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  1. QUARTIX Tech Tree updated to 3.6 - Changelog 3.6 moved Ground Anchor to composites (engineering branch) composites Node can be researched from specialisedConstruction OR specialisedEngineering differentialVolumeContainment only needs one previous node to unlock advancedMotors only needs one previous node to unlock
  2. Updated to allow for some of the parts to be stored in cargo containers.
  3. Updated to version 3.15 Changelog 3.15 Kerbalism parts now can be manipulated in EVA, and the smaller parts can be stored in cargo containers
  4. So, working up my current Quartix save, I think that the Ground Anchor works better in the engineering branch with the Ground Tether rather than in the Construction branch with the docking ports. This means it is a more natural progression with landing legs in the Engineering branch and would be in the same node as the Grabber. I also think that i may allow a cross from the construction to engineering branch to potentially skip the landing legs if you want. So that will be a Quartix only update to 3.5.
  5. You're talking about the basic report for probes? That is renamed as TITE. In any of my tech trees you get acess to it at tier1 i think - not the start, or stayputnik can't do it.
  6. #shamelessplug AngleCanProgression. Only World First Contracts which are needed to upgrade the facilities and purchase new kerbals. Progression Plus adds in cost of resources such as fuel, but not the parts themselves.
  7. I actually quite like this. Science and new tech could be implicated by this as well.
  8. Ya canneo' change the laws of physics! Unless you are a startrek writer in which case the you never let physics get in the way of a story. or... you are incredibly talented coders. Thank you for another happy update!
  9. Hi everyone, In the screen grab posted to discord from the Dev video the other day, this picture has the file name of SneekPeak_Hole.png. Is it just me, the perspective or what, but it looks like caves could be a thing? Peace.
  10. Great idea for a mod. Looking forward to giving it a go. So, I assume the funding ceiling affect the ability to upgrade buildings at the KSC? I wonder how this would work with AngleCan Progression Plus. Or whether anyone would want to play with both at the same time - the only cost in these is fuel and there is no income stream apart from World Firsts. Awesome work. Congrats on the release.
  11. Updated to 3.14 Tripled Magnetometer science
  12. I'm looking at tripling the science from the magnometer. I usually play half science (on one of my trees) and the later location of the magneometer doesn't seem to make it enough to justify the cost of sending it interplanetary to unlock nodes (on QUARTIX it takes 240 to unlock, so visiting Mun, Minmus and Kerbin over for half a year to gain around 85 science makes no sense (14 days per experiment). so tripling it I don't think makes it OP compared to the crew report and EVA report as it takes so long to complete. In effect it pays for itself in the Kerbin system (with 50% science).
  13. Not yet... but it will be soon. @Dakota maybe troll us next time by saying download will be available by 11.59pm on a date... Samoa Standard Time Time zone in American Samoa (GMT-11)
  14. Fixed in 3.32 update. Thank you! Also, all three have been updated to include the inline parachutes with SIMPLEX Station Parts, and also WaterDrinker prop engines. Peace.
  15. Update was 6 weeks post 'this evening'. Added in the inline parachutes.
  16. Fixed. Updated! Thank you!
  17. Yup. Yup. When i get a chance I'll sort it. Maybe even this weekend RL permitting
  18. Download from Spacedock. Many many many are there and they are downloadable for manual install. Almost all require Module Manager which is a .dll. This is downloadable in itself from Github but some mods have it as part of their download.
  19. Ah. An obvious place in hindsight. Did the stumble settings edit work?
  20. Where are the stumble settings to be found? Asking for a friend.
  21. The real nasty one would be to set it to consume EC, with an RTG next door. Again, i like the idea. So thank you! Nice work.
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