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  1. I plan on buing a new laptop this year. I need it mostly for programming work so I need a powerfull processor and lots of RAM anyway, but I'm wodering what laptop GPU is reasonable. I like Lenovo Legion Pro because of the 16:10 screen which is usefull for programming and reading texts (and I also want a keypad). They come with variety of GPUs - RTX 3060 6GB, which I understand may not be enough to enjoy KSP 2 smoothly, RTX 3070 8GB, which might be better. I cannot afford going for anything higher. I am wondering if I should find a good deal for a laptop with 3070 now or rather wait for one with 4060 (which offers slightly better performance than 3070 according to tests). Or maybe all of these GPUs are still not powerfull enough? To sum it up: could you advice me, which laptop GPU is a good choice for KSP2?
  2. I also use the roleplaying approach. Sending one Kerbal pod to other planets just feels very wrong to me. I understand other players may have different styles and sending a Kerbal on an external chair to a whole system grand tour is exactly what they want :) For me, KSP 1 in not ballanced in the aspect of manned vs unmanned. You can go to other planets with one Kerbal very early on in the carrer mode, but robotic exploration requires you to have strong relays and build relay networks... You can switch off the need to have relay networks, and analogically I would like to have a very basic LS which you can switch off if you want to.
  3. Hello, I have played KSP since around 2013. At that time, I saw this image regarding the pressure on Duna and ever since thought that Duna had 1/5 of Kerbin pressure (sea level) - 0,2 atm https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/File:Atmosphere_kerbin_duna.png Strangely, the archived versions of KSP Wiki show this image together with description "Duna's atmosphere begins at 41,446 m. It is only 20% as dense as Kerbin's at altitude 0", but the right side info pannel reads "Atmospheric pressure 6.75500 kPa 0.066667 atm" at the same time. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?title=Duna&oldid=28748 Only recently I have discovered that the actual pressure on Duna is around 1/15 of Kerbin pressure (0,067atm). I guess I did not pay attention to the numbers when doing science on Duna before - I just measured the pressure and sent the data. My question is - was the pressure on Duna in the earlier versions 1/5 atm and if so, when has it changed to 1/15? I guess it might have been at the time when the aerodynamic model changed completely, but I could not find any definitive information. Thanks for any insights on this.
  4. I would hate to have "stargate" style travel in KSP 2. I prefer making KSP 1 a bit more realistic (simple life support mods) and features that seem like right out of a sci-fi movie would destroy part of what I like about KSP.
  5. How does the game run with your 4GB 3050? Before I saw the requirements for KSP2 I was thinking about getting a laptop with RTX 3050 or possibly RTX 3060 (KSP2 is unplayable on my current system). Now I plan to wait and see how (if) the requirements get lower, because it seems to me from what i have read that even 6GB 3060 may not be powerfull enough. I am going to buy a new laptop for my work anyway, I just need to know what GPU can give me a decent gameplay and find a balance between performance and cost.
  6. I am excited for the new science system and new things to explore on planets' surface.
  7. This is how I feel now. I still believe they want to be honest and many of their statements are honest promises, but they are mixed with things they probably have to say in order to keep Take Two (or whoever gives them money) happy and not closing the project. For example, I do not believe the official reasons for going to EA. I think it was purely in order to generate income and avoid being closed. Now I am not sure if I can beileve what they say about performance improvements. I don't want to blaim the developpers, just stating my feelings.
  8. My plan was to buy the game after seeing some initial reviews. I have a bad GPU with just 2GB VRAM (845M), but as I am able to play KSP1 with Scatterer and Eve Redux (I get very low FPS when flying throught coulds, but I prefer the visuals), I was hoping KSP 2 might be borderline playable with the lowest details. I was also planning to upgrade my laptop to something with RTX 3060 later this year and believed that such GPU would handle KSP 2 with no problems ( with high detail at 1080p). My assumptions were wrong. Now I guess I will just wait how (if) the requirements lower in the development process.
  9. I really like the idea of engine archetypes and look forward to playing with them. I dont really care if the fuel is called methane or liquid fuel or whatever, I just take it as one of the game's mechanisms that smartly balance between easy gameplay and usefull amount of realism. I have played with hydrolox engines when building Saturn V replica in RSS, but prefer the simplification of one fuel type when exploring stock system planets.
  10. While I am excited to finally have a release date (I was afraid the game might get scraped and not released at all), I feel like this is just a very fancy way of saying "The game is not complete at all, we have to anounce another delay, but we need to generate income or Take Two will close the project". Still better than having no game at all.
