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  1. Just in case anybody wants to use this instead of the new version with all those nonsense dependencies: this stil works for me in the current version of the game.
  2. Is ist possible that the game doesn't care about frequencies when determining the ranges? It seems to me it handels that aspect as if all antennas contribute to all frequencies. Here is my little test: - 1. Groundstation (the only one) KSC at freq. 1 - 2. Vessel 1 on runway with RA-2 at freq. 1 and communotron 16 at freq. 0 - 3. Vessel 2 28Mm up in orbit with communotron 16 at freq 0 Result: a connection. That looks like the RA-2 is helping the communotron "a fair bit".
  3. Open persistent.sfs, navigate to ROSTER{}, Copy the KERBAL{} node containing the kerbal you want over to your new game.
  4. Hi I got a quick question: Is it normal to not have to use any relay capable antennas?! In this picture the craft on the dark side of the mun only has a normal communotron wich is then "relayed" via a 88 above or below the mun and then from kerbins pole via a nother 88 to a keo relay (the only antenna in this path that actually is a relay capable antenna) wich bounces the signal to the ksc... I always thought I had to use relays. Edit: This is in sandbox. In career it seems to need a relay?! I'm confused. Is there documentation to watch or read?
  5. If it really bothers you you can always edit the settings file for x-science and add a textfilter for it so it'll never show again!
  6. I am sure it got something to do with a mod. I cleaned my game and my savegame and now it's gone. Mods I kicked: - Planet Shine - Distant object enhancement - Eve - SVE -Scatterer - Texture Replacer Must have been one of those I guess. But I'm really not in the mood for troubleshooting I took my science reports and progress and injected it into a new savegame and moved on.
  7. Maybe this is the right place to ask: I got all the science from Kerbin. EXEPT a set of "landed" based science from a place called "kerbin's launchpad FX". It's got to be a mini-biome since there is no flying (etc.) science. But I checked each new launchsite, the whole KSC, everything. I really don't know where the mod got the idea from that there was such a thing as a "kerbin's launchpad FX". I really do want to know if there is such a thing.
  8. X-Science tells me I'm missing reports on "landed at kerbin's launchpad FX". I've been everywhere. On each Pad, each new launchsite... I can'T find it. :S
  9. The "Badass" suits from the making history expansion are upside-down. Looks like the kerbels been on a flea market
  10. Yes got it all from the Github and it also works just fine. Just tells me the core is missing.
  11. Is there a reason its not "synchronised" with the terrain height? Its telling me its missing the "paralax core" when loading the game.
  12. It did work. And beeing able to filter that way will help me alot in the Future I think! Thank you verry much.
  13. Ah that was helpful. Didn't know MM stores its reports there. But I stil got my problem. It says the warning is about the second :HAS, so I' tried this approach: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter],#antennaType[INTERNAL]]:FINAL { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} } didn't work. Now there is no warning, But my patch also doesn't work anymore. The original patch @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter]]:HAS[#antennaType[INTERNAL]] { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} } does work. It only says: [WRN 21:53:31.364] more than one :HAS tag detected, ignoring all but the first: /Axel/@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter]]:HAS[#antennaType[INTERNAL]]:FINAL I guess its a syntax problem. And I really don't know how to phrase it otherwise :S
  14. It just states "1 warning" behind the number of patches that its applying in the loadscreen. I dumped everything to a file but couldn't find anything relating to a warning.
  15. Thank you. I gave it a shot. It stil throws that warning, but also: stil works as intended. I'm confused.
  16. Can anybody tell me why this throws a "warning"?!: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter]]:HAS[@antennaType[INTERNAL]] { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} } I just added this to my patch collection and now MM throws me a warning while loading. But it seems to work as intended...
  17. I got a noob question: If I make contact via two direct antennas at frequency 0 can I then forward the signal using a relay to ground/relay connection at another frequency? Or do I need to have relays all the way down the connection path?
  18. Is there a way to use somethin like this: to disallow modules from showing up in the mechjeb window? I really don't use all of its features an I'd like to declutter my UI. I googled how to prune or disable modules but that only lead me to dead and deleted threads. Any hint would be appreciated. =) Edit: I managed to do it: Just in case anybody else has the same problem
  19. Just wanted to step by to say: one of my must have mods. I really do love it! It adds so much to the game.
  20. Does this recognice the new launch sites? Stil using the old one since it works for me. Only the new launch sites are not detected by the "here and now" window.
  21. Is this a "good" idea, or will it cause troubles? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleKerbNetAccess]]:NEEDS[SCANsat] { !MODULE[ModuleKerbNetAccess] {} }
  22. Havent used my acc for ages. Just signed in to say: This is perfect! I'm a minimalist when it comes to mods and I really do like the fact that I can just use clouds and nothing more! Works just fine in KSP 1.12.something! Thank you
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