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  1. My issue is when I launch, in the TAC window, it shows the vehicle in pre-launch and won't show the kerbal consuming oxy, food, etc. When I click on the kerbal viewer in the TAC window, the time the kerbal consumption was last reported in that window keeps climbing and it never tells me how many supplies there are, at what rate they are being consumed, etc. It only shows remaining power and it is a negative number of minutes that keeps climbing into the negatives (-3 min, - 4 min, etc). I made it into orbit and sped up for a while but consumption never seemed to kick in. 

    The TAC window open while building works fine and shows how many supplies and expected consumption rates. 

    Know of a general cause? 

    Pictures HERE


    Just tested with fresh new games still with all my mods and the problem persists. It is probably a bug with a mod but honestly if it isn't a simple fix, I'm not gonna play for a bit. Put 1000 hours into the game, this was just to be a project now but sad about the problem.

    BUT it isn't your fault. I love the mod! Thanks for all the help.

  2. I will try the suggested, thank you. Here are the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/w6AIhB7

    You will see examples of the ability to transfer inter/intra and examples of my inability to transfer liq/oxy.


    Hot tooty fruity! I love you guys. The selection was enabled. Never understood what it meant and I always try to play hard/custom settings without paying attention to that.


    Thank you and thanks for being so fast!!!

  3. Hey there! 

    I am able to Alt Transfer pretty much (that I can see) every resource, from food to monopro, except liquid fuel/oxy. When I select the tanks with Alt click, the in/out option doesn't show. I've tested this in many different situations, from docking intra-ship transfer to inter-ship transfer, but all for naught. 

    Do you know what it might be? I'm sure you want some kind of info from my game. What do you need and how do I get it? I can't find general instructions anywhere.


    Thank you!

  4. 10 hours ago, Paul Kingtiger said:

    You can transfer resource using the stock KSP method.  Right click the first part, then hold [alt] and right click the second part, the UI will then include buttons to pump fuel in or out.

    I re-tested. Looks like my game is glitched. It works for monopro but no liquid fuel/oxy. Gotta figure out how to submit that bug... Ugh


    Sorry for the trouble.


    Solved. A selection the game mode settings prevented manual fuel transfer. In case someone comes across the issue, I want to post the link to that forum post here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181552-cannot-transfer-fuel/

    I hope that doesn't violate rules. Thank you, again!

  5. On 1/16/2019 at 2:14 AM, Paul Kingtiger said:

    I'm looking into this issue at the moment, I think I know what's causing it and hopefully should have it fixed for the next release.

    There is a 2.5m to 1.875m tapered fairing that will take the 5 bay core, but nothing in that size for cylindrical storage.  We know it is a highly requested part though and will aim to get it released as a high priority.

    Thank you!


    Hey I have another question. I can't figure out how to transfer resources, like water from one tank to another; useful for if I plan on reusing a lander that needs TAC Life support resources through your mod.


    Perhaps I forgot how to transfer things generally in Kerbal and it's as simple as that but I think I'm lost.


    Thanks again!


    I tested it. It is still selecting with Alt, but I found the problem.

    I can transfer to/from the radial tanks, but not the US interior tanks (neither between those tanks or to/from those tanks to a radial).

  6. Thank you for the quick response!

    So there isn't a replacement or workaround right? It simply just isn't ready and 1.875 diameter storage isn't an option for the time being? I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.



    Just realized that was a dumb question. I guess I'm just concerned because I started a science mode game and am nervous once 1.875 is added it won't work or something but I bet it will.


    Thank you for the amazing mod, and I love the revised version, btw.


  7. I have looked everywhere and only find answers that require scripts so I wanted to ask here...

    My kerbals were lost after running out of supplies and becoming tourists. Once they respawned, they remained tourists. I even tried putting them in a craft with supplies on the launching pad and they still remain tourists.

    How do I reset them to their original status? I am concerned this would happen on a trip and I could do nothing about it, even after providing supplies subsequently.

    Perhaps it is not a bug but that something needs to happen in game? I couldn't find what to do and am still looking.





    The kerbal I put in a pod with food then recalled is now back to her normal pilot self...but the kerbal I did nothing with is still a tourist.

    Seems like a bug that needs fixing because it would be unreasonable to do this with every kerbal who enters tourist mode, so please let me know if I missed something. Thank you!

  8. Googled and looked in the forums, then search appdata etc...I can't find a log file. Could you please advise.


    Could it be the "app.info" file in KSP-x64-Data?


