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  1. Thanks everyone!

    1 hour ago, pTrevTrevs said:

    It looks really nice, but it looks like the descent stage may be a little too small for the top. I could be wrong on this though, it's hard to tell.

    Yea, the scale is one of the hardest parts, especially with how the LEM lower stage is constructed. 

    2 hours ago, KerbonautInTraining said:

    If you want a bit of extra realism, the ascent and descent stages started with a TWR of ~1.6 and burned out with a TWR of ~3.5. Thrust limiter adjustments could simulate this, although the ratio between wet and dry TWR is probably different from real life.

    What engine is used for the ascent stage?

    Hmm.. that would be cool, but yea, the mass to fuel ratio is WAY different from the real lander. All of those Round-8 tanks are just empty

    The engine used for the acent stage is just your basic LV909 terrier. I would have probobly used the Rocomax Poodle engine with the decent stage, however the Vector looks MUCH better, and the Poodle would have gotten in the way of the rover, being a 2m engine


  2. 6 minutes ago, selfish_meme said:

    I took a look at the first few pics in the albums and my meme voice in my head said

    Looks great, I wish I could run it at something approaching glacial speed (actually it might not be that bad I had a 300 part plane that seemed to run OK)

    Haha yea, the first few pics of the album were night :/  Yea, If you just click on the base cubic octags on the landing legs, you will remove like 200 parts if need be. Many many parts are actually physics-less parts (gravitation detectors) so it doesnt lag that badly :)



  3. 2 minutes ago, Majorjim said:

    Oh ok cool! I just saw it in the pics, they are in a funny order so I didn't see it first time..

     Did you change the front of the ascent stage? it looks a bit off in the pics.

    Yea, some of the pictures are from older prototypes, however the same general look was kept, so I kept most of them in there. What you are prob seeing is the difference of the lander with the ladder and without it

  4. 1 minute ago, Majorjim said:

    Its a nice upgrade from the original one man good job on this!

     However It looks like the rover is on the outside of the skirt.. Given the huge part count you could have had a proper release for the rover and science parts. There could be so much space in the lower stage given the scale of the lander. If you make another version I would recommend redesigning the descent stage to allow for this. It would make for a much more realistic experience for the user. There are plenty of tricks to get more space in the descent stage. Putting some of the fuel for the descent in the ascent stage for example.

     As it is it is very nice indeed and the legs are a great addition!

    Nope, the rover is on the inside of a panel that is one part of the skirt. The panel is decoupled, falls to the ground, and then the rover is decoupled. During decent the rover is completely inside the skirt. 

  5. Bubbadevlin Presents

    A stock Apollo LEM Replica




    The Apollo Lunar Module (LM), originally designated the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), was the lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft built for the US Apollo program by Grumman Aircraft to carry a crew of two from lunar orbit to the surface and back. Designed for lunar orbit rendezvous, it consisted of an ascent stage and descent stage, and was ferried to lunar orbit by its companion Command and Service Module(CSM), a separate spacecraft of approximately twice its mass, which also took the astronauts home to Earth. After completing its mission, the LM was discarded. It was capable of operation only in outer space; structurally and aerodynamically it was incapable of flight through the Earth's atmosphere. The Lunar Module was the first, and to date only, manned spacecraft to operate exclusively in the airless vacuum of space.

    Six such craft successfully landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972. A seventh provided propulsion and life support for the crew of Apollo 13 when their CSM was disabled by an oxygen tank explosion en route to the Moon. - Wikipedia

    This is a replica LEM that has been designed to be as accurate possible. The craft is scaled as life size, so it is much too large for regular Kerbals. It features two stages, a rover, a two man capsule and custom landing legs. This was originally designed for the update of my Saturn V replica, but due to popular demand, I have decided to release it alone, and before the rest of the replica. While the top stage is the same as the old replica, the bottom is completely overhauled, and there have been some tweaks to the top stage as well.

    Being life sized, the lander is approximately 6m tall and 5m wide in both directions, the replica is however not a mass replica, as all of the aesthetic parts are very heavy, and it weighs a total of 33 tons. At the usual cost of accuracy to parts in a replica, this one has a huge amount of parts, 483. However, over 200 of these are part of the custom landing legs, and you can easily change them for in game versions. I created this replica to be a true replica, and part count was a second thought.

    The lander's legs are custom, and are able to move on themselves. This is done through and engine hinges, and landing legs which push them out. While time-warp can screw these up, just toggling the gears and time warping again fixes the problem. The lander also features a small rover which is decoupled from the backside. The LEM also has  RCS heat shields and a ladder. The main engine is a Vector engine, however the thrust is scaled down. This can be very useful, if you wait too long on your suicide burn.

    The LEM is a fully functional moon lander, but is mainly eye candy. I hope you enjoy it. The pics are from many different test missions, so you may see multiple versions of the lander


  6. 4 hours ago, Rune said:

    Hum. I've got a question,  @Bubbadevlin. What exactly did you use for the cabin's drum? The rest of the things, I can short of figure out, but I can't remember any 2.5m diameter stock part that has such a smooth texture.


    Rune. The part count is a bit scary for my tastes, but you can't deny the resemblance.

    It is actually a fairing, however a very clipped one. I did this because 2.5m parts are too big, and 1m parts are too small. It is also not actually that sharp of a corner, The "cone" of the fairing is just hard to see behind the other things. 

  7. 16 minutes ago, Majorjim said:

    Hmm, yeah, the rear two are black and I think the crew could peel back the mylar (Velcro?) sheet to get at the goodies under neither. I would be very interested to see my LEM next to yours! That fact that the lander felt smaller than it is, is testament to the quality of the build. The scale is really surprising! I still think a few less parts would be helpful though!

