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  1. I'm afraid not, but the reset will inevitably happen after game save-load cycle.
  2. Release 1.6.1 https://github.com/Boris-Barboris/AtmosphereAutopilot/releases/tag/v1.6.1 Add FPA (flight-path angle) vertical speed mode for Cruise Flight controller. Better handling of input errors in GUI text fields. Thanks to @Lisias and @T2Fat2Fly for their contributions!
  3. Try FLC vertical motion mode, should suit you better on climb. History:
  4. Oh wow, it actually works) Congrats! Amazing what stuff can resurface after so many years. Yeah, makes sense since AA makes planes feel very much alike, abstracts away their airframe particularities. With that in mind you can tune PIDs just once for a generic AA-controlled fighter and use this tuning in most of your designs.
  5. Sorry, don't see a simple solution on design level, coding is a lesser problem.
  6. If you mean split rudder than no. If not, you'll need to elaborate.
  7. Yeah, sorry. I opened the code, and it looks like AA will not work with propellers.
  8. What is the name of the part that is used as propeller blade? Generally, yeah, I didn't test it on DLC props, and the math assumes fixed-wing plane with no moving parts ( There is a workaround coded, but it obviously fails in your case.
  9. Was AA broken when you took this screenshot? Seems healthy to me...
  10. It's under the submenu that is shown when you hover the "AA" button on the sidebar (that icon tray where fuel panel and other mod buttons are placed).
  11. Looks like a mod conflict tbh, there are symptoms in the log: The parts in this list don't properly support FAR. Also, did you try switching AA off and on after the takeoff? A screenshot of a FlightModel UI window during the bug (opened from AA icon in mod sidebar) would help as well.
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