    As to the other question:

    One engine is the Bearcat SLS-250 from NovaPunch: 

    Another is the RMA-3 Orbital Achievement Device also from NovaPunch.


    I am starting to see a pattern. I will try reinstalling that mod.

    Also, reading the forum on NovaPunch, others are seeing the issue.


    I think I pinned it. Conveniently, looks like you might be updating this mod. Is that still going swimmingly? Could you post a link to the forum you would like me to ask that question in instead? Thank you!


    And thank you for taking on the project. I really like this mod so I'm glad you are happy to carry the torch.




    Using your Beta of NovaPunch...no plummage issues. Flame looks beautiful. I will stay caught up on that mod. Wish I knew enough script to help out.

  9. Hey there!

    Some of the motors in my modded game only show ambient lighting, not the primary flame from the different motors. Really, it's just an annoying bright light filling the area without actual visuals. What is causing this? I can't figure out if it is the game or a mod and which it would be. 

    No error is coming up so I don't know what i can post to help you find the problem. Please let me know. 

    Thank you!

  10. 1 minute ago, voicey99 said:

    Hab timers can be frozen/reversed with the Colonisation Module (and colony supplies) and kerbals brought out of hab-induced grump with the Medbay, both of which are from MKS. Hab timers can be reset by switching vessels, and are shared between vessels within 150m. However, there is an ultimate cap of the Home value, which works like Hab but can only ever tick down from the longest amount of hab ever experienced by the kerbal - I think the Colonisation Module freezes/reverses this as well.

    Habitation timers over 50yrs become permanent, so you could either give them 50yrs of hab (requires a lot of stuff) or dock with a big station in orbit to get their home value to permanent to get around this (there is a hardcoded exception so you can't do this on the pad!).

    Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Urses said:

    You are right! On KSC Screen you have the options there. And in-flight mode or VAB/SPH you have the LS-Functionality. The speciality is in VAB/SPH you see more max. stats for the vehicle with added crew by you or maximal supported crew. In flight you see the actual stats. Like if you take supplies for 10 days and greenhouses with fertiliser for 1 year you see in VAB 1year but in flight only 10 days.  Don't be confused by it. And don't forget to activate LS and habitation modules.

    Funny Kabooms 


    Will do, thank you. Now I just need to digest what I was told above about habitat so I can be sure not to run into trouble on a long mission.

    40 minutes ago, voicey99 said:

    Habitat is how long kerbals can be left in the ship before they go nuts. Each seat on the vessel adds one kerbal-month (30d) of habitation time which, when multiplied by the default multiplier of 0.25, gives 7.5d of time per seat distributed among your kerbals. Other parts add bonus kerbalmonths (with a 1x multiplier), letting you extend the timer for much longer than without them. MKS adds more parts for bonus hab as well as hab multipliers.

    You can set up USI-LS to have permadeath as well (default is just grumpy mode, they can also be set to have no effect, mutiny (destroy a part before grumping), MIA and KIA). Using a good recycler and bringing supplies and fertiliser+a greenhouse can massively reduce the weight you have to carry, though habitation superstructure can add a lot of weight but makes your ships look less like a tin can and more like an actual spaceship.

    Kerbalism is pretty brutal with lot of considerations, and is incompatible with MKS thanks to how it screws around with background resource processing.

    Can you regenerate habitat or is it always an issue of habitat being a capped duration that I have to fly under?

    Regenerate, for lack of a better term, in the same manner you create food and recycle for mulch, etc.

  12. 2 minutes ago, RoverDude said:

    Correct - click the green cube when at the space center scene.  Lots of wheels and dials.

    Good to know. Just to put it out there in case there is an issue with my copy...I remember clicking on that green cube in vehicle construction and on the launch pad. I don't recall whether I pressed it when at the base overview. Nonetheless, I don't remember the window showing anything other than life support stats. 

    I bet I need to press it and adjust settings when I am at the base overview and probably had not done so.

  13. 1 minute ago, RoverDude said:

    Bear in mind USI-LS also has support for perma-death.  So if that's what is holding you back, it's worth reconsidering :)

    This is fantastic! I assume the adjustments can be made in-game/in-mod via mod button. Too bad I'm at work. I will do that later. I spent 3 hours setting up my mods last night so I love the idea of just sticking with it and simply adjusting the settings. Very very cool.

