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  1. Thanks. I'm a little unavailable right now, but should be able to look at in in about 2 weeks
  2. I see it, not sure why it didn't work. I'll get it fixed in the next day or so
  3. I'll take a look at it in the next day or so No promises, though
  4. You probably did mess something up. Did you install by hand or with CKAN? I'm going to guess it was by hand You can try deleting all the mods, make sure that there isn't anything in the Gsmedata other than the Squad folders, ans then I stall usimgCKAN.
  5. New release, Added code to avoid errors when RPM is not installed
  6. New release, 0.4.9 Added bottom node to decoupler: shrekt Fixed position of nodes in decoupler: shrekt Fixed crash caused by missing module when using RasterPropMonitor
  7. I don't think there is a solution.This may have to do with the parts, and those aren't being worked on anymore
  8. I'll take care of it New release, Removed unnecessary debug lines which were spamming the log Updated README.md
  9. Ok, I made a quick test. I added a T30 Reliant, a T45 Swival and a Skipper. According to the initial post, the T30 and T45 do not work, the Skipper does. I attached two pictures here, the first is just the Stock engines, the second with Stock Waterfall installed. Based on this, I don't see any problem. You need to be more specific. Try reproducing what I did here and see what happens. Also, delete the files: ModuleManager.ConfigCache ModuleManager.ConfigSHA ModuleManager. Physics ModuleManager.TechTree I've never seen any issue, but I have heard of people who solved their problems with this
  10. I don't quite follow. Waterfall Core works, but adding Stock Waterfall Effects doesnt? Also, @Jeb x Valentina it would be nice if you uploaded the craft file for that, would save us time trying to replicate what you are seeing
  11. Yup. There is _some_ randomness in the stock contracts, but they are fairly limited, that's why CC was written.
  12. Ok, let's start off with the beginning. Some of what you described is a KSP bug, some may not be. I need a log file:
  13. I just did some testing. It only seems to use EC when the GUI is open, so if you close the GUI, it should stop. Can yoy check that please? Admittedly I only tested with one of the processors, but it should apply to all. If you still have an issue, please specify all the details about the vessel: Camera Installed Processors Anything else which might be using EC A log file, parts list and the vessel itself would be helpfil if you could
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