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  1. Just now, KasperVld said:

    We've seen this happen in a few modded installs, is yours modded? If so then please verify it also persists in a stock version of KSP. If it does, log the bug at http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com :)


    It is modded. I only assumed it was an update issue because I have not seen it before.


    Also, I have...maybe...30 mods or more? It will take me a minute to do so. I will try to find the time to do the test and report so you know, but not seeing it reported here tells me you are correct and I may just stomach it until updates are applied. Then again, I should tone down my mod count. I have other issues like sometimes being unable to attach parts in construct or a magic blue, translucent, transparent sphere taking over my screen.


    Don't worry about moving my comments to another thread. I don't intend on making this a debug forum =)

  2. Sorry, I don't have time to sort through all the postings right now but want to get this out there:


    I think there is now a bug where the stock game's scaffolding/rocket launch supports:

    1) no longer extend to the ground and instead always stand about 20 feet tall;

    2) is separated from the ground and does not actually stabilize the unlaunched vehicle;

    3) cannot be staged and does not show up as a stage.

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