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  1. The original idea of an organised harassment campaign is a spectacularly bad one - as in, maybe we should confine ourselves to ideas that aren't _illegal_ - but this is just hopelessly optimistic. Consider the tremendous efforts made to avert the _City of Heroes_ shutdown in 2012 and then to get the IP released - forget calling local newspapers (as if they even know or care what KSP is) and obscure youtubers, they had best-selling authors coming out of the woodwork to say "hi, I'm Mercedes Lackey, I play this game, and this is a terrible idea". These efforts achieved nothing whatsoever; the game shut down on schedule and when it came back in 2019 it was for unrelated reasons.
  2. If you have another misconception, please just _say_ what it is. I'm not going to try and correct errors if I have to squeeze them out of you one word at a time.
  3. And that is completely wrong. The companies doing "AI" scrape the Web in a perfectly ordinary way, no more likely to cause performance issues than Google indexing the site. They don't, as you seem to imagine, do it reactively at huge speed in response to queries.
  4. While I wouldn't suggest relying on it alone, the Wayback Machine seems to have a largely complete archive of the forums - indeed, this 2-hour-old thread is in it. Of course, it's read-only, but someone looking to resurrect the forums could get almost all of them back from that.
  5. Not really, no. All kinds of things - search engines, the Wayback Machine, individual humans running wget - crawl websites to make complete copies of them. "AI" is a horrible blight but the crawlers that run on its behalf are not a new idea at all.
  6. Can you describe to us how it used to work? Because as far as I can tell no-one, not even the maintainer, knows what it did or what it's meant to do.
  7. The distinction between options 2 and 3 is not immediately obvious to me.
  8. Good timing, I finally got around to updating the scoreboard for @Ianwubby's impressive achievement. Bouncy, albeit rather alarmingly disconnected. How's the docking port work? I infer it's used in conjunction with holding prograde, but that only seems to give you some kind of pitch control.
  9. OK, I've watched all three timelapses. It must have been exasperating to clobber the Minmus landing module with the command module like that. Given the lack of life support considerations, I'm surprised you did rove in the dark rather than waiting for the dawn. Last question - these are all stock? I didn't see what looked like any modded parts. I'm going to have to nip this one in the bud and say that this is definitely not permitted. Sorry.
  10. If I read the thread correctly, you've only got about 200km from the start, and this doesn't sound like too drastic a modification, so I think I'm OK with it (although I look forward to seeing the new craft). I am finally back home and can catch up on some of these timelapses.
  11. Excellent. I'm in another country, but I'm back inside the week and I shall get you on the scoreboard as soon as possible - and, unless I'm mistaken, congratulations on the first sea bottom circumnavigation.
  12. Marvellous, I was hoping this would turn up. It certainly qualifies as "sea". I'll watch it when I have time and update the scoreboard.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that, it's nice to have your reports to read. I'll get this on the scoreboard when I have a minute.
  14. Put Bop on the scoreboard; a report I particularly enjoyed, a reminder that low-G roving isn't always easy.
  15. That would be best - and I'd at least encourage you to think about Laythe, having as many threads available as possible is useful for other circumnavigators. If there comes a point again where it's not just you and me...
  16. I didn't have Breaking Ground installed at the time; apparently I own it by virtue of having bought KSP in the pre-Steam days. Kerbal Foundries wheels use a different wheel physics model, KSPWheel. They do have a maximum speed, but not in a helpful way; they break if they are run too fast for too long. They don't provide torque at that speed, so they won't break themselves, but you have to watch it downhill. I used a kOS script to brake as necessary. However, it's the physics model that comes to mind - earlier Tylo circumnavigators noted weird glitches that just shoved them up into the sky, and I had none of that.
  17. Added @king of nowhere's Tylo to the scoreboard. I found it was a pretty interesting read, quite different from my experience of Tylo other than it being an excessively long way. I wonder if that's down to Kerbal Foundries versus stock wheels? I've also been fixing the old links and putting in the old challenge administrators' comments... at a glacial pace, but eventually I hope the first post will be more use to would-be circumnavigators.
  18. I'm reading this Tylo now. You seem to have been a little faster than me - my rover capped out around 43 m/s, and of course I shun quickloading on the surface - but it's still a long way, and for whatever reason my Mk VII was very stable on Tylo where you seem to have had more trouble roving. (I was worried about random pinging up into the sky earlier circumnavigators had reported, but had no issues - maybe you did?) The idea of landing mostly manually by a procedure like "I started from roughly 4 km altitude and am angling the thrust upwards to keep vertical speed (Vel. ascesa in the italian interface) between 40 and 50 m/s" - is interesting. I experimented on the Mk II with a camera boom (to look down at the landscape like your cupola) but I found it would inevitably get knocked off in a roll. I also had to stop midway up one of the crater rims on Tylo for a brew-up of electricity, and I can't help but feel that I just dodged some terrible terrain by pure luck, where you had the misfortune to rove right through it. I'll add this to the scoreboard in the next few days, but for now, congratulations. Tylo is a hell of a slog.
  19. I just found https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/81420-am-i-the-first-one-to-circumnavigate-kerbin-by-land/#comment-1332409 and as such that it is possible to resurrect some (maybe most) of the forum links lost in the forumapocalypse some years ago.
  20. Nice to see more KSP2 action, and I can't help but feel the rover looks more elegant compared to even a similar design in KSP1. You write "the Elcano just took too long and required too much personal attention while running it" - I infer it was heavier going than in KSP1 - is that so, and how much? (Also marked up king's modded planet submissions as stock/modded, apologies if I've got that wrong _again_, and found that somewhere in the mists of time Sharpy's Duna thread link had been lost; restored it).
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