  11. Hello, I have tried this mod just now and I love the parts. However, it seems that the IVA is not working for me. I made a clean install of KSP ( and the only mods I have are Near Future Spacecraft and Stackalike Station Parts. When place Kerbals into a habitat and switch to IVA, I only see black all aroud them. When I switch on interior overlay, black boxes appear inside the habitat. Can anybody help me with this or explain what I did wrong? Thank you. http://fialky.eu/ksp/screenshot17.png
  12. Thank you for pointing me to the landing legs. I have tried fiddling with the settings and got these results: - Maximum spring and damper: explosive destruction upon landing - Spring 1, Damper 1.5: ship broke into several pieces immediately - Spring 0.8, Damper 0.8: ship jumped a few times with some wobbling, but came to rest - Spring 0.8, Damper 0.9, only 4x4 legs extended (there are 4x7 legs total): ship landed softly without any additional movement. So it seems there were more landing legs than necessary for safe landing and in Eve's gravity it let to some kind of resonance. The whole ship weighs about 75 tons (all tanks are empty).
  13. Hello, I am looking for help with my Eve lander. I have already done similar missions in earlier version (like two years ago), but I played very little since then. Maybe something has changed in the game physics. I am doing a mission to Eve with ISRU. I have tested the lander ship on Kerbin and even did some tests directly on Eve with Hyperedit. Everyting was fine, no weird behavior. Then I tried to fly the complete mission. The descent on Eve went on perfectly, I deployed all parachutes and the ship landed at about 3 m/s at a slight slope. Nothing broke on touchdown. However, the ship does not come to rest. It keeps sliding sideways - not even down from the slight slope I have landed on but sideways or upwards. Parachutes are still deployed, flying wildly in the air. The ship shakes, landing legs are getting broken, until it disasembles after something like 10-15 seconds. I tried landing in two different locations (a few km apart) and the same happened. Just before landing: You can see there is a lot of landing legs, the speed is reasonable and the terrain is quite flat. http://fialky.eu/ksp/before_landing.png A few seconds after landing: the landing legs are not in "landed" position, ship slides, parachutes are flying. http://fialky.eu/ksp/sliding.png A few more seconds after that: parachutes have disappeared, but the ships keeps mooving. http://fialky.eu/ksp/screenshot47.png I am quite sure the ship does not sit on anything else than the landing legs, because nothing else gets broken during the sliding. I am using these mod: Hyperedit, Simple fuel switch, Missing history, Transfer window. This particilar ship contains no modded parts.Do you have any idea what might be the problem, please? This is honestly quite frustrating, I have spent many hours designing and testing the ship (many previous models broke on descent or did not make test flight to orbit). Have I encountered some glitch in the game? Or is my ship just so badly designed? Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. I feel very excited about this DLC, mostly the surface features and exploration/science. I always thought it was fun to fly to other planets but once I got there, there was nothing to do so I just planted flag and flew back. These new features should add a whole new level of gameplay. As for the price - I think it is justified. I have already played KSP much longer time than any other game. They just can't keep fixing bugs and adding features for free, they need to earn some money, otherwise the development makes no sense from the business point of view.
  15. I had the same problem. CKAN thinks that my KSP 1.6.1 is actually 1.1 and does not offer me any compatible version of Astronomers visual mod. When I set comptible version to 1.1, the mod suddenly appears. I did manual install instead.
  16. Thanks, I will try this. Ondrej I didn’t know about this feature, will try it. Thanks. ondrej
  17. I play only occasionaly - maybe one or two hours a week or less. My problem is that when I fly a long and difficult mission - like landing crew on Eve - it takes a long time (could be a few real months) and before I finish the mission there is usually an update (automatically downloaded by Steam), which can sometimes break my game progress. I use a few mods (Kerbal Engineer, Fuel tanks plus, TAC life support, transfer window planner) and often some of them break the save file. Yesterday all my parts with variants switched to default versions (this broke my rover with the new long mk2 capsule) and could not be switched back. Some time back all the fuel tanks from a mod changed to zero fuel on a saved ship in flight to Jool. I also wanted to try RSS but it seems their updates are way way behind the current version of KSP. My question is how to do it better. Is there a way to prevent updates before the mods get updated as well? Do you fix save files by hand? Should I stop using mods? How do you cope with the updates vs mods problem?
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