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  1. Awesome! Can't wait for the next update! Do you think there will be a chance for more HQ atmospheres? Kerbin can look really ugly from low-orbit... Oh, and 1 more question: Will you make a new thread for the V6 update or will you just continue posting on this one?
  2. So, is there an ETA when the next version will be released? BTW, KittopiaTech got an update, now suports 0.90!
  3. I would like it more if you could update it once the new EVE version comes out minus the Jool rings, since they really aren't something spectacular IMO, I think Jool looks way better without them! But it's your choice ofc!
  4. Wow! This looks very pretty! Hopefully some moons will be released soon, but don't do them in some weird way like some mods do, I think they would look much more realistic if they were normal moons like the ones Jool has! Maybe even make one or two with a breathable atmosphere like Laythe?
  5. I agree! I never use it, but the thing is, it isn't useful!
  6. The Jool rings seem to be missing in 0.90, anyone else having this problem?
  7. I love this mod soooo much! It's the one you can't live without!
  8. Here you go! http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/220335-astronomers-visual-pack-interstellar-v2/files
  9. Please continue to maintain this mod! I can't live without it!!!!
  10. Wow! Looks really pretty!!! The city lights sometimes get messed up, like "spawning" right next to the KSC, or they sometimes flicker rapidly, so I usually just turn them off.
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