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  1. TweakScale! Stop doing it! Now!
  2. If Westwood Studios had hired Clint Eastwood, the sun would stick motionless.
  3. Subways have hermetic pressure doors of various types.
  4. Granted. They are paid. Humans aren't. I wish for a human mind, but not emulated as usually. (To test some ideas on it.)
  5. I believe, it's just an urban legend for reasons: 1. Because when your opponent is approaching in front, you would want to have your shield (i.e. by default the left hand) at his side, while the right hand is nervously trying to pull out the sword and start waving. 2. Because first both have to put on their helmets, which are several kg heavy, and hard to breathe through. 3. Because it's important to perform all necessary rituals, like the verbal insulting, the glove (preferrably, a metal one) throwing, and other good manners. 3a. Also, a good-mannered gentleman takes off his cloak and puts it on his left hand: to use it as a shield; to unexpectedly throw it into the opponent's face and temporarily blind him, before quickly stabbing; to hide a pistol inside and quickly shoot down that jerk, while verbally demonstrating good manners, before he can pull out the sword. 4 but actually 0. Because when you are out of the city police scope, it's much better to wait him behind the trees and do a crosswind attack. 5. Because a knight is assisted by a ten of men, and the robbers rarely walk alone.
  6. Proton (UR-500) is originally an ICBM, and it was designed (like everything in OKB-52) to fit the common railroad, to be delivered to any place by rails. The first train was connecting several on-ground mine locations, it wasn't used inside the mine itself. It had to pass through several existing bridges and tunnels, which were developed for the standard single-carriage road. After measuring them, subtracting the side parts width, and calculating the widest possible gauge for that, Stephenson got the ugly standard 4' 8.5". Later in the USA, where they didn't have Roman roads (except in Latin America, lol, because kinda the Romans were there), they rounded it up to nice 5". As the first railroad in Russia was built under general management of the American engineer and his two Russian former students and assistants, and they had ordered the 5" things, which they had gotten used to, the further railroad development in Russia was following the American 5" standard, while the Europeans were ordering and copying the British things, and they were having a lot of Roman ancestry, so they still have 4' 8.5". Bad to have too much Roman ancestry.
  7. The sizes of things follow the exponent-like distribution. In the Solar System there are only five known objects, heavier than Earth, and only four wit higher freefall acceleration. So, the super-Earthes should be very rare, and almost always ice giants.
  8. Yes, the gaps were included in standard from the very beginning. Not exactly Roman, but still good. https://files.stroyinf.ru/Data2/1/4294839/4294839586.htm The train car (~3.25 m or so) is a platform width for standard rail gauge. ISO-container width is defined by the train car dimensions. Most of peasant and miner horses were tribal, small, and expendable. Draft horses are 18-steel-wheelers. Oversized - up to 4 480 mm, that's why Proton (4.1 m) and its shroud (4.3 m) can pass, and why the Shuttle payload bay is 4.6 m wide. Cars, not train cars.
  9. Floor 4353: The symposium on the ex-istence of Dres has stated, that the ex-Dres was isting.
  10. Granted. Now nobody accepts the risk of Quantas flights. I wish for an AI-powered scissors for metal.
  11. (Not mine). https://pikabu.ru/story/starfild_ocherednoy_raz_opozorilsya_a_eshchyo_govoryat_nasapank_10666683 They have external vent fans on the Moon. (After a decade of NASA consulting.)
  12. Interesting fact: a standard horse (rear part) has a width which is accurately matching a half of a standard railroad gauge (4' 8.5" for most of Western countries). As a result, it perfectly matches the standard width of a Space Shuttle payload bay. This is a perfect evidence that the horse dimensions are't random or custom, like the darwinists say. The horses have been created in strict accordance with then-future industrial standards, and this totally disproves the evolution theory.
  13. Banned for calling the brightest text color possible "hidden".
  14. Floor 4351: You realize that there is no Dres. But is a page start.
  15. When a sci-fi artist is painting an arm, extended towards the stars, he should keep in mind, that its hand was not always empty.
  16. Banned because the art you mean is called Lovecraft.
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