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  1. Lovely! 

    I have been doing more testing, and from what I can tell spring strength is always good, as it is how much the leg will actually "push" while the dampener is the amount of resistance the leg will have to being moved, This is a bad thing, as when the blades of your turbine intercept the landing leg, it is often automatically moved back very quickly. More dampener CAN provide a reaction to this push back, and therefore create more thrust, but too much will simply cause the leg to over stress and boom. The interesting thing about that is the dampener strength appears to tied to the mass of the craft the legs are on (meaning that on anything of decent weight even that .5  becomes too much dampener). My guess is to prevent heavy craft from becoming a Pogo stick, but i have no clue otherwise. I also have found that the closer the leg is to the blade, the more thrust it gives, and i believe this is due to more "pushing" time and  also it seems like leg spring strength has a curve. (weakest at the bottom and strongest at the top) This would actually make sense because you would not want your suspension to be rock hard, or automatically max out. I personally have 2 guesses on your "boom" zone though. First is that past that your blades are expanding with the spinning and hitting the legs. The other guess is based off of having recently installed the mod which provides a visible wire frame for hit boxes (the one azimech uses). From that you can see there is actually a part of the leg which goes slightly beyond where the piston part of it appears to start, and the blades once again might be hitting that. I have however done most of my testing with the large landing gear, so it might be true that the medium have a weirdness like this. From my tests I have not even been able to get the small ones to work AT ALL.

    Sorry about the wall o' text, but I have been meaning to post about my more recent understanding and this seemed like a good enough place to do it :wink:

  2. So I have started trying to compact this design, and found that strangely, the smallest landing gear does not work with the original design i had. My guess is that they just do not have enough spring strength. I have however, found a new design which is much smaller, but has much less torque and what appears to be an even smaller window between good thrust, and exploding legs.



    The landing lets push on the slanted elevons creating a spinning force. This obviously shrinks the diameter quite significantly, and works with the small legs too (VERY low strength though).  Oddly enough i have yet to get this type of engine to  work with the largest landing legs. More testing is needed, but unfortunately seems like a simple reaction wheel propeller is much stronger than this for the weight. 



    Another possible way of making this mechanism appear smaller is to had the legs clipped into the propeller blades (hence hiding the legs somewhat)

  3. Thank you everyone! Yea, it is strangely quite once the legs are deployed. Making the engine smaller is quite possible with the smaller legs. I have already tried some of my designs on Eve (with hyper edit) and they work quite well. With some modifications it should also work on Duna. Redockability should also be possible.  Nice engine Klond, but i have to say be careful, form my experience if you make that little chassis any heavier (or start moving fast) the landing leg will over stress (hence why the legs are on the rotor of the helicopter) 

    BTW! nice carrier lol :wink:

  4. Bubbadevlin Presents: The Messier 1


              This craft is the first of its kind to utilize my new leg-powered propeller. It has been a long time in development, and is my first craft release in over a year! Most of the importance of the design is the core, a coaxial rotor setup which can vertically lift over 100 tons on no fuel. The rest of the craft has been built around this, and is designed mainly for looks it does however fly well.



                 At the center of craft lies something I have struggling with for a long time, an alternative engine. It works very similar to the well known turbo prop, but varies in the fact that what does the pushing is landing legs. If you ever saw those cannon designs from 1.2, this works the same way. The "turbine" of structural panels spins, colliding with the suspension part of the landing leg and is then pushed off again by the landing leg's suspension force. This can be an incredible source of power, but many troubles plague these types of engines. First is the fact that they can be over stressed, unlike electric or turboprops leading to all of, or some of, the landing legs undergoing spontaneous combustion. The other problem is weight. For unknown reasons, when colliding with other craft landing legs believe that they are on the ground. This means that if you have any sort of weight on the craft which they are on, the legs, will again, blow up. To get around this, many of my designs have the landing gear on the outside, or part that spins with the propeller. The rest of this center core is simply a refined bearing, and a fairing to encompass the spinning landing legs. While this design has no advantage to an electric propeller in simplicity, or size, and will not beat turboprops in coolness factor. Leg powered propellers are more powerful than both, and I hope they will become very useful in the future.




             The ship itself is, as said before, designed around just looking nice and being a stress test for this new type of engine. It features some forward thrusting jet engines, however they can make the craft somewhat unstable, so use at your own risk.This engine has been tuned for this specific craft weight, however that can be easily adjusted if you want more power by adding more pitch to the propeller blade. While there is some decent spam of reaction wheels in the craft, i still believe it is surprisingly nimble for the size. Using a propeller deploy based throttle (easier than the explanation seems) I even managed to land on the VAB roof!


    DOWNLOAD - Instructions are in craft description



  5. Personally I had no clue it was a replica of anything, and to me it kinda just looked like a rocket plane.. TBH i also thought it was some sort of necro post because of the over saturated pictures (not sure why lol) 

    While it also seems at first glance like a simple plane, looking at it now i can see that you did put lots of detail and work into it.

  6. On 5/28/2017 at 9:07 PM, pTrevTrevs said:

    Geez, I really should get back in the game. I've sort of lost my passion for it over the last few months, so much of my time has been devoted to schoolwork, and what little time I have to play games is typically devoted to other things anyway. I do feel like playing KSP again, but I'm sort of at a loss as to what I can do that hasn't been done already...

    Thats the same situation im in, its a fun game, but i just seem to play different ones more 

  7. hi! this is very old and the trick i used for the landing gear is no longer possible. It relied on the fact that landing legs could push parts of their own craft, something not possible with the new updates.  I am working on an overall update to my Saturn V, but there is still lots of work to be done on it. 


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