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  1. It's not dead, in fact I have the rest of the story laid out, but just need the time to work on it.
  2. A lot of players liked the elements that you've referred to, especially the slighty (and it is only slightly) junk yard aesthetic of KSP 1, myself included. Being so overly dismissive and using the language you have to convey your opinion of them is a bad look. Additionally, for someone who's being "scarred" by it, you seem to have spent an awful lot of time playing it and discussing it on these forums.
  3. But is there a green light mounted in the trunk for the appropriate radiactive glow when it's opened?
  4. Could you give some details of the vehicle that experiened this issue. For example is it two vehicles docked together and does it have some some engines disabled and others enabled? Just wanting to see if there is something in common between yours and mine, that might be problematic for the game in its current state. Breaking news... I have a workaround If I undock the vessels and re-dock them, then the "Not enough fuel to place maneuver node" issue is gone. So all is not lost for my brave crew in Eve SOI. ARRRRGH!! Spoke too soon. After undocking my lander the issue is back again. At least I'm in orbit around Gilly so can waste as much fuel as I want getting back to my transfer vehicle after landing and returning to it.
  5. Could you give some details of the vehicle that experiened this issue. For example is it two vehicles docked together and does it have some some engines disabled and others enabled? Just wanting to see if there is something in common between yours and mine, that might be problematic for the game in its current state.
  6. Agreed, this "feature" is more of a problem than it's worth and currently biting me hard. I managed to avoid getting the errant error by only disabling my Terrier engine after going to the space center and warping, but a few burns and warps later, once in Eve SOI, the issue returned and I now have a perfectly good ship, stuck there without the ability to plan maneuvers. Something else that I noticed after initially avoiding the issue around Kerbin, was that after that, the time to burn figure was much higher than it should have been (e.g. around 10 minutes instead of 2), as if the thrust of the enabled engine was much lower than it should have been (although the burn remaining bar works fine). So I suspect that the game is calculating the burn time based on my disabled Terrier and not the enabled NERV.
  7. Here's some more info and my save file for the issue reported. I won't give full repro steps as that would involve launching and docking 3 different vehicles, but a synopsis of the events leading up to the issue appearing is as follows. I launched a nuclear transfer vehicle into Kerbin orbit, then a tanker that docked with it and filled it with fuel. After that I launched a lander vehicle and docked that with the transfer vehicle, then re-entered the tanker. After that I carried out the next 4 steps, which seem to be critical. 1. Deactivate the Terrier engine on the vehicle (it's the only one in the game save) via the right click menu. 2. Go to the KSC and then to the Tracking Station. 3. Use the menu on the left to take control of the vehicle again, named "(Combined)-4" 4. Try to place a maneuver node on its orbital path and the error "Not enough fuel to place maneuver node." is displayed, even though the tanks are full and the Nerv engines are enabled. The order above of deactivating the Terrier and going to the KSC/Tracking Station is important, as switching the order of those steps results in the error not being displayed. I'm providing the save files for before and after the issues arises. The working version (before the 4 steps above are followed) and broken version (after the 4 steps) are here (save files are named "Broken" and "Working" to identify their state). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1siT9Fs03zyMfyQH8jtnqYlp4OCD7WNpH/view?usp=sharing My setup is Windows 10, 1070GTX and the version v0.1.2.0 of the game, which was modded at the time I found the issue, but I have since tried it with an unmodded install and that has the same issue. I'll see if I can repeat this behaviour starting with a new build and vehicle. ok, I couldn't repeat this with a simplified version of my description above, by docking a smaller Nerv powered vehicle and a Terrier powered one, then disabling the Terrier, followed by going through the KSC/Tracking Station to the docked ships, as this did not result in the "Not enough fuel to place maneuver node" error. So, it looks like something more specific is required for it to occur. However, I've had this occur twice with the same vehicles, in the same situation, except for location (once was around Kerbin, the other around Duna). Given that both times I was in the process of setting up an interplanetary transfer when the issue occurs, I think it's almost certain that when in Duna orbit, I also disabled the terrier on my docked vehicles, then went to the tracking Station (in order to use high warp to a transfer window), then went back to the vehicles and experienced the issue, just as happened around Kerbin today.
