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  1. Hi Proot Thanks for investing the time to make what looks like a fantastic visual mod. Perhaps others can help me here, but on a 100% fresh install (via steam) with no other mods it seems the scatterer part is not working for me. I'm on Windows 7 64bit OS running KSP in 32bit. (Tried OpenGL and DX11 arguments but it didn't make any improvement) I used the link that was posted a page or two ago to download KSPRC as the new version had not been uploaded to Curseforge etc at that stage. Are there issues with that version? Here is an example of scatterer not functioning correctly: Does anyone know why scatterer might not be functioning?
  2. Tekto does look very good in those images in the OP. You've created a really cool aesthetic with the clouds there. I might mention that Titan in real life is too small to support the multiple weather cells that Earth has. Instead, it has a single planet-wide weather cell where warm air rises in the hemisphere experiencing summer and flows north or south depending on the season to the opposite pole where it cools and sinks back down to sea level. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Titan If you are intending to make your Tekto analogous to the real Titan, then Earth-like cloud maps probably won't do it. PM me if you have any questions btw
  3. As above, its just a temporary texture. Plock and its moon should be here soon. There is just some testing left to do to make sure they work in game. Below is a render of the two upcoming bodies if you're curious. They won't look exactly like this but you get the idea.
  4. Also the planet renders in front of a gigantic ghost of itself from scaled space. Anyone know what I can do to fix all of these issues? From my point of view, a hole that giant is a tad unintentional. I can edit the heightmap a touch to fix that issue for the next update Regarding the giant scaled space problem, did you erase the kopernicus cache so 64K versions can be generated on start-up? I'm not a kopernicus expert but that might address the problem you're talking about.
  5. The only body left for me to make is a Charon analogue. The moons of Neidon have been made already, though there's some testing to do before we release them.
  6. This perhaps isn't the right thread for this sort of assistance, though as the rescale mods (including RSS) are going through a transition period to Kopernicus, there isn't yet a clear place to ask this apart from the Kopernicus thread. What I can recommend is that you both insert PQS height deformity mods (look in the Kopernicus thread or the configs in Outer Planets Mod for examples) into the rescale config as well as adjust the contrast of the actual body heightmaps. That might get you the result you are after. I plan to do the above to the bodies of Kerbol 3.7 when I get the chance. - - - Updated - - - https://www.reddit.com/r/RealSolarSystem/comments/374svv/dre_in_sky/ This thread might be helpful to you
  7. At this time, terrain max altitudes have not changed and thus don't require the space/low, space/high etc to be adjusted. I have not changed atmospheres yet as they would only change by a few km. Assuming that a x10 scaled Kerbin has the exact same qualities of Earth, Kerbin at x3.7 only has an atmosphere height increase of about 11km. Though I guess a 15% increase is non-trivial so if that is something you would like, I can make the changes in the next update.
