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  1. They don't currently, as I was concerned that the craft wouldn't load if players did not have the IRSequencer installed. As it turns out that may not be the case, so I can safely set sequences up for one or two of them tonight.

    Which leg walk are you referring to? If you mean the hexapod thing in the trailer video, then that isn't an example craft as it was Darren9 who created it.

    yes that one

    ^ It could be an example craft if you'd like, would need to remove the winch/rover and adjust the engine fixings to be just IR/Stock. Can the example crafts use Tweakscale? I don't think there's a stock 0.5m motor that's suitable. It was made and used before the sequencer but that shouldn't be an issue, it should (in theory) be a lot easier than without it.

    i use tweak scale, but im more interested in how the legs are sequenced then the actual craft itself, so if you wanted to make a more stockish version i would be fine with that

  2. nukes have the worst ISP while in atmo so your high atmo to LKO transition would not work you still need regular rockets for the final push, once your in space though you should be good to go. you could make a plane with very little oxi and a couple LVN for that nudge then completely switch to nukes which are also very heavy so you would probably want to use these on a bigger SSTO

  3. I was thinking that they had reached the point where their thrust goes to zero in airbreathing mode; if they are still producing thrust then that does sound like a bug. Can you share a (hopefully stock) craft file and log so the programmer types can diagnose what is happening?

    heres the craft file, it should be stock i think all i used on this was stock revamp and tweak scale, but i removed those parts (rcs part and solar panels) so it should work for you

    im not sure which log file your after but this is the ksp txt file i have

  4. That's a long wingspan you have there, endl.

    Regardless of shape, long wingspans are generally optimized for altitude, range and payload capacity at the cost of speed. High speed aircraft, on the other hand, tend to have shorter wingspans (or even stubby wings like the X-15).

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    when you cant do that in a GAME thats when its no longer fun, if you force the game to become more hard simulation you will drive away the people who like to design from the game, if ssto all wind up looking pretty much the same because drag values only make one wing profile viable it will turn off alot of people. even then if you want to build a composite wing, even as a delta it doesnt work well.

  5. Seriously. That's about 2000 knots. Mach three at sea level, and hypersonic at high altitude. Show me any Mach 3 airplane with wings that look like the one you have in that picture.

    my wing profile is actually more realistic then what "works" with the current drag balance

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    as you can see the shape is pretty close to delta the only problem is that its a composite wing and the drag balance will not let it space

  6. you should provide a screen shot, but one reason could be as you lift your wings are flexing causing the gear to become misaligned and bouncing from one side to the other, one way to fix this is through the magic of struts, strut your main wing parts to body or the wheel housing to body usually fixes this issue. if that still doesn't solve it, its either uneven thrust but you would notice that or the gear is still misaligned.

  7. i made a large ssto, and from everything im being told (and my experience with far pre 1.0) this plane should fly, its got good TWR im doing a speed run correctly but i cant break 1 km/s on larger craft designs, only small planes work for me. ive come to think that its because i have a composite wing instead of a solid piece and the game is punishing my wing design with excessive drag, anyway heres some Screen shots with kerbal engineer stats that are relevant personally i think this design should be able to space

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  8. hey roverdude will you be adding this to the usi catalog soon? since this is no longer in the WIP section of the forums. also if its not too much to ask but could you include the patch readiness for KSP in the catalog it would be nice to have a master list on the catalog page itself without having to double check each thread, im sorry i know its hard for you to support so many things but your such a "awesomerover" its hard for me to keep track of what mods are playable from you.

  9. Did you place everything, including the engines and intakes with symmetry activated? I seem to remember this sometimes causing issues in .90. What you can also try is placing all intakes for one engine, then that engine, then the nex set of intakes and the next engine and so on.

    Hope this helps in some way...

    i did use symmetry, looks like its a known bug then.

    Reverse lift? Are your wings upside down? Would that cause that to happen? It would make sense if it would, since lift is a function of attitude plus a lifting constant...

    no the wings being upside down dont cause this, its because i have some wings sloped down its creating lift in the wrong direction as you can see in the picture, i have a mirrored wing angled in the opposite direction i was hoping this would create a neutral lift, the plane still flies but im having problems reaching orbit, so i was thinking it might not be getting enough overall lift.

  10. so i have two issues one seems to be most likley a bug, that being the mk2 bicoupler does not seem to feed fuel equally to the engines, as you can see i have two radial intakes feeding inline to the bicoupler yet one engine seems to cut out even at low altitude.

    the second problem is some how i am generating inverse lift, i took a picture of the interior of the wing structure i basically created a box to form the wing profile and struted everything together, is there anyway to form a wing profile without generating negative lift when "boxing" parts together, i thought if i had the wings meet it would cancel the neg lift out

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