    Ha ha yea, that is why I am going to wait until 1.1 for developing the Saturn V part :P 

    Honestly I could easily probably take out 100 parts, by i think those little science things look a lot better than fuel ducts, and hey, the build is designed to be about all out accuracy, and part count is kinda a secondary thought

    3 minutes ago, Mad Rocket Scientist said:

    It looks like the black panels are graphite, designed to dissipate the heat from the RCS system.

    If you look at this image:

    You can see that the ascent module's RCS system is directly above the black stuff.

    You can also see it in LMs from apollo 11 onwards, on the landing pads, but only facing towards the engine:

    In this pic (from 1976, of a KSC installation, with flight hardware), you can see the blast deflectors again:

    Yea, those are the main things I need to add on :P


  8. 4 minutes ago, Majorjim said:

    It is very pretty indeed! @Bubbadevlin Can you post pics of the rover and its release? Also, the LEM was not gold all the way around the skirt. The four sides that have the landing gear are black.


    42 minutes ago, Mad Rocket Scientist said:

    Have you considered releasing that independently of the rest of the craft?  the gold foil, the custom landing gear, it's the best LM replica I've seen.


    You are right, somewhat, but from my research (mostly google images) the rover panel (back right) and the opposite to the rover panel, the back left, are black, although it seems to vary pretty greatly with different images. I do have both those sections black, however i conveniently forgot to show them in the pictures :/ 

    I still need to do some touch ups, will probably be released tomorrow :P

  9. Haven't had much time for KSP lately, however today I was able to put some work into redoing my Apollo mission. 

    I got the lower stage of the LEM completely revamped, and it now includes custom, animated landing gear, as well as a hidden rover (which I forgot to take a pic of :/) I really do like the design now, sadly though, the part count is HUGE (~450)


  10. 2 hours ago, Azimech said:


    And using stock won't work.

    Maybe we can create a game where the goal is to bust a dam. An artificial indestructible "lake" filled with 200 large, very heavy, indestructible balls. The only part that can be damaged is the dam itself. We can't use the method the British used so the attack would have to be from the other side.

    Now if only we had a way of spawning parts out of nowhere to fill the lake. I'm not even sure KSP supports something like that.

    That could actually be done pretty easily! The balls could be asteroids (which are indestructible), and if you just found a decent size depression in the landscape, and walled up one side (would probably need tweak scale for this)

  11. Multi monitor stuff could be useful, however i have not seen anything about it come up, so it is most likely a no.

    I would however love to see KSP have a stretch to screen option, in windowed mode. I personally hate full screen mode in anything, and I just cant find the right aspect ratio in windowed for my monitor :(  

  12. 16 hours ago, Wragie said:

    Does anyone know if this is dependent on any mods etc? I downloaded and copied to the vab but when I select it to try it just sits there with the busy loading icon. Or does this take a loooong time to load too  ? lol

    Even if I can't get it to work my thanks to the builder! Love the chance to "try"to fly the actual missions.


    Yea, its EXTREMELY high part count. With my old computer I had to wait probably close to two minutes for it to load up :( It is fully stock, that should't be the problem 

  13. 23 minutes ago, drewscriver said:

    So spider engines are the bendiest part?  Do they pivot at the point of connection, or is it more of a shift to the side?  I'm trying to put together as compact a hinge that I can, while still being able to pivot through a large angle without using multiple craft.

    Ha ha, that is exactly what i used for my Binary SSTO :)

    They are possible with the spider engines, and very doable 

  14. Nice to see some people modeling stuff after me :)!

    Feel free to use my creations as inspiration :)

    For bearings, you always want to be using round objects for the axle. I suggest changing that I-beam to a mk0 fuselage. Personally it usually takes a lot of trial and error to get the bearing quite right. Sometimes you want the tighter, but with more friction bearings, and sometimes looser. You always want to use the smallest landing gear though, as the suspension on the large landing gear really makes the bearings wobble. 

    I am also really hoping that you have infinite offset installed, as it is so helpful 

    Good luck though!, i am really excited to see that walker! :)


  15. 4 minutes ago, Yukon0009 said:

    Hey for the black coloring why not use empty ore tanks? Would it be too heavy? Or did I miss something?

    Well i think i may use ore tanks on the new version, the problem is is that they are just as circular as heatsheilds, and they are not quite black, but dark grey :/


  16. 16 hours ago, Giggleplex777 said:

    I haven't had a chance to check out the craft ingame but I think I understand how it works. Since parts that are part of the same vessel can't interact with itself (except for landing legs), the "traditional" way of moving and locking a part would require engines/landing struts and docking ports-- which can't undock via action groups. Your ingenious solution to this is to have a second, structural vessel that allows the main spacecraft to interact with itself by giving it something to push on while in turn the "shell" interacts with the engine assembly that's attached to the hinge, causing the entire assembly to move. Absolutely brilliant!


    BTW the Z-50 (now the Z-51) is still available here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/36708-zepto-eagleworks-z-51-cobra-vstol/#comment-505173

    Yup, that is the mechanism in a nutshell! 

    Also thanks, as the Z-50/51 was basically my inspiration for building this thing :)

  17. 4 hours ago, FlipNascar said:

    This is nice. I will rip this apart... So fugly tho.. ;) 

    :( I worked hard on those stylish looks! :P

    Ha ha no, ik it looks ugly, but really there was not much more i could do :/

    8 hours ago, Majorjim said:

    Hmm curiouser and curiouser!

     I assumed the same, It would be possible if they are separate craft, just very tricky indeed. To the SPH!

    So has anyone actually figured out how this works?!?! :P

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