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  1. The Great Kerbin Expedition

    I am now done circumnavigating Kerbin, I tried to stay equatorial for the entire time, however i had to go slightly north to bypass the large mountains west of the KSC. I headed east and required a total of 5 refuelings. It was a fun journey however i am very, very glad it is done. The whine of basic jet engines make me nearly crazy....! I have created a map of the path of my journey.


    My craft is called the HSATV Mk 12 or the High Speed All Terrain Vehicle. It is a craft i have been working on for a while now, to cross large swaths of Kerbin easily. It is powered by 2 basic jet engines with 2500 units of liquid fuel in the tanks. On water it goes 60 m/s and on land it averages 90 m/s. It is crewed with two Kerbals and the main wheels are medium landing gear.

    Part 1:

    I started by heading east from the KSC along the equator. The first part of the journey was all mostly crossing the ocean. During that i made two stops on peninsulas and refueled twice. After that the land journey began across the large central continent. It was very quick going until i reached some mountains, where i had to reload many many times. I am currently 1/3 the way around Kerbin and in the middle of crossing the continent. I have sadly not caught any crashes on camera :D

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    For some reason the album is in reverse order!

    Part 2:

    I have crossed the main continent with a lot of crashes. And i refueled at the eastern end. I then crossed the ocean and headed slightly south to intercept the peninsula. From there I started crossing the ocean but only made it 4/5th of the way there. Because of this, i had to refuel on water, which was interesting to say the least. I then made landfall near the large crater and am about 2/3rd of the way around Kerbin

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    Part 3:

    I have made it south of the mountains near the crater, and headed east to the desert. I crosses the desert fairly easily, and crashed only a few times. I then headed across the ocean to a peninsula, where I refueled for the last time. From there I crossed the final ocean. Upon making landfall i headed east, until i reached the mountains west of the KSC. I had to turn slightly north to make it through the pass though, as those mountains are too steep! I then made it back to the KSC with a bang, i jumped the Astronaut Complex!

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    This is not edited, this rover is just that freaking fast, and stable! It is a pleasure to drive, and should be coming out on the spacecraft exchange soon!

  2. No, i don't have any thing changed in the files, but i know what you mean. The same thing happens to me when i time warp or switch between crafts out of load distance (200m i think) i do not know of a way to permanently fix it, however when that happens you can go back to the space center and select the craft from the tracking station, and that will reload the turret fixing it for you. If upon loadup the turret just sinks through the hull, it might be a ksp version issue, or something else, i am not really sure.

  3. Bubbadevlin Presents: Blizzard 1 MBT

    The Blizzard 1 tank is a fully stock tank for Ksp. After many months of thought and testing i have managed to create a new type of turret bearing, one that will allow you to turn the turret of the Blizzard 1 without switching crafts. This feature gives the Blizzard 1 incredible maneuverability and functionality. While aesthetics were a part of building the Blizzard 1, the tank is designed for functionality, not as a replica.

    The Blizzard 1 has small center mount 6 I-Beam missiles that can do significant damage as well as 2 long range guided missiles for anti-tank use. The Blizzard 1 is also covered in armor plates and has a highly angled front making it very resilient against other weapons

    For those wondering the Blizzard 1's turret ring works by having about 15 structural pylons in a corkscrew. It is then stabilized by a normal wheel joint. These very weak structural pylons and some reaction wheels allow you to turn the blizzard 1 turret around with Q and E without having to switch between crafts.

    The Blizzard 1 is normally unmanned and has no actual crew pods however it has 5 crew seats within and can be found very easily, as well as grab-on ladders for those kerbals wanting to hitch a ride

    Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz8Cg6FNj53EV25kZ1NpdXVHNTQ/view?usp=sharing

    Read Description!

    Note: This download, and the stats, are for the latest version of the Blizzard 1, the Blizzard 1 A2. Most of the screenshots seen are of earlier models, however the tank has not changed much. If you wish for the earlier versions, comment and say so.


    350 parts

    30 tons

    12 meters wide

    5 meters long

    4 meters tall

    Cost of 315,000

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    Action Group

    0 - Lights

    1 - Incline Up

    2 - Incline Down

    3 - Breaks

    4 - Lock Turret

    5 - Toggle Missile Bays

    6 - Missile 1

    7 - Missile 2

    8 - Open Crew Compartment

    I guess you could call this my thread first post, so i hope it goes well. Although i haven't been active on the forums, i have been playing Ksp for a while now, and hope to get active in the community.

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