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  1. Alright, this has gone on long enough. Time for my special attack. Here goes nothin' ... Yeah, that's right. It's literally nothing. I know I can't beat you. And one of your turns, you're just gonna kill me. So, uh, I've decided it's never gonna be your turn, ever. I'm just gonna keep having my turn until you give up, even if it means we have to stand here until the end of time. Capiche? ... Yeah yeah this isn't my quote. Whatever. Anyway, I know how you work. I can see it in you. It's not determination, but it seems to be similar in function. Several breaks in the timeline just seem to randomly happen, and I bet I know who's responsible. You've got some nerve, you know that? ... I've seen how this game ends. You'll eventually do everything there is to do. See every line of text, collect every bit of science, go to every moon or planet thing out there, and then what? You'll do it over and over again, just for "fun". It's not like you'll ever be satisfied, so why persevere? ... You've got some patience, I'll give you that. But I gotta wonder... Why? You can just go back right now, and I wont remember any of this. It's not like I can stop you or anything. I can't control that kind of stuff, so I can't beat you, but you can't beat me either. If worse comes to worse, which I hope doesn't happen, I can terminate this timeline for good. Maybe I can't move along it or control how it works, but I can get rid of it ... I don't know. I'll never be able to understand you. You're a strange being, you know that? You don't really make any sense. I don't even know if you understand any of this, so I'll do the one thing I elected to do. We're gonna stand here forever, either until you leave here, or the universe ends. Whichever comes last
  2. When you're the only one to get an obscure Empire Strike Back In the middle of a college cinema I am not making this up
  3. Names that start with T always sound cool. How about Tambor, Thresher, or Triton? |This is a thing I'm doing|
  4. Nintendo has never been about the common convention. A good chunk of the gaming community enjoys consoles like Playstation and Xbox, but for different reasons than why people like Nintendo stuff. Playstation and Xbox are entertainment systems; they play games, yes, but do other things, such as browse the internet, and stream videos. Nintendo consoles have been more strictly about gaming, but you can't really evolve when focusing solely on gaming as your form of entertainment. What's the point of just getting better hardware every time you release a new console? It might be profitable and may work, but there's just no "challenge" in it. There have already been numerous complaints like that against Playstation and Xbox, for the reason "being too samey". I can certainly see why to. I have no interest in getting the newest of them because I just don't see any large improvements from console to console. Nintendo doesn't stick to the same stuff for this very reason; they don't want everything to just feel like recycled content, which is both why they do gimmicky stuff sometimes [because who knows, it might be amazing], and why they have very strict quality control. Weird? Unconventional. Just like the Bf109 fighter from Germany, it's not bringing anything new to the table, but it's trying all of the traditional things in a brand new way which requires the use of "weird" hardware. This is actually the first Nintendo system that hasn't introduced something new to the gaming community since the N64
  5. For single player, perhaps, but the console part serves more purpose than just connecting the display to a TV. If it uses rechargeable batteries, you don't have to turn it off every time the battery gets low. This would be a bit more of an issue if the batteries didn't last that long, and that's be a good point to make, but it remains to be seen. Also for multiplayer, you wouldn't have to huddle around the small screen, and would be able to see more clearly on a TV. Esports also need this You're also not paying for either a console, or handheld. You're paying for the option of both whenever you want, which may not be what you want, but the majority of people do. I do agree that under a lot of circumstances, the option to buy them separately depending on your own needs or wants is the better option, but I can understand them combining the two. It would take too many resources that they don't have to make them separate and individually developed again, and it's not like the act of combining them is strictly a bad thing, just that parts of the idea would appeal to parts of people's wants, rather than all of them at the same time. I actually don't even know if that's possible. I can see the argument though
  6. This is exactly the reason why I can easily understand and excuse their delay until March of next year. They have to make sure they do it right the first time, because there's likely not gonna be a second time. It does look like a great console though. It's simple, versatile, and looks convenient to use
  7. It's likely not going to be a requirement for anything, but just an additional controller for either multiplayer or if it's wanted [to not risk one of the halves randomly coming off of the controller base]
  8. You shouldn't be really expecting this thing to be cheap. I can't see it costing less than 250, and that's really going on the lower end of the estimates. The design of the games is also going to have to be compatible with both home mode and portable mode
  9. There's certainly an argument to be made about this, but I feel like the whole motion control thing kind of had it's fame already, and only really works when in compliment with some of the other new innovations in gaming, rather than by itself. Going with the more simple and traditional methods is certainly nothing bad, but doesn't necessarily mark a step back in development. If it proves to be as versatile of a console as advertised, and has plenty of games to play that can work both while at home and while mobile, that would more than make up for it for me
