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  1. Hi all, This might be my last mod release that I do for KSP 1! It has better performance now after some fixes!. Let's pray for KSP2 now and let's hope that proper mod support is in place so that I can port all my mods without having to summon the Kraken Lord itself https://github.com/jrodrigv/OfCourseIStillLoveYou/releases/tag/v1.0.114
  2. @blackrack I think I finally have it ready:) I have created 3 different coverage cube maps for 3 different cloud layers based on the original 64k cube maps used on EVO but selecting color ranges for the different cloud altitudes. Finally adding noise mixed with patterns made the trick for creating random clusters of clouds
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I have been looking at the code to see if I could find some info of what does what and I ended up reading some papers regarding the Raymarching and Noise generation lol. And regarding the coverage map I might need your help with some doubts: - I was using a huge clouds cube map texture as coverage map - actually the one that EVO/RSSVE was using previously as the 64k 2d layer texture, and it "works" although as you mention it does not include a noise pattern as the one that you have for the stock volumetric cloud. So I was thinking to convert the 64k clouds texture to a equirectangular texture and then using Photoshop/Gimp to add some noise pattern the clouds? - I was playing with other cloud layer textures and even if they look white/black it seems the alpha channel does not seems to work as I'd expect because it projects shadows everywhere and if I use it as the upper layer then the lower cloud layers are getting shadows even if there is no clouds above. This also happens with the clouds 64k cubemap which is a green alpha.
  4. I'm working on a new RSS-EVO config for the volumetric clouds but still a lot of testing and tweaking required and to be honest you need a powerful GPU (this video has been recorded with a Ryzen 5800x3d|RTX 3080|64 GB DDR4 ). I'm using a 3 cloud layers plus mix of worley and perlin noIse, looking at the cloud types so far my favorite so far is the cirrus one, it look much more photo-realistic for RSS.
  5. I'd suggest the following. Use Kerbalkonstructs to set up static bases, buildings, road, etc where you can place all your mission vessels. You should never place them on terrain to avoid colliding when entering/easing physics range. Then disable the terrain extender option from Presettings file and set the range to something like 60-70 kms for standard air/ground warfare or if you want to test something like long range cruise missile 300 km could be enough.
  6. PRE is not really meant or support daily Kerbin operations. I would not suggest to have it active at all moments. However I suggest to use it only for specific missions or scenarios that requires to have a extended loaded range. For example been able to have a landed planed at KSC runways while flying on the island. Having PRE set to 10 kms is not really useful (would be as stock) and having PRE set to 600 km is tricky I'd only suggest that if your saved game doesn't have any satellites or things you don't want to lose.
  7. Do you have the PRE terrain extender option enabled or disabled? (You can check it on the presettings.cfg file within the mod folder)
  8. here is a example i been talking about: 


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      This is not me, and i just saw somebody

  9. You are right. Although I think laser type of weapon (non ballistic) at least in the past were working fine from orbit https://youtu.be/JveKmzM5ACg
  10. Sorry for the late replay. At this moment it only works for Hullcam but I guess it should be very difficult to add other cameras Hi all, I'm glad to announce that I have released a new version of OCISLY Changelog: Now it is possible to change Width and Height camera resolution in the settings.cfg file! Finally fixed a major bug making TweakScale to not load due to the stupid KSP loader trying to load every single assembly even it can't do it. Frameworks upgraded to .NET Fw 4.8 for mod and NET6 for streaming server and Avalonia Desktop App. Greater performance at all levels. OCISLY icon only shown during FLIGHT scene. You can download the new release from here: https://github.com/jrodrigv/OfCourseIStillLoveYou/releases/tag/v1.0.111 Enjoy!
  11. No it is not the same. BDA " Runway project" is a better and newer version forked from BDAC 2 years ago. The version released for 1.12.3 is just a maintenance release of BDAc. Yes
  12. Sorry but this is not the BDA Project Runway thread. This is the legacy BDA thread
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