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  1. Released 0.9.4, see OP CLI selected warning "-ws=0" shows source node - for @darthgently CLI shows all sources nodes for each warning with multiselect "-wm=*" GUI and CLI always name 2 nodes in warning message, even if it is about an attribute
  2. KML should never just close. It should show a message about the exception that happened, but turns out stack overflow exceptions are not handled this way. And a stack overflow happened because your vessel has cyclic attachments. Fixed the problem and released 0.9.3, see OP. About the problem with your vessel: There clearly is a problem with how the parts are attached to each other. The warning about part [61] not being attached to its parent [50] already indicates this. But separate from that, the problem that caused KML to give up was that there is a cycle in the attachment structure. The 'part graph' algorithm to project the 3D structure onto a 2D diagram could benefit from some improvements But I managed to analyze it anyway, here is the cycle: From all what I've learnt about part attachments so far, your vessel should not exist There are two docking connections involved [71]-[72] and [55]-[78], both are of the type docker-dockee. But one of them should actually be of the 'same vessel' type. This kind of structure has always confused KSP and you should try to avoid it. Does it still load in KSP or was crashing the game the reason you consulted KML? Edit: I just saw this bug made you join the forums and make your first post. Welcome! And what is wrong with the forums these days? Half the time it doesn't load stylesheets or is totally unavailable. Is it too many KSP2 users looking for help? I didn't have a look, I'm not participating in this over-priced, over-demanding, under-delivering hype yet.
  3. I can reproduce the problem and will have a look soon,. Thanks for reporting.
  4. I'm sorry to say, that KML can't help you with that. You can open .craft files with KML, but not much more than that. I don't know why Squad had chosen to write .craft files differently from the FLIGHTSTATE section of the .sfs file, but it is complicated to translate from one to the other. Why does the Craft Extractor not work? Is is due to dependency hell not even starting anymore? Or does it run but can't deal with latest version save files (no real radical changes there)?
  5. Released 0.9.2, see OP. Sorry, I expected you wouldn't love it, but I didn't want any GUI clutter for a feature hardly anyone cares about. So it now it just displays line count in the context menu of each node.
  6. Yeah, it's in general a pretty wasteful format. Never thought about something like that. All the lines are read anyway, shouldn't impact the performance. But right now I wouldn't know where to display that, don't want to overload the GUI. I will think about that. Edit: Did a quick test and have it displayed in the context menu. It's updated each time the context menu opens, so it is up to date and still pretty fine performance wise. You probably don't want to click on each node for your task, but that is was you would have to do in Windows File Explorer as well. And there it doesn't annoy all the others who never cared about line count
  7. Not mentioned so far, you can also use EVA construction to attach a docking port and use that to deal with the vertical alignment problem.
  8. I agree with what @Curveball Anders said. Some more details how to try: Locate a funtioning non-occupied Clamp-O-Tron on some vessel and select "copy node" on the part. Then find the Construction Port (what part is that exactly?) within the non-functioning vessel. Select that and click "paste inserting node before". Then you need to copy a bunch of attributes directly within the original part to the inserted one, overwriting the copied entries: cid, uid, mid, persistendId, launchID, parent, position, rotation, srfN, attN (and maybe more). This should make the copied part to be attached in the same way the original part is. Finally delete the original part. It might look odd when you look in KSP. You then have to tweak the "position" and "rotation" attributes with some maths and a lot of trial and error.
  9. From my experience, this usually happens when you undock in different order than dock. If you dock A to B and later dock AB to C, the game sometimes gets confused when you undock B. This also happens when you just think you undock the same vessel, but you don't. Let's say you deliver a tank T to your station S with your rocket R. You then dock S with TR and later undock R from STR. This is a different link. And if TR came straight out of the VAB, then this link doesn't know anything about names.
  10. The only reason I can think of, why this might not work, is crew. But I think you excluded that by using probes only. And then no reason comes to my mind, why this shouldn't work.
  11. I think you are talking about save / persistence files here, not about craft files. If you talk about making a split, you probably just did an exact copy of your save? And then maybe deleted some vessels in one or the other version?
  12. I don't run all of your mods, so I probably don't fully understand your problems and their need for solutions It's open source. Feel free to use it. You're probably right about me not wanting too mod-specific stuff in a general KSP save editor. If you have certain aspects that the general audience might benefit from, and you manage to break down your work into smaller pieces, pull requests are welcome. Well, that sounds annoying. The save file structure clearly wants any additional data to a vessel to reside as a subnode (some MODULE) within the VESSEL. As such it should be deleted with it. If there is a "Vessel_data" next to the VESSELs, or somewhere completely different, that's really bad design. I have seen at least "uid", "vesselID", "partID", "pid", "persistentID", "launchID", and no idea what those could be "cid" and "mid". From looking at those you get the idea that different features have been implemented by different teams, not talking to each other. One feature (e.g. type of contract) uses that naming sceme to refer to each other, the other one, by no reason, invented a new name for the same idea, using different numbers of course. So, good luck with that But yes, messed up IDs is a thing. And when I personally got annoyed by non-functioning contracts, I implemented a check in KML for at least that small part of the mess, that I could make sense of. I also remember someone mentioning messed up IDs in craft files. But since craft file support is a rather neglected feature in KML, I never got deeper into that
  13. When you change the kerbals to "Assigned" in the roster, you also have to go to the flightstate, your vessel, and then the part where they should be in. You need to have one enty "crew = Jebediah Kerman" and a separate additional "crew = Bill Kerman" for each one.
