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  1. Thank you for this Hotfix. Very hard to workaround orbital decay,
  2. I agree on this as you desctibe it on the present state of 0.1.4. However, thrust to weight at launch is simulated quite accurate depending on altitude, drag, and attitude of a rocket feasible in reality, at least in my opinion. Good points from other perspective nonetheless. Actually the BEST post on this issue since i read this Forum.
  3. ... on the topic of wobble, i honestly like the way it is. It feels certainly realistic somehow when you think about pushing your sticky contraptions against the low atmosphere. every rocket with exaggerated thrust to weight ratio at launch with full throttle is doomed to bend and buckle. To overcome this is a basic challenge of this game, and there are still struts, fins and other means available to get the desired object to orbit. i am looking forward to the next implements and features nonetheless.
  4. ...you`ll allready be beating the living s*** out of me if you knew what i was thinking while reading your post. Glad to see you alive and pushing along, remember, never say never again! I don`t own anything either in this Forum not to speak of the Topic here aswell, but this community has lots of very bright shining lights around which you are certainly one of. Greetings and just all the best to you.
  5. Ah yes ... @GregroxMun... it would be like the second coming of a certain historic person i really don`t want to to specify more closely in this forum... ok... hmmmm... We need a capable conductor. NOW. Edit: @AtomicTech please stay with us! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo!
  6. I honestly allways disliked Bill. I don`t know why but i don`t care about him.
  7. ...Maybe peeps like me. My RL probs at work are way, way more concerning and even sometimes live treathening other than this beautiful enterprise called KSP2. I don`t care about me anymore, i mostly care for others, but this is the burden of age and experience. Blowing up a PC at home is nothing against blowing up equipment and property of others in a second, worth bizarre amounts of... funds. I really don`t care about bugs in early access, as severe as they might appear. I see the progress and a certain vision of the development and can distinguish developers from publishers, who each have their own ambitions to survive. Time will tell, as allways. Let them bugs coming! BTW i can clear the registry on my own which gives me a minimum amount of responsibility while wrecking my own stuff....
  8. Welcome back to the club... we have some serious business going on. First: Bugs. Second: Content. Third: Moar content. Nothing changed you see. Your content/ like relation is way above average. How did you do that?
  9. I just deleted the file in the registry editor by hand, it was rather ... huge... OMG I hope this will be fixed ASAP since this is crazy. Edit: Upvoted
  10. I agree to the OP, i would also like to have simple autopilot functionality as `Hold Level`and ``Force Pitch/ Attidude` while piloting in atmosphere. Oh, and where is the reset trim button combo? Did i miss something here?
  11. My Kerbals slapped together a huge Triple fuselage -lifting body - transport -jet thing. It flies great and has up to 40000 dV fully fueled. But i just made it to the Island Airfield and investigated some rocks at the forest by the mountain. Thrustreverser for the win!
  12. Mikki

    asd rwcc

    Hi! Looks like you have lots of typos there. I can assist you.
  13. ...i admit that i`m a bot. Edit: Discord captcha is hard.
  14. Genovis: "Yesterday we were not able to leave the seat, but today it works. What is this