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  1. Hi Mikki. Good to see you around. Happy landings!
  2. As Gargamel said above, please post on the topic at hand. Some content removed. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Some content has been removed. As has too often been the case, this discussion was taken into bickering and personal remarks. Please be civil towards each other. Please be polite to each other. Please respect one another. We know that when emotions run high it can be easy to allow that to affect how and what you post. Please try to take the time before posting to ensure that you are posting in a reasonable manner. Some off topic material was also removed. Thank you for your understanding, Forum Moderation Team
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  5. I am so doing this! I've been working on a Jool 5 design for a while now. It's almost ready, I think. Happy landings!
  6. But it was mentioned. Happy landings!
  7. Hello DanW and welcome to the forum! Your thread has been moved here from KSP2 Discussion. This is a known bug which the dev team has acknowledged they are working on. The fix is, unfortunately, not in the lastest update. Happy landings!
  8. Hello @gabcool50 and welcome to the forum! Here's a couple of biplanes I found around the forum after a quick search. Happy landings!
  9. Hello @Titan2076 and welcome to the forum! I wish you the best in making your mod. Happy landings!
  10. Because it's a game. Happy landings!
  11. Some off topic posts have been removed. Please keep the discussion within the topic at hand. Thank you for your understanding, Forum Moderation Team
  12. Some commentary has been removed. Please avoid personal remarks. Thank you for your understanding, Forum Moderation Team
  13. Some commentary has been removed. As Vanamonde said above, please keep things from getting personal. Thank you for your understanding, Forum Moderation Team
  14. This is exactly the sort of thing I would expect given the time scales we are discussing. This is a matter of frame of reference, it seems to me. KSP uses the plane of the ecliptic as the reference. I am speculating that there is no correlation between the ecliptic planes of various star systems. So, when looking at a new star system, the reference frame could be chosen based on that system's ecliptic plane. When choosing, it would purely be a matter of convenience which way you have the planets orbiting. Axes. Well, we already have axial tilt so, in theory, it would seem that these could easily be added simply by specifying their axial tilt as 180 degrees. Happy landings!
  15. And another hearty rewelcome to you! Tylo landing is one of the bigger challenges in KSP. Congratulations! Happy landings!
  16. No worries. This idea looks fun. Also, welcome to the forum!
  17. This thread has been moved from KSP2 Discussion. Forum Moderation Team
  18. Since this is a video rather than a screenshot it has been split off from the Cool Screenshots thread and since it is a tutorial it has been placed here. Forum Moderation Team
  19. Some comments have been removed. Please do not allow your discussions to devolve into personal attacks. Address the post when you reply, rather than the person who posted. And, for goodness sake, if you see something you believe is against the rules, please report it and move on. Do not reply to such posts. Thank you for your understanding, Forum Moderation Team
  20. It's all about interaction with the surface. If you don't want to land on or take off from a planet/moon or map its surface, then axial tilt can safely be ignored. I don't have an exact quote handy, but I believe they said the Kerbol system would remain mostly the same and I don't recall any specific mention of axial tilt. In any case, it's not really a large change. Take a trip from Kerbin to Minmus as an example. Imagine that Minmus' orbit has zero inclination while Kerbin has a 7 degree axial tilt. It's the exact same problem as the real case in the game where Kerbin has no axial tilt, but Minmus has 7 degrees inclination. Happy landings!
  21. In fact, Moho has 7 degrees axial tilt, Dres has 13.6, and Eeloo has 33 degrees tilt, among others. Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus have 0 axial tilt. Happy landings!
  22. Hello @Questor30 and welcome to the forum! KSP has captivated many players who love science and enjoy learning. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have. Happy landings!
  23. Check out this thread. Happy landings!
  24. The last few days have allowed me to squeeze in a bit of KSP2 time so I worked on the weekly challenge and built and moved a space station. Here's the first module, containing some fuel, some docking ports, some antennae, and a cupola for taking in the views. And here is the second module being docked to the first one. And here is the launch of the interplanetary tug. And here is the station in Duna orbit. Now all it needs is a lander. And maybe some kerbals. Happy landings!
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