  14. I submitted the KML_Windows_v0.9.1.zip to the Defender support. They updated the signatures and when you do this, it should work now: Submission details (9fa2c800-9d1d-44d7-b04e-a07d33290f48) - Microsoft Security Intelligence
  15. In some of the posts I read that you can observe this strange behaviour: Download the release zip to your standard download folder, see false positive warning, file gets deleted Create a new folder and set up Defender to exclude that Download the release zip to new excluded folder, obviously no warning and it remains. But now the fun part: Copy the zip from excluded folder to standard download folder, call a Defender check there, also no warning, file remains
  16. Yes, I can reproduce this warning again. But for me it is same Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml I did try yesterday after I updated the release zip, and there was no warning on my download. Does GitHub touch that zip somehow? This is very annoying Other GitHub releases seems to have / have had this issue as well: Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml in Blender Launcher · Issue #43 · DotBow/Blender-Launcher (github.com) Why is Trojan in release zip? · Issue #7 · EndlessMISAKA/AtelierMisaka (github.com) Windows Warns of a Trojan since the latest update 19-8-21 · Issue #261 · Nnoggie/MythicDungeonTools (github.com) Windows Defender flags wacatac.B!ml in v0.53.0 as a trojan · Issue #7725 · nwjs/nw.js (github.com) windows 10 reports trojan in process hacker · Issue #454 · processhacker/processhacker (github.com) Seems this pops up and might go away with updated signatures.
  17. Oh no, not such nonsense again. I can reproduce it, if I download the windows zip from github I get the same warning. Sadly I cleaned up and don't have the exact same zip local. If I check the KML.exe there is no warning, also not if I zip it again and check that zip. I can't say wether github somehow changes that zip or not. But here I checked the zip from URL with an online scanner, don't know how long that report remains available: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/3d53a8eae950b9728eef1523f06aef55e006e15eec187f665ae5943f6779a915/detection It's fine to them. Finally, I zipped again with another compression rate and updated the release on github. Now it seems fine to my Defender, please check again.
  18. Released 0.9.1, see OP. Included. I now decided to show all 4 known values of discovery status and went with that naming scheme: NewDiscovery (1), Tracking (29), StoppedTracking (21) and Visited (-1) I first decided against CamelCase, since that aren't internal persistence file terms, but then reversed my decision because CamelCase makes it easier to use in CLI, see below. While I don't want to clutter the GUI for some unnecessary or redundant feature, the CLI is much more forgiving and easy to change. In the vessel view '-v' you can now select by type or discovery state, but need to type the full entry then. As before, you can combine that with multiselect '-m'. So you now can purge debris or asteroids stopped tracking with this: $ ./KML.exe saves/test/persistent.sfs -vm=Debris --delete $ ./KML.exe saves/test/persistent.sfs -vm=StoppedTracking --delete Keep in mind that this would also match your precious "Debris Collector Ship", since names only need to match at the start. So don't forget to check the output before you include the '--delete'. Having this cleanup in an in-game mod is the proper approach. Consider the new KML version as a workaround. Since there is an existing debris cleanup mod, you have something your new project can be based on. Good luck with that!
  19. Technically an asteroid is a vessel itself and thus must contain at least one part. That's what this "PotatoRoid" part is about. I just implemented that SpaceObjects show "Tracking" (29) and "Stopped Tracking" (21, full trust in you, didn't start the game to confirm that). And anything else (1, -1, ...) won't have any text. I'll just give my brain some time to come up with corrections, and then when I remember what to do for a release, this will be in version 0.9.1.
  20. I think I can do this. I can confirm the state = 1 and 29. I couldn't find a state = 21 in my current save (I think I haven't dealed with asteroids so far) but also not in my old 1.3.1 save (definitely messed with asteroids quite a lot). In that old one I also have state = -1. What would that be? Is that the ones I grabbed and let loose again? I had quite a lot in circular shells around Kerbin I remember that we discussed purging debris before and it was pointed out that there are in-game mods for this, which is a much more convenient and clean solution. Maybe some mod can be extended or cloned to do the asteroid cleanup as well? I've never done in-game mods for KSP, maybe you kindly ask in the developer section and someone might grab that up.
  21. So maybe that is the kind of precise information you could do a bug report with. Maybe someone still cares
  22. Very nice to have this confirmed. And yes, since something weird did happen to your claw, it seems to have its state changed. So I would have guessed it did attach and that bug is just visual.
  23. When docking multiple ports, there is stilll only one in the proper state "Docked", defining the tree structure. Others might be docked as well, and thus holding things together, but there is a special state "Docked (same vessel)" for that. I have seen many docking/grappling problems, but I'm also not sure if grappling hooks do have a state "Grappled (same vessel)". Maybe there is, but it might be very difficult to achieve, because there is no magnetic force helping to align and have multiple attach at the same time with sufficient force.
  24. I loved messing around with those. Now I realize that I haven't done asparagus for quite a while and just went into the game to test some. And I have to tell you, that this lovely little ducts are a relic of the past. You can just enable crossfeed on your decouplers and the fuel flow priority will be arranged and updated according to your staging (you don't even have to have advanced tweakables on and mess with the priorities yourself). Edit: Well in that case all engines stay on because fuel feed goes both ways, and you have to watch the fuel levels to know when to stage, but it's the same principle.
  25. That's not bug, that's a feature. The flag selection in the VAB is meant to change the flag for this mission only. If you want to change your company flag and hence the default flag to show up in VAB every time, go outside and click on that large flag pole on your campus
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