    There are absolutely enough parts to make it fun and viable, and I guess I am used to stacking lots of parts because of TAC, so I don't need 5 separate storage bins for food and water in the same way I did for TAC when doing near kerb missions, assuming I am using deepfreeze and/or a moderate self-sustaining setup.


    Thanks gentlemen! I think I am set. Still taking a gander at any other mods I might want to use. I only have 27 mods installed =P

  14. This mod looks stellar (or..interstellar! baaaazing)

    I have played with TAC for years and feel USI is too simple. However, I love MKS from Umbral Space Tech for base creation, etc. Is this mod yet compatible directly with that base creation mod? Is there anything I need to know in that regard?

    I am still scowering your forum here but don't see relevant posts so wanted to ask sooner rather than later so I can play tonight.


    Thanks in advance!

  15. 6 minutes ago, voicey99 said:

    It does render the kerbitats useless, since they are geared to provide USI-LS habitation effects rather than anything TAC uses. You could install USI-LS alongside TAC-LS and disable everything but the habitation effects to use that.

    I might poke around on that and see. Admittedly, I can't figure out the purpose of habitat since it is measured in duration and doesn't seem to change. But to be fair, I have only poked on the launch pad to see the difference, if any.

    The real reasons I am interested in TAC over USI is I want the perma death (less so) and want not huge containers for supply and feel TAC gives you more variety on loadout. I can still try deepfreeze, which is cool.

    I am looking at kerbalism too. Seems like a cool mod.

  16. 1 minute ago, voicey99 said:

    MKS has a TAC-LS patch and, although it is not officially supported, is kept reasonably up to date by other contributors. MKS is much more optimised for USI-LS than TAC, but it can be used with either to produce food and other resources.

    Thank you. I like the idea of perma death and so long as the patch works well enough I don't run into redundancy or parts that cannot be used, that would be great. I will take a look.

  17. Life Support Question:

    I realize this mod integrates incredibly well with USI Life Support. I am just getting back into Kerbal and a couple years ago, I used TAC Life Support. I would like to keep using TAC.

    Will I have integration issues, primarily when it comes to making a self-sufficient base, growing food, and dealing with waste? Or will this mod's food production not product TAC style food and water, etc.?



  18. Thank you, I will give it a shot in a hot minute!!!



    Bugging now with a black load screen; no game load. Had this problem when I recently improperly installed a mod so I will play around to see if it is user error. Just a heads up.



    Fresh add of mod. All works. It was the USI Tools and FX packet. Thank you so much!

  19. Hey there!

    I have an issue.

    I loaded this and many other mods a week ago. Many of the planet habitation parts showed and it was fine, but I bugged out my game and how to reload. I reloaded this and other mods, and although some power parts, rover parts, and the USI manual show, I see no habitation parts. I have TAC Life Support installed, EVE, Extrasolar, and DwarfPlanetsPlus.


    Ultimately...many of the parts seem to not be showing up in the shops; primarily habitation and support parts.

    Is there something I need to activate or am I missing something? If you think its a bug, let me know what you need from me.


    Thanks for this amazing mod!



    Just a heads up, I recall the bug that originally stopped USI from showing those parts came about after I added other USI mods to the game, like exploration and the rover. Doesn't help explain why it wouldn't show up after a fresh reinstall, but just so you know.

  20. 13 minutes ago, sal_vager said:

    Hi, the source code for KSP is not public, KSP is not an open source game, to gain access you would have to be hired as a developer.

    But to learn about making your own c# plugins for KSP you might like the addons section, especially plugin development and support, where I'm sure the members of KSP's vibrant modding scene will be able to help you.

    Thank you to both of you!

    I hope to simply address my two little curiosities and this should be enough. I will look around.


    And so everyone is clear, I had no intention of breaking the EULA. I did not realize the code was private.

  21. Hey there! Sorry if this is the wrong area, but I really have little idea where else to put it.

    I am teaching myself Unity and C# for my only selfish purposes. That being said, I thought it would be awesome to see the source code for Kerbal since, with1000's of hours of gameplay, I feel fairly familiar with what is what and would like to see it drafted in C#.

    Again, it is likely also due to my noobishness with C# and Unity, but how do I go about looking at the source code for Kerbal or is this even possible?

    If it is not possible, what do modders look at and where do I find that code so I can still get a good idea?


    Just fyi, I am interested in how variables are used, and even more so, organization of massive code.



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