  8. I also had this issue with a lander that had just been detached from its transfer vehicle in orbit of Ike. The "Not enough fuel..." warning came up when I tried to place a manoeuver node, even though I had full tanks and was able to burn and alter my trajectory. After I'd landed and done a reload the problem was gone.
  9. Today... well, after a week or so of running with the v0.1.2.0 patch I think I'm going to put the game down for a while and see what it's like after the next patch, as I'm just hitting to many serious bugs to continue playing. It's a shame as (in spite of dealing with various minor issues) I've been able to venture out to multiple planets and tick them off my list of planets (re)visited, but for the last couple of days I've been fighting an unending series of major issues. These include multiple parts falling off the vehicle when it appears on the the pad, uncontrollable rolling of a large vehicle after launch, even when rigged up with a ridiculous amount of control surface area at the rear end, as well as multiple lock up's of the game (5 today). I also found that the game suddenly (from 3-4 days after installing v.0.1.20) no longer likes multi monitor setups, with the game appearing on one screen and my mouse pointer on the other, requing a semi blind trip ro the graphics settings menu to fix, each time I load. Hopefully over the next couple of patches KSP2 get bashed into a more stable shape, but until then I think I'm done, which is unfortunate as I had been thinking about starting a couple of new story series to put up in the fan art section, but I think I'll leave that until it's going to be less of a chore to make the imagery for them. I know that many are having a less problematic game experiences, and congrats to them, but it looks like I'm not as lucky. Anyway... it's not been all bad, as my team has had some nice travels since the new patch. Trip to Dres Trip to Eeloo
  10. An additional piece of information is that the issue seems to go away (at least until the next reload) when a vehicles parts are "rebuilt" after docking with a nother vehicle. This happened to me once I docked my lander with the main vehicle, after my landing on Dres.
  11. Looks like the same issue that a few of us have reported here.
  12. I am also having this issue. Reported behaviour The skybox was fine when I arrived at Dres, then after shutting down and restarting the game a few hours later, the skybox is no longer visible. It looks to me that it might be rendering it as a single sampled pixel drawn to the full skybox, as the colourof it shifts rapidly when rotating the camera and the colours shown are those common in the skybox textures (greys, blues and purples). Reloading some of my other gamesaves, I get the same missing skybox issues for all that are within Dres' SOI, but the previous ones outside it (e.g. the one for my plane change burn) are fine. When switching to the map view while in Dres SOI also shows a correct skybox. System and game specs System is is a 1070GTX (latest driver as of today), Windows 10, dual monitor setup (4k each) but only using one for the game. Game version is v0.1.2.0 and I'm get this when playing unmodded. I verified local files via Steam and uninstalled then reinstalled the game, which did not fix the issue. Game files Player log and a gamesave in Dres SOI are here. Basic repro steps Launch a vehicle, fly to within Dres SOI, save a game, then reload it. After this the skybox will appear as a single colour.
  13. I'm also experiencing this, but in my case I can also see that the resolution is also resetting to the default of the native monitor resolution (4k in my case) instead of the 1080p that I select in settings. This is in v0.1.2.0 both when moded or unmodded. Adding some information as I made changes due to another bug (skybox disappearing near Dres, that I've reported elsewhere) to my install, after which I still have this issue. The change was to nuke my install (uninstalled via Steam, made sure program files (x86) and registry entries were deleted) then reinstalled, so was able to test with a completely fresh install. After this I still experienced the issue of the Game Screen Modesetting, not getting saved. However the Resolution setting does now seem to be getting saved, which it didn't appear to be prior to reinstalling. Setup Windows 10, 1070GTX, game version, unmodded. Repro steps These work either from a fresh install, or one already used. Start the game via Steam. From the main menu screen go to Settings>Graphics and change the Game Screen Mode setting to one not currently used. Go back to the main menu and Exit the game. Restart the game, go to the Settings>Graphics menu and notice that the Game Screen Mode setting is not correct for the change made in step 2.
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