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  1. So.. I have been working on my Supernova Class SSTO for a while now, and I FINALLY got it to a point where orbit is capable with a payload 3 Kerbodyne S3-14400 tanks.. and when I decoupled them, the plane spontaneously combusted.. So, i went back and tried just decoupling the decoupler.. and i discovered.. that the fairing appears to be completely in the way :( The image of the decoupler seen below is when it is a separate part of the craft.. It just hangs and wobbles around in mid air. So much for the entire design of this thing. 



  2. On ‎6‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 0:23 PM, Rune said:

    Those are several open-ended fairings, right? To make a bay that can be opened and closed? If so, it might be that you are just not getting any effect from them other than added weight. IIRC, when open they don't apply the "shielded" tag to the stuff inside, and thus you get awful drag that stops you form going supersonic without a ludicrous TWR.


    Rune. Just my two cents.

    Just got around to looking at this, (hardrive crashed and I went on vacation)

    And yea, the main body is a open ended fairing, so it probably just the insane drag, thanks for the input though :)

  3. I have been getting back into KSP lately, and I have been trying to finish up my newest SSTO. It is a HUGE craft, designed to haul 3 Kerbodyne S3-14400 tanks into orbit, which means its powered by a load of rapier engines, And according to KER they give me a .6 atmospheric TWR. I have seen plenty of SSTOs get into orbit, on even less TWR, however I am having quite a lot of trouble getting up to speed in my aircraft. It seems like no matter what i do, the plane cannot get over mach 1. I personally belive it is just the very large drag of the very large craft, however I hope there might be a different solution to just adding more engines. Here are some pics; any ideas?




  4. Haha thanks! Yea.. currently the Grasshopper is broken because of the max wheel stress thing.. :/

    But yea, narrow band scanner drives can be VERY useful, just a little slow and complex


    On another note, I am going to be more active, now that school is out, so expect some new craft coming soon! (might not be a walker though.. 1.1.2 bearings are tough)

  5. 30 minutes ago, Redshift OTF said:

    Thanks Bubba! Your walker inspired me to make this one so thank you.

    Unfortunately offsetting the leg bearings so they make a larger circle and therefore bigger strides causes to much stress on the bearings and they pop out. Something I will try and work on.

    Ah yea.. I am still having troubles making good, reliable bearings since 1.1... Stupid wheels :/

  6. Wow! I was just checking out the forums again, and i see this? Good job dude! 

    On 6/3/2016 at 1:53 PM, Redshift OTF said:

    Thanks for the comment. And thanks for the likes all! I've got another bearing in the works so I will swap them out and see if I can get this Mech to go faster. :cool:

    Bearings might help, but i think your best bet would be to increase the offset of the "leg bearings" on the main axles. That way for every rotation the walker would take a much bigger step, going faster. 

  7. hmm.. this is very cool!

    Honestly I think something like this would even be doable in stock, you would just need a TON of reaction wheels clipped together :)

    I have been meaning to try to make a stock bipedal walker, however that was put on delay with 1.1 breaking basically any small bearing :/


  8. Been taking a break from KSP for a while, but however this is my newest craft that I am working on. Dubbed the "supernova" for pretty obvious reasons, it is designed to take up 3 kerbodyne 14400 fuel tanks. These pics are from the first true test run, and when i got up there there was about 2 and 1/2 tanks left, i still need to do some optimizations. When I decoupled the rear however, it broke apart, which is the main reason this is still in WIP. It is only about 450 parts right now, and about 60 of those are the rapier jets

  9. 2 hours ago, Kobymaru said:

    Holy moly.... The performance gains...


     250 parts: 7 FPS
     500 parts: 4 FPS
     1000 parts: not tested

    1.1, experimental:

      250 parts: 60 FPS
      500 parts: 30 FPS
     1000 parts: 12 FPS

    I have also noticed that with separate crafts (2x250 instead of 500 parts), the performance goes up a little, but not by much, like 30FPS to 35FPS.

    Color me impressed.

    My rig:

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    Intel Core i5 4690K, Clocked at 3.8 GHz, 4 Cores
    Nvidia GTX 960
    8GB Ram


    Nice! but wow.. I have nearly basically the same exact rig (same CPU and GPU, with 8 gigs of ram) and I would usually get at least 15-20 with 250 part crafts in 1.0.5... odd..

    wait.. nm, i forgot i have had my delta time frame set to max forever now :)

  10. When I was testing my small SSTM (refueling) I went to the Jool system. Me being me I wasted a ton of fuel on a maneuver to aerobreak at lathe, then overheated too much and could not, while I had already quicksaved.  Long story short, I ended up with an encounter with Bop. After a few attempts, I managed to set down with like 4 units of LF left, and in the area I was in did not have enough ore to mine! (using small drills) I then had to rover down the hill, and pray I found a large ore spot before my nuke ran out of fuel. Then when I did, there was no oxidizer for my fuel cells to use, so I had to wait for my 1 RTG to let the converter produce enough oxidizer so the fuel cells could work.... That was fun :) 

  11. kn81KUd.jpg

    Its Friday again, and I am bring you the best (in my opinion) of this week's craft! This week is all about terrestrial crafts, or more specifically planes and cars!


    Who are you to decide this, I hear you asking, and here's the answer: No one. I am not official in any way, shape, or form. If you're unhappy with my decision, we can work something out. This is just my opinion, since there's no objective way to judge "Quality" of crafts.

    If anyone feels that their craft is missed because of any kind of time-zone difference, or any kind of difference in when spacecraft fridays is put up, tell me.

    If your craft is really good and was made before, and someone posts in it within that week, then it will be considered. Just to clarify, I am not encouraging necros for the sake of bumping your craft.

    These are in no particular order, so starting off this week is

    The Jupiter Star SSTO by @Vaos Human

    This great cargo SSTO is a pleasure to fly, looks great, and can lift quite a lot!

    The next craft is

    The Pallas Cargo Seaplane By @Azimech

    For such a gigantic plane this craft flies extremely well, oh yea, and is a seaplane!

    The first rover of this week is

    The Stock Duna Buggy By @selfish_meme


    This little buggy is super fun to roll around in, is very simple, and just a plain great rover!

    The next two crafts are replicas of very different types

    The Audi R8 Replica by @Mareczex333

    This little car looks great and is a true blast to drive around!

    Last but not least is one of the most creative rovers I have seen in a while,

    The Dinosaur Rover By @Daeridanii

    Not the most practical crafts, but fantastic nonetheless, i mean come on, a Dinosaur!


    I hope you guys have enjoyed this weeks SCF picks, I honestly stayed away from modded craft due to the time of installing them, but I did try to be as fair as possible. Have a great day!

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