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  1. Right-click on the toolbar button Ask in that thread How did you install the mods?
  2. New release, Fixed formatting in file StationMissions/StationCoreCombined.cfg Uncommented stanza in StationMissions/StationCoreCombined.cfg to allow the KopernicusSolarPanels to be used in the contract
  3. Ummm, what file did you change to fix this? Edit: This file: StationMissions/StationCoreCombined.cfg I've fixed the file and the formatting in the file, will get an updte out soon
  4. so you have Near Future Solar installed? This is something you should ask in the Contract Configurator channel. It's in the file: StationCoreCombined.cfg It's odd, it's been working before, but you certainly have enough mods that there can be a mod conflict. Please provide the ModuleManager.configcache file for analysis
  5. I am limited to only a few hours a week, so as of now, I'm about 8 hours into the game. I do like it, as you said, it's different, so I would not call it FO4 in space. But definitely a Bethesda game. Mod support is also interesting, I'm using Nexusmods.com and Vortex to install mods. Not quite as clean as CKAN, but works.
  6. It has to do with the way the game works. When you dock, the craft disappears since it's been merged with the station, and to go back to the craft would break the laws of the universe since it needs to keep track of all vessels. Not worth it at this time to fix, just don't dock until you are done with the craft switching
  7. There is no 0x warp possible, game won't allow it. Looks like you might have accidentally deleted the Slo-Mo setting. If you want, you can add it back yourself, or just delete the file: (exit the game first) GameData\BetterTimeWarp\PluginData\BetterTimeWarp.cfg
  8. Just saw this and fixed it. The zip was there, kind of, but had failed, so github wasn't showing it. I've re-uploaded the correct zip to github It's a great parts mod. Thanks for making it
  9. Not a typo. Don't forget, this is essentially a console game ported to the pc. The controls were not well ported. For flight, I switched to using an XBox-1 Gamepad (made for pc), and it became a whole lot easier
  10. Looking forward to seeing the final mod
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the important parts the top and bottom nodes? Can't we ignore the interior and side nodes?
  12. So, the fix is to change the nodes inside the cargo bays to be the size size as the outside node (at least until some code is fixed)? Edit: I should saw, the fix is to change the nodes from size 2 to size 1? Should be possible to write a MM patch for this. Not sure how difficult it would be to write a generic patch, but there are only a limited number of parts with this problem, should be easy enough to just write a brute-force patch: All parts in Making History with bulkhead profiles of sizep5:
  13. First, no logs, no support. Second, how did you install it? Third, if you installed by hand, did you install the dependencies?
  14. So, after playing a few hours last night, my initial impressions are as follows. First, my system specs: CPU: Intel i9-13900K Memory: 64 g Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 Graphics: XFX 7900XT, with 20 g onboard memory (AMD chipset) According to Steam, I played for about 2.8 hours, but that's not fully accurate due to the crashes 1. I experienced numerous CTD, apparently related to graphics. I'm playing on an ultra-wide screen, 3440x1440 at Ultra quality, and it kept crashing in the initial into screen. I fixed that by dropping the resolution to 2440x1440 and dropping the quality to Medium. I did get a few later on, but then I figured out the next fix, which was to tell my antivirus (Kaspersky) to trust and ignore the Starfield executable and it's files. I had updated my graphics driver in the morning, but saw that there was an update late in the evening which might have helped after I installed it. 2. I suppose I'll get used to it, but flying the spaceship was wierd, kind of reminded me of Elite Dangerous, which I had played a bit many years ago. The flight controls are not like any other flight-sim I've played in recent memory. For example, the QWEASD keys are NOT pitch, roll and yaw, they are: W & S are the throttle A & D are roll pitch and yaw are similar to the mod Mouse, Aim, Flight, where you position the mouse and the ship moves in that direction 3. The gameplay was very smooth. I need to run through the tutorial again, which is really just the first few scenes 4. The two planets I've been on so far are quite detailed (in the area you are in), with some interesting critters to deal with. 5. There are many unexpected twists I'm sure the CTDs will be fixed, it was the first day, after all. Beyond that, I don't know how to compare this to FO4. It's so different than FO4. Travel between planets/stars is somewhat boring, but frankly, that's what I expect space travel to end up being I am looking forward to many hours of play, it's obvious that I haven't even scratched the surface yet
  15. New release, 6.0.2 Disabled all remaining reverences to the Blizzy toolbar in the config Thanks to github user @UltraJohn for these: When an experiment is not rerunnable, such as if it requires an engineer to reset, the experiment button in the "Here and Now" window will be color coded orange to indicate this. A new setting: "Simple Mode" that simply hides the bottom number on the experiment buttons and slightly increases the font size, for a cleaner look.
  16. GPS doesn't really make sense at those altitudes
  17. There were also two other methods to do fairings, one by Procedural Fairings, the other using Simple Adjustable fairings
  18. New release, 1.4.12 Thanks to github user @Aelfhe1m for this: Reset science experiments from DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric and Universal Storage on recovery. Also refurbish all parts wear and tear for EVA Repairs
  19. This thread is to discuss your experiences with the new game Starfield. Bug discussions are fine, but let's not focus on that. Linuxgurugamer
  20. New release, v2.4.5.2 Added toggle to swap left/right clicks (replaced the Blizzy option) Fixed toobar button colors More cleanup of old toolbar code Fixed issue of dialog locks activating when dialog was hidden (caused by a typo)
  21. Is the included version of TU exactly the same as the currently released version? I see the .version files are the same Thx
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