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  1. hey dude I was just thinking...since you are known to make kinda "out there"(in a good way) mods I have an idea...you might have seen my post for this on the space opera mod but how about making  parts for this starship(or possibly the whole ship) c18293cdc9998de570f9214e1826c8ac14781020she is a gorgeous ship isn't she? her name... the L.s.s reskava a lukari ho'kuun class science vessel here is what one looks like from a ventral starboard angle abb52d47c220a009065d6f7952ef7d4f14843364and here is an aft starboard view 732cd866368433110bbe7c163f0e207c14851895 like I said I tried to make a version of one of those ships but failed also the ho'kuun class is similar to the typical triangle ufos as seen in this google image search  https://www.google.com/search?q=triangle+ufo&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwisqb_mmZrWAhWHMSYKHTD7AGIQ_AUICigB&biw=1024&bih=726 so you could simply title this as a ufo mod and kerbal space program has most likely never seen anything like this so it will be a first for the game 

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      I'm not going to get involved in replicating designs that aren't historical.  Sorry, but the copyright issues around this are a mindfield.  And any defense would need to be water tight in all countries, as it will be going on the Internet.  But generally also, KSP leads to different designs than you get in cinematic universes.  Not only does it punish many physically bad tropes about space craft, but it also uses modular design.  So, making parts for that craft, for example, those parts would be next to useless for anything else.  Even a Starship Enterprise mod would be more modular.  And while, yes, many real world craft are fully integrated single pieces (hell, that's what Aggregat from the V-2 fame meant), KSP does not lend itself to it.

      Also, I'm totally not invested in that craft.  It's something from a something that I'm not interested in.  Making a mod part takes time.  And making all the parts for a craft that's even partly complex takes a lot of time.  You really need some enthusiasm to stick with it.

      Which brings me to my next point.  There's nothing stopping you from making the parts.  You make 3D shapes in a 3D tool, I use Blender (https://www.blender.org/) because I'm a fan of open source.  You then UV unwrap it (in Blender, see youtube for tutes) and texture it in your favourite 2D graphics program.  Again, I'm an open source person, so I use GiMP (https://www.gimp.org/).  Then import both into Unity3D (https://unity3d.com/), import the KSP tools and export the part.

      I stared because I wanted some extra parts.  Sure, my game now mostly looks like the progress screen on reloading ksp database.  But I'm still here making parts I want.  3 years ago, I had never touched a 3D graphics program for more than the 10 minutes it took to be horrified and run away.  But, a bit of time with some youtube videos on the basic UI and I was off and running.


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  2. Your a prehistoric kerbal?

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      Devonian Kerbal even.  Or at least my knees feel that way.

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