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  1. Yeah, I kinda get how the texturing works, I know altitude is a scalar field on a sphere in this game (so no caves), I'm still just kinda bothered by the whole "90 degree angles" on the horizontal shore line. I know they could've avoided it at this latitude. There are places on Kerbin where normal terrain intersects with polar ice on Kerbin, and normal terrain still looks very normal there, but ice is... Like this. I still think it's a sort of artistic choice.
  2. What the hell? This is Kerbin and the ice caps look just as much (if not more) pixelated. It weirdly looks better than on Laythe though, maybe because of texture/lighting. I just never realised this. Had no idea!
  3. I tried searching for this on the internet and on this forum, but so far didn't find any discussions on the topic. So here's my story. Skip to the end of the post to see the weird polar caps. So, I recently installed the new KSP 1.9.1. I usually play with Kopernicus planet packs or with Sigma dimensions as stock game does not seem as challenging as it used to be. I usually play with 5 times the scale and 7 times the distance, but Kopernicus is not updated to 1.9.1 so far, so I decidet to play stock with visual/interface mods and no custom parts. I quickly found myself sending rovers to travel long distances on non-atmospheric bodies, even managed to circumnavigate Minmus and Ike, failing to do so with Dres as terrain is just too rough and the rover kept crashing. So then I decided to go to Laythe... (I can share the craft file, if this IMOAB-1 craft looks interesting to you. Goes 50m/s on Laythe, 60m/s on Kerbin, not very good at driving on the ground) I landed in the equatorial region and soon was on my way towards the north pole, making some stops on the way. It took me several hours of real time, but eventually I've reached latitude 80, and so there were the polar caps. Before this journey I didn't even remember if Laythe has them, Scatterer makes it impossible to determine from the map view. But yes, there was solid ground on my way. But it was quite not what I had expected. As you can see here, that looks... Pixelated. And on closer inpection it was even weirder. It was very flat, it ended in the ocean abruptly, there was no slope to drive on. I was able to push the boat onto is, I was glad I used the sharp nosecones, not the stubby ones. My polar expedition was on its way from that point, but I knew I just had to send in a rover from Kerbin to take more screenshots and just show everyone how weird this shore is. In the next picture you can see how this wall just goes down. It seems to go vertically all the way to the bottom of the ocean. And just look at how sharp those corners are. It's... Pixelated. So now I just really want to know if anyone knows the story behind this. Was it unfinished by the developers? Wat it left this way intentionally? Is it one of the easter eggs? Beacuse it's pretty big for an easter egg, the whole shore is like this. And I have never heard anyone talking about it, never have I seen anyone visit this shore in a YouTube video. Maybe I didn't look for it to well. To me this place just feels unfinished and weird. Laythe is by far my favourite place in the KSP, and you've seen screenshots, you know why I love it. So if anyone has noticed this before, I would like to hear your response and your speculation/information on why this exists the way it is.
  4. Really looking forward to that update! You gotta do it, we're waiting over here, because the pack is cool. Hope that gives you some motivation to keep up making good stuff.
  5. Kopernicus for 1.4.2 is already out, I believe. Will there be an update to 1.4 as well? Really want t play this with the new KSP version.
  6. Mechjeb works with everything, no matter how you twist it. It has no system map of its own: it always checks where any of the planets really is before plotting course for you.
  7. If I get the game mechanics in a right way, as long as your ship is out of Eeloo's sphere of influence, it stays untouched wherever it is
  8. The mod IS compatible with 1.1.3, tried it, it works just fine for me. This mod adds planets beyond Jool. The only thing it replaces is Eeloo's position: now it's not a dwarf planet, it's a moon of a gas giant.
