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  1. hey baha, how come your mod doesnt come with tweak scale support i had to code it in myself but i feel like two of your engines are perfect for reentry pod and vtol use but sometimes they need to be upscaled case in point without your part i never would be able to get my heavy cargo plane with vtol functionality (the b9 vtol engines dont do it for me)

    those are your engines at 140% to scale


  2. welp i tried using tweak scale, the whole thing was a failure

    its way too heavy for a lander (120t)

    wastes alot of space in the hangar module

    the collision of the walls is broken (fell out the back)

    the threshold is still too narrow

    the ramps are too widely spaced

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    this mod still needs a redesign for it to be useable for the task in mind.

    free up the space on the inside,

    improve the ramp to have less of a gap

    procedural scaling for the roof height rather then scaling it as a whole (every time at least) so you dont have a massive payload or lots of empty space

  3. The AmericanPack as ramps Altair_cargoplatform you can resize if needed.

    thanks for the tip but it also has some poor design issues

    it doesnt work with tweakscale

    the shape is none standard so i cant attach an inline hangar to protect the payload, i can probably come up with a fairing alternative but this means that nothing will be mountable above the system

    the mounting points are specific to the mod it comes from and not set up to be used with other parts

    its the right size thats about all it has going for it

    honestly if someone could get the home cargo part to work with tweak scale i would be more then happy

  4. I had that parts pack for a while, but found that non-rocket based VTOL engines were a bit underpowered and useless anywhere without an atmosphere. The one that is like a RAPIER that has a closed and open cycle mode, that was a wonderful engine, but it had problems when .25 came out and I haven't reinstalled that mod to see if it works again.

    I also have to many conflicts with tweakscale so I don't use it unfortunately.

    You can make a pretty decent VTOL cargo craft with the B9 parts and stock parts. Actually the Aerospike is a wonderful engine because it is so low profile.

    i want to be able to land this craft in a 0 atmo enviroment so i need a low profile LFO that can has enough thrust for VTOL use

  5. part of my reluctance to try is that i dont want a massively over engineered craft. bahamut has some nice LFO surface mountable engines that are for vtol use (you can tweak scale them) but since i want cargo this would mean a new wing and fuselage profile, although i would probably be able to carry more fuel for the eventual trip to duna. im pretty sure ill definitely need vtol cargo at some point though

  6. the luna 17 ramp is too design specific its gap is a problem too and it doesnt scale, it also offers no shielding from aero forces.

    the home pack does contain a part called recon module its actually almost perfect for what im looking for but it has a gap in the ramp as well and it doesnt scale. also the door opens to the side which isnt great if you want to attach radial thrusters or legs, opening to the top would be better

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  7. It actually looks like you have plenty of lift. I know for certain two SABRE Ms will carry at least 115 tons into orbit. (Ship and payload). Without going into the ins and out of ascent profiles, the one single thing you can do differently is to simply bring the nose down, and trade altitude for speed. Don't sweat the fuel consumption. It's still a pittance next to rocket motors firing.

    As the air thins high up, the engines will starve for air when going too slow. Descending into slightly thicker atmosphere, and increasing the airflow into the SABREs solves your woes. As you speed up and then begin to climb again, you'll find that the engines are kicking out more thrust at the same altitude than before. The SABREs will get you up to about Mach 5.3, and up to 35k or better in altitude, before you switch them to closed cycle.

    this is the case when it works with my lighter craft my problem is that when i gain speed i cant climb out fast enough

  8. So... You want this for your lander? :)

    I'm trying to imagine what you're thinking of, and if you couldn't do the same thing with IR and some creative girdering, or cargo-baying.

    BTW, I'm not trying to shut you down or devalue your request, just thinking if your design requirements can be met with existing technology.

    You want to be able to build your lander as a vertical stack, with engines, tanks and heatshields on the bottom, the rover bay/ramp, and then the control pod/science stuff/non-landing-specific parts on top? Hmmm...

    the hangar mod is a bag of holding thats what i DONT want.

    this is what i want, except the doors are ramps


  9. i want a ramp that acts as housing for a rover. ideally i should be able to have the rover in the middle of the whole lander so that i can have things under it like an engine/heat shield this way i dont have to attach anything under the rover and i dont have to have the heat shield on top either so that i dont have to do a flip pre landing.

    there's a mod that i was recommended called hangars but the dev uses it as a spawn point, he also crams a bunch of unnecessary things onto it (fuel,electrical) the whole thing winds up weighing 3 times the size of my rover and many times it doesnt even fit it, due to his "realism" simulator.

    it should just be a ramp that acts as housing for launch purposes and has attachment points on the top bottom and insides, NOTHING else to complicate it. i should be able to control the size of the payload and i dont have code telling me "what fits"

  10. so ive been wondering about how to properly use these things, i cant use chutes because i have a heavy plane that while flying the chutes burn off (deadly reentry) because i cant climb fast enough/gain the speed i need to climb to avoid the heat forces. the plane itself flies fine so i dont think this scenario can be avoided.

    i want to use the brake flaps that come with b9 as well as the spoiler tweakable, this leads to a few questions (using far just to be clear)

    where should i place these? top/bottom/ or both sides of the wings?

    should i make them take up as much free surface area as possible?

    am i correct in assuming that the spoiler tweakable can be used for braking?

  11. Looks like it might depend on what you want to do with the asteroid. Hollow it out and turn it into a large configurable storage tank, use ART. Mine it out with a high mass:resource efficiency, use Regolith. :)

    Can't wait till its more refined, don't want to break my current save so not adding more mods to it atm.

    ok i think i get the difference.

    so art stores "finished" resource inside the asteroid processing it at a very low rate

    regolith process at a faster rate but only stores the preprocessed resource inside the asteroid, so if you want to store finished fuel youll need to bring your own tanks?

    i guess then for my purposes i would prefer regolith over art unless i decide i need to make a giant storage depo.

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