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  1. Oxygen 18 can be used as a advanced alternative Fusion Fuel source in Interstellar Extended, basicly it allows you to Run on an oxygen source, which is effectly almost anywhere. Its uselfull as a get home space fuel source.
  2. Impressive, I included your image in the 3th page in the OP
  3. Very impressive work, I included it both in the list of manuals and in the Beamed Power Section.
  4. In KSP Intersteller Extended , I tried to use the natrual properties of exotic fuel, to help with making it hard to use effectively. For example every knows, Antimatter is the most powerfull substance, however the big problem is how to store it effectivly without it blowing up. It turns out, the most effectively way is to store it as a frozen snowball suspend by diamagnetic forces. However, creating this condition in Earth orbit is quit difficult, meaing it requires a heavy storage tank to achieve it . To lower the mass requirment, the best locaton would be to try to do the same thing far away from the sun, like at pluto distance. If you put 1 + 1 together you get that the most effective way to use antimatter intersteller vessel, would be fuel a big interstellar ship in orbit of pluto with antimatter using conventian engines, and use the starship to travel to the edge of your destination star system, and use safer engines within the alien star system.
  5. I would love to extended the interstellar experience in KSP2
  6. yes, remove the patch files LFOpatch.cfg, LFpatch.cfg, Oxygenpatch.cfg and Xenonpatch.cfg
  7. thanks, I updated the package: Version 3.30.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.5 which can be downloaded from here Released on 2023-01-22 Compiled against KSP 1.15.5 removed MiniAVC.dll which was causing CTD
  8. Any gains in delta V would be offset by any addtional heat shielding cost and risk you will want to avoid, besides it would be insignificant if your serious about again any significant interstellar speed that won't require thousants of years travel time making it more likely to fail A far better statagy would be to bring some magneticly breaking equipment that could technically almost double you deltaV budget and plan a route which maximises magnetic breaking in the target system
  9. Congratulation on completing the first Quantum Singularity Powered return trip to Proxima Centauri. Yes combining the QSR with the Mangnetic Scoop (or magnetic sail) technically makes it capable of doing grand universe similar to a Bussard Ramjet Ship, but much more efficient due to its much high Mass to Energy conversion rate.
  10. please ask here https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/179030-130/
  11. Ah , now it works, thanks. Seems like uploading changed, but perhaps I'm simply mistaken
  12. It used to load after a few minutes, now it keeps hanging in the loading stage
  13. I have been trying to update my mod on Spacedock lately it never seems to succeed, are there some contraints that can prevent an upload?
  14. Download Version 1.29.5 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.12.2 Released on 2021-10-30 Fix growing power consumption Antimatte storage tanks during timewarp Fix for thermal and charged particle power taking longer to fill when time warping (by drdread) updated packaged mods
  15. @linuxgurugamer Alhough I don't want to bother you, there appears something wrong with the download link, which is not working
  16. Your totally correct and its simply an oversight, it should behaive exactly like a Edge Radiator. Is was missing a isDeployable = false setting in the config file. You may add it manually or wait for the next update this weekend to do it manually open Kerbal Space Program\GameData\WarpPlugin\Parts\Radiators\LargeFlatRadiator\radiator.cfg and update FlatFNRadiotor to look like this MODULE { name = FlatFNRadiator isDeployable = false partMass = 0.43 // -30% mass for static radiators -50% reduced weight by graphite radiatorArea = 215 surfaceAreaUpgradeTechReq = metaMaterials emissiveTextureLocation = WarpPlugin/Parts/Radiators/LargeFlatRadiator/glow bumpMapTextureLocation = WarpPlugin/Parts/Radiators/LargeFlatRadiator/radtex_n }
  17. So has anyone created this monster yet in KSP? Just imagine this flying around, getting a supercarier around the world in a day and when combined with thermal nuclear turbojet it could maintain in the air for months without refueling
  18. Version 1.29.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.12.1 Released on 2021-07-05 Added high detail Daedalus Fusion Engine Model and Exhaust by Kepler Added Support for scaling of engines with Waterfall exhaust (requires TweakScaleCompanion that is included in the package) Will hide Tweakscale Widget on Waterfall enabled engines when TweakScaleCompanion isn't installed Included Waterfall 0.6.5 in the download package Included ModuleManagerWatchDog which will verify if there are no duplicates of Interstellar_Redist.dll
  19. Alright so the conclusion is that if you install TweakScaleCompanion TweakScalerWaterfallFX, you also need to have installed Waterfall, otherwise KSP will hang at startup, at least for the currenty version 1.19.x version
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