  9. Hi, everyone. Sometimes I make KSP videos about planet packs. I do it just for fun, I don't want to make videos regularly. But yesterday I decided to find a planet pack and send something to a distant world. I found Outer Planets... And I liked it. So... I just made a video, guys. Now I'm planning a manned mission to this icy moon, so I ask you for ideas (ship design, other places to go, maybe some other stuff). CaptRobau, need your opinion, too. Maybe you want me to take a ship somewhere else... P.S. English isn't my native language, sorry for all the grammar and/or spelling mistakes. -Vovacat17
  10. Hey, guys! Found this mod a week ago or so... You know, I am a great fan of a huge planet packs which add new stars with planets. At first I didn't really think this planet will be something special. But... The heck it is! The way you did the atmosphere is a whole new game mechanic which requires balancing and special aircraft design. Theese planes may not work the right way back at Kerbin, but they definitely work for your planet. I have a full-scale mining operation in progress back at Asclepius. And of course I've got screenshots! This is my "Orbital command Alpha" space station in a 300km equatorial orbit. The big thing on top is The Orecarrier (guess what it does). As you can see, there is a spaceplane docked, the other one is now down at the surface. The single-use capsule is the main way of crew transfer between Kerbin and Asclepius. Deorbiting The Orecarrier. I have my mining site in a crack on the equator. "If you have a planet with low gravity and a very uncomfortable atmosphere why would you ever use a parachute for a reusable craft?" - Elon Kerman (just kidding) The SpcaeX way of landing on surface. A nice rover for refueling all sorts of space things. I have a stationary mining plant, too. (It just arrived first, makes no more sense.) And then it just goes back to orbit to reprocess the ore. No practical use of it, rather than having fun with planes. Now I'm thinking of establishing the "Orbital command Beta" in orbit around Kruel. This moon seems like a cheap way to get ore. Will be delivering more screenshots soon. Now building the third plane. Good luck with the mod!
  11. Space, thi final frontier... This is the voyage of the spaceship Kopernicus. It's 88-day mission: to fly to Duna, to fly to Duna, to fly to Duna and to Duna, to boldly go where no kerbal has mined fuel before.
  12. So, did you actually finish the process of making the episode 46, or just releasing the first part and the second is not ready yet? Anyway, FINALLY we're going to see what you were working on for all this time))
  13. Besides, definitely not eough hours to see every video of Project Gateway. Gateway is still cool, btw. - - - Updated - - - Or, maybe, just enough.
  14. The day has not enough hours to finish that Odyssey episode, does it? Also, I guess all the raw materials are all together longer than 24 hours. "I can't finish the book today - the audio version lasts 25 hours"
  15. Wow it takes you a really long time. I REALLY HOPE we'll see it next week. - - - Updated - - - Btw, have you finished all the recording? Is it editing that you do now?
  16. Well, great answers is the thing you don't get too much while playing KSP. You know, back here in Russia, I have a friend, who is a serious LetsPlay guy (always thinks about quality of his content), and he is interested in making KSP videos. He never played it before, but he is quickly learning. (GregTech mod for minecraft, which he plays and records, is not a thing for noobs). His idea was to make the "videos about history of spaceflight". I've told him that there's a guy, his name is Bob and he makes Project Alexandria. Now he is watching your videos and really inspired by them. So, you may not get The Great Answer, but you get subscribers AND followers who want to make interesting KSP stuff. Btw, waiting for Alexandria together.
  17. So it is going to be a double-length episode? Just another "All good things...". But definitely going to be good! Hope next monday is time!
  18. So, is it really going to be THE LAST episode of Odyssey? As I see now, it tooks a lot of time to finish projects like this. I know I've already told you about this iin Youtube coments, but have you considered recording KSP with mods, that add another planets and distant star systems? Because no one ever made a full-scale series about it, and we know you can. We want YOU to go there!
  19. You know what, I'll do it. My next video will be about The Odysseus. Actually, I will do just Odysseus, with no Stella (in other game install), cos i am tired of warp mechanics. I just want to build a big ship, which will take lots of stuff there. And you guess who it pilot? -Jebediah Himself as always. P.S Guys, Stella expansion really doesn't want to work with B9 aerospace on my computer, dos anyone have the same problem? It loads Real SolarSystem to 22/43 in main menu, and then stops loading. Sometimes it even crashes at the moment, when the game goes from the main loading to RSS loading in main menu. I just want B9 for spaceplanes, i like them.
