in KSP, or in all of gaming for that matter. The rendez-vous is now easy for me, thanks to this thread's advice on using target mode and burning retrograde to the target once you're close. Docking itself also went smoothly; it took about 5 minutes, and I didn't really need the docking alignment mod at all. But first I had to rebuild my satellite and use two sets of 4-way RCS thrusters, one at the bottom, one at the top. With this configuration, when I ordered the ship to translate left, the right thrusters (only) fired, as expected, and vice-versa. For whatever reason, when I was using only one bank of 4-way thrusters, if I ordered the ship to translate left, a different thruster on each thruster block would fire, resulting in chaos -- something other than translation left, maybe a roll. Only fore-and-aft thrusters fired in unison. Why is one bank of 4-way thrusters behaving like that?
  24. Thank you so much for posting those screenshots. That's exactly what I was thinking of trying. Maybe I won't now, lol. I guess I'll try again with the four-directional thrusters, placed better.
  25. Just so I understand: you mean one set of 4 multidirectional thrusters around the center of mass? By contrast, if you go with 6 or 8, then you might have 3 or 4 attached radially at the bottom and top of the craft? If I attach the four-pronged RCS thrusters radially, as you can sorta see I did in my screenshot above, do they work together, or do they fight against each other? I'm worried that they're fighting each other for X and Y translation. That's why I'm thinking of experimenting with linear thrusters.
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