  8. FYI - Moho and Tylo are now fully working. Release 02 now available So this means that every planet and moon is working. You may start your careers My next goal is to tweak each body's terrain settings so that it isn't flattened so much by the scaling applied to it - until then, everything should be working fine Have fun
  9. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll make a fix now. Edit: Done (see OP)
  10. They are already disabled in the rescale config meaning the stock scaled ones are present in game. If you happen to know if Kopernicus can remove stock bodies altogether, I might use that technique
  11. Stock system re-scaled to 3.7 times stock size. Eudae55 ----------------------------------------------------- Overview This mod came about when I attempted to re-scale Skyrex94's SKY - Scale-up Kerbalism for You mod to only include the stock kerbol system arrangement. Unfortunately, having planets scaled at 3.7 times stock and distances scaled 7.0 times stock means that moons like Minmus lie outside the sphere of influence (SOI) of their parent body. My solution was to create a 3.7 scaled stock system which was enough of a departure from Skyrex94's original intentions to warrant a new thread. Features: - Stock KSC location - Stock Kerbol system arrangement - All planets' and moons' radii and semi major axes (SMAs) have been multiplied by a factor of 3.7, while holding stock surface gravity constant. Download Release 02 (Megalink) Future possibilities: - When Kopernicus gets more stable, being an author from Outer Planets Mod I will probably create a separate download option including the re-scaled versions of the OPM planets and moons. Credits: Skyrex94 - For creating the mod that this derived from. Licence: CC-BY-NC-SA This mod includes: Kopernicus (“Free software (LGPL) licenseâ€Â) KSCSwitcher ("BSD 2-clause") Changelog: Release 02 - Moho and Tylo are now playable (thanks to KillAshley with this one) Release 01-3 - Set default KSCSwitcher Location to KSC instead of KSA which was causing issues. Release 01-2 - Changed Readme wording - Renamed folder containing rescale config Release 01 -Initial release
  12. Apologies but I've figured out that a x3.7/x7.0 config won't work because at 7 times the distance, some moons will be outside of its parent body's SOI. So I'm going to have to make one that is either (planets and moons 3.7, planet distances x7.0, moon distances x3.7) OR (x3.7 everything) Whats your preference? Ended up going with a x3.7 stock system rescale.
  13. Here you go -------------------------------------------------- Kerbol 3.7 Features: - Stock KSC location. - Stock Kerbol system arrangement. - Everything scaled by a factor of 3.7. Bugs: - Moho and Tylo are not working at the moment (writing this on 27-05-2015) - waiting on the next version of Kopernicus to fix this bug. Licence: Released under: CC-BY-NC-SA Includes Kopernicus. Includes KSCSwitcher. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Comment: Apologies SkyRex94, I came here with the intention of making a stock system config of your 3.7/7.0 mod but ended up taking away the x7.0 scaling altogether. I'll go ahead and make my own thread so I don't clog up yours. Forum thread is here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/123268-1-0-2-Kerbol-3-7-Stock-system-re-scaled-x3-7-%28A-Kopernicus-based-mod%29
  14. If you need assistance with something I can help with, PM me.
  15. Hi Ven I've got a problem where the Mk1 Lander Can is un-selectable/immaterial (can't attach any objects onto it) once placed - except when it is placed as the first part of a craft. My only mods installed are: Kerbal Alarm Clock Engineer Transfer Window Planner Ven's Stock Part Revamp Kopernicus Can anyone confirm this problem?
  16. It says on the OP but you'll need around 6,000dv. I might get around to making a deltav map of I get the time - that should make things a bit easier.
  17. I only have the Sarnus system in the one I'm playing on - minus Slate and Ovok. There are a few copyright issues that I will face if I release the one I'm playing on privately so what I'll have to do is make a new config from scratch and release it as a standalone mod with my own textures. Judging by the number of private messages I've received this is something that people would probably be interested in. --- Hopefully the Moho and Tylo bugs are fixed in the next update of Kopernicus as I wasn't able to get around them when I did my testing.
  18. I've been having lots of fun with the 3.7x/7x scaling with my own custom system containing re-scaled OPM planets -its the perfect size for me. Thanks for the mod
  19. It's okay to feel disrespected/dejected. I'm not sure what why you're feeling this way but at the end of the day we're all modding for a game we love. If we start taking cheap shots at one another whether it be due to perceived competition, bitterness or whatever it might be, we end up tainting the great collaborative atmosphere we have on these forums. We have a great community and I hope it stays that way as it's rare to find. So let's keep things constructive and positive here
  20. I don't recall involving you in any of the work CaptRobau and I have done so I would appreciate it if you stopped posting comments on our behalf in cases like this.
  21. Converting from .PNG to .DDS using Photoshop: Note: This requires a plugin for photoshop available from the NVIDIA website.
  22. Kopernicus theoretically allows every body of the RL solar system to be represented, so I'd say it depends on how many they can add while maintaining the stability of the game.
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