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  1. Yeah I think you are right about the model, I am not really good at the models. But on the other hand I am really looing forward to it. I hope it is better then what I expect. I hope the cameras will also turn out te be very good
  2. Well with the engine. You could always start with a very simple model. You should first make it work with a very simple model and after that you can make the model more detailed. That is a process wich would work. 1. get it working 2. make it pretty
  3. Thank you for adding the description. That engine you are making looks really cool, it looks like it fits right in between the stock parts. I would love to see an engine that includes a rcs. I have never actually seen that before (maybe I am not looking everywhere) I hope it all works.
  4. This mod looks really promesing. The models are really well made. The only thing I would suggest it to put a small list in the discription about what every part is. So is a fast or heavy or cheap antenna. Still a very good mod
  5. this is not completely true, it already has been done. Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters (MPD) uses the Lorentz force (a force resulting from the interaction between a magnetic field and an electric current) to generate thrust - The electric charge flowing through the plasma in the presence of a magnetic field causing the plasma to accelerate due to the generated magnetic force.
  6. I love this mod, but it would be even better if the guard mode had a build-in anti-debris mode to shoot down all the debris in a big radius. This would also contribute to a very useful non-war part
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