  10. The new Nintendo console, previously known as NX, is now known officially as the Nintendo Switch. The reveal came out literally like 2 hours ago, and here it is: As a lot of you may know, Nintendo suffered a crippling blow with the Wii U, mostly due to lack of third party support, lack of marketing, complex console design, and really just bad business choices. Because of the absolutely massive economic loss Nintendo endured, they had no other choice but to buckle down and figure out a way to bring in the next generation of gaming, while fixing the issues reported with the Wii U. It's refreshing to see them taking and implementing feedback from the community That aside though, this was the result of their efforts. The Switch is a next generation gaming console aimed at proving a quality gaming experience anywhere, as it is both a home and handheld console. There are some facts, as well as some inferences that can be made from watching the reveal. First off though, the facts: As it is right now, the Switch will be both a home and handheld. The raised a lot of questions in the community that Nintendo has raised as to how it can handle performance and graphical transitions upon switching [get it?], especially midgame. Well, Nintendo has never really been about raw power. Good games don't need the fastest processing power to be able to operate, though it does place limits on what you can do with the console. Power will be up in the air for a bit longer until some experts can get their hands on this and see for themselves, but we do know that graphics are covered. The Switch will be powered by a completely custom designed Nvidia Tegra, which are among the best performing graphics cards in the entire world. This should cover the kind of games expecting to be seen Now for the inferences. From looking at the video, the Switch seems to have a pretty simple, yet pretty in-depth design. It doesn't seem like it's bringing anything particularly revolutionary to the table, but rather is combining the ingredients in ways that no one has before. It's a very interesting design, and looks extremely versatile, first off being both home and handheld, but also by all the little tricks seen in the video. It appears as though there is going to be a proper controller for home use, but it wont strictly be required, as the little half-controller things on the sides can be their own controllers, and be mounted onto a controller body for use as a proper controller. You also have them likely being used for multiplayer in games that are designed for it, which might be a challenge in game development, but not impossible. Showing off all these little things is one thing, but for the first video, they did a very decent job at showing it off, and I would be content if their marketing was as decent as this. Nothing amazing required Of course though, a game console can only really be as successful as the games it plays. For the Switch, it seems like it could be starting off strong with a new Splatoon, though it could just be a port in the video. A new Mario title is always a good thing; never hurts, and maybe some new ones thrown in there. If Nintendo can secure some third party support and have a nice flow of new games every now and then, this could be a very high performing console. It may have the versatility, but it's all gonna depend on how it gets used. Personally, I think it has tons of potential, but I don't want to be too optimistic and say it's going to be the next big thing. I hope it is, because Nintendo is going to be dead in the water otherwise Right, now for the part where I actually try to involve those of you that reply. I wouldn't like expectations being put on this, because over-the-top and unrealistic expectations were placed on the Wii U, and with that came massive disappointment. This deserves a chance
  11. 2/10 light smirk, mostly due to the comedic mood of the stuff I'm listening to If some of the replies here got any more generic, we might have to convert them into a 'new' series mario game and release it on the newest Nintendo console
  12. Hello? ...Hello? How rude Is there a @sal_vager boss enough to salvage the Yamato?
  13. 10/10 Finally an anime that I know something about |haven't finished|
  14. Perhaps yes @Andem needs to tell jokes or else I'll get bored and leave
  15. I must break the link! Mission accomplished I can't tell if it's authentic, or just a @legoclone09 someone built
  16. Did I just get shot by someone who was dead? I must be terrible at this, aside from the savagery I displayed earlier
  17. 10/10 If I don't I feel like you'll steal my soul
  18. *Miss* What? You think I'm just gonna stand there and take it?
  19. Sans cannot exist in the same realm of existence as Jebby, since the laws of reality are different, therefore this fight cannot happen. But if we were to ignore that- Nah, I ain't got a bone to pick with anyone. It'd be a humerus fight though, even though I'd completely rib him to shreds. Kneed I say more? Uh... Yeah, what he said...
  20. It is a lot more difficult to land one on a body with no atmosphere. With an atmosphere, you can drop them down from space behind a platform with a heat shield. The size of the rover can dictate how many shields you have to use and whether or stand it up vertically or sit it flush into the platform With no atmosphere, you'll have to rig up something that can land it, making sure the center and vector of thrust is aligned with the center of mass. This gets very difficult with large and/or heavy vehicles, such as a tanker. You also have to account for delta-V, and the gravity of the body you want to land on. The debatably easiest, yet trickiest method of doing this is to build a land that can land the wheels on the surface, with brakes on, release it, and return to orbit, but this is only easy up to a certain threshold of gravity Air dropping though is the easiest way to land on something with an atmosphere, but may end up requiring someone to go down and repair wheels that might break
  21. Well I'm going to be sad for the rest of the day now. Can I at least get hugs?
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