  20. No it doesnt. I've built a nuclear ship, which can go this far, I even have youtube video about that (I can give you a link, if you want). But this was based on PF:CE, which had a faster time acceleration. The trip takes 200 years, which is ludicrously long even at max time acceleratioin. I've even put a ship on an encounter with Stella, but than I realized I have no time to wait until it gets there. So, the warp drive is actually reasonable solution. Besides, will you use any orbital sublight engine, if you can use somehing faster? P.S. At first, I was thinking, it's cheaty, too. But, when I've started to mess up with warp mechanics in KSPI, I realized, that no matter, how easy it is to launch, it can be a real puzzle for you. - - - Updated - - - Oh, and here's my video of this mod, Stella expansion... I remember promissing to make it a couple of days ago. Had a bunch of free time yesterday. Jeb takes the first kerbal warp-capable spaceship, KSS Pheonix, and goes to Smock. P.S. Want more videos? Just tell me about it right here. Please, give me some ideas about places to visit, ways to do it, and, probably, some storyline...
  21. So, I've finally managed to arrive somewhere in Stella expansion. I've installed KSPI and built a warp-capable unmanned rover ship. (I can't do it the orbital way, the time acceleration isn't fast enough). First target in new mod - a place called Etaria. It looked beautiful from map view, so I decieded... Why not? Launch, left the atmosphere, warp 9, engage! (30 minutes later) Take us out of warp! Here goes the atmosphere... Parachutes... So I've landed and... Wow! Wow... That's kinda beautiful place! I see, there is a mod for adding constructions and stuff here. Why don't you add a couple building-like easter eggs to this planet? (Lore question) Why is the terrain so high? Is it something about gas giant's tidal forces? I have a lot of questions. But still, I like this little salt-sandy planet with giant ice caps. Here are some screenshots: When both suns are out, the surface turns white (is it actually supposed to be so?) The second moon of the gas giant is out there, too: Going to design manned warp ship soon. I think I'll use one of my old nuclear designs (for deltaV) and stick a ring there. P.S. I definitely can make a video about this mod (Stella expansion). Does anybody want me to record it? I'll be glad if somebody specifies next target for me to go. Because I like to go where no man has gone before:).
  22. And if I want to do it in more realistic style? Did the mod creator consider the option of adding a sort of ultra-warp thing, like in PF:CE. P.S. Thanks for showing KSPI for 0.90. Gotta check it out!
  23. Ok, guys, I've instaed Stella, built a ship powerful enough to fly there, and now... Time to Stella periapsis 188 is years! And I have only stock time warp capabilities! What am I supposed to do, is there any way to fast-forward it?
  24. Buuump! I have finally released the first episode of my new series, Kerbal Space-17 colonization program! Here's the video: I've installed the cloudy mod, so now Verviedi is much more beautiful. I've made clouds look like Jool's, because the planet rotates fast (It's the most logical way for clouds to be.) I think it will be very hard to keep this up while using Grasshoppers. They are certainly cool and (I believe) the most Delta-V rich spaceships I've ever built. But they are hard to fly, and you can't bring a lot of weight with them. So, I've found a mod, which is overpowered a bit, but it will do for this kerbal tech level. The jump drive. I think it is the thing, which should be used for such a colonization base. I just want you to say it's OK for me to use it in my series. Plz tell me if it is not. I don't want anyone to call me cheater. I want everyone here to watch my videos, comment under it (Like, subscribe, etc.) I am a beginning youtuber, so I just want to know somebody needs theese videos. I like the mod, I want it to become better, I want to advertise it. P.S. The next week video will be last for this year, I am leaving for Christmass. But I will not be AFK, I will just not have the game with me. (I'll return to the series in January). ---Bon voyage, grasshopper!---
  25. Hello,guys. This is the final part of the Grasshopper-1 mission and an oficial start of the project Kerbal Space-17, the Verviedi colonization program. The second part of the video is sort of teaser for new series. I am planning to make a video once a week (I am not a professional YouTuber, no promises). Now I am using Kethane (watch video to find out why) and MechJeb (It's all about storyline, not game process). But no cheating. The first video will be this weekend or, more likely, next week. For Poryy: I need more lore about your planets! The storyline is a thing I need a help with. I've send you my e-mail in the private message, write me, if necessary. The Verviedians - what were they? If the planet is destroyed by nuclear war, I think it should be flat. Why is it rotating so fast? Do not, at any reason, decrease the rotation speed. It helps my space program! P.S. Please, guys, watch my videos, leave your comments. I am making it not just for fun, but to show KU2 in work.
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