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  1. If I may put my two cents in on the topic, I would recommend the better method to save ksp2 and the franchise as a whole, is to raise awareness and encourage others to buy it and spread awareness. In that way, take two can see that it might be worth keeping as an active project because it can make money.
  2. question...are there plans for more of the space station-related pieces to get IVAs... just asking because the lack of a visible IVA for the Mir Core/Zvezda is...rather odd.
  3. For reference, this was entirely my fault as I was reentering at a bad angle and too steeply that the wing was destroyed (using Ferram Aerospace and Deadly Reentry)
  4. Hey, one question... does anyone know if the antennae that come in the base mod are functional with remotetech?
  5. that is a lot different to how I did it. I am building the ISS without launching parts with shuttle... so, when I finally delivered the arm (delayed as I had no idea how to deliver it), I actually created a dedicated tug for it!
  6. So, last time I installed this, I think on this version, I had a nasty texture glitch in which the names/decals would not show up as anything more than colored static. Just a headsup. No idea what was wrong.
  7. not gonna lie, I do not use this mod enough in my recent games
  8. hey, one question real quick... How are we expected to attach the struts for the S0 Truss to the Destiny module? the provided struts are too big to fit in the inventory.
  9. I am intrigued with this. Let me know if you need any assistance with testing this!
  10. That is interesting news! I am sorry to hear about your loss of data. I hope the files you have presently will be able to act as a starting point for retrieval? also, I have been working on the ISS, as you already know. but, instead of using a shuttle with your mod, as it is obviously designed for, I am using normal rockets and tugs to do the work!
  11. Thanks. I just thought I would alert you to the issue. I know it shouldn't be my install, since I just did a full reinstall of ksp1.
  12. Hello @Lil_Bread402, I found a bug that only seems to occur when your fork is installed with Habtech2... apparently, when your fork is installed, it causes the truss related ports to glitch, disallowing me from selecting them as target and/or control from here. glitch goes away when your fork is removed.
  13. hey Lisias, where should the Welded parts be showing up after telling it to weld?
  14. Your timing is impeccable. I was just needing one for my iss build... I hope this fork will work with free iva?
  15. also, would it be possible to get the Z1 SGANT boom pieces to have a config to work with Infernal Robotics, if it is installed? or can I easily switch which robotics system it works from? really not sure, and unwilling to make a try for it until I hear it from someone else here...
  16. so, question, how do I lock the Z1 Boom and antenna join in place once it is in position? I have been having issues with an exploding Z1 whenever I rendezvous with my ISS replica.
  17. Hey, I am curious, but, what do I need to do to make a given mod compatible with RO?
  18. Can is helpful in MOST instances. I do not use ksp or can on Mac, so, no idea. However, can does NOT in fact contain all mods ever written. Curseforge has some of them, as well as the ksp forum and other locations. There are various reasons why some authors choose not to have their work on can, or have their work removed (I will not go into it here as it is beyond the scope of your question). Regardless, I use a mix of both. I use can for most of my install, but manually install the rest. Ultimately, it's up to you, and depends on the mod. For mods with super complicated installations, can is the way to go (ckan will also check to ensure a specific mod you want to install does not conflict with others directly)
  19. So, how do I tell kos to run a specific script, say, a shuttle reentry script, afterthe craft is in orbit?
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