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  1. Having spent a good 15 min in KSP since 1.4.1 dropped, I can't say I'll be getting to checking mod compatibility real soon.  I do know the Orion modules need work, as they needed attention in 1.4.0.  Hell, they could have done with rewriting some time ago.  Most of the part things should function OK, but I haven't checked.  I do know plumes etc changed, so there may be some silliness there.

    1. Xander930


      yay! looking forward to mods that work with 1.4.1!

  2. This is just a quick note that, although I mostly do part mods which aren't really affected, I won't be checking compatibility or updating to 1.4.0.  1.4.1 is expected only a week after, and I really don't have the time to do the update dance twice so close together.

  3. Profile pages seem more something.  Can't remember actually setting up the old one, so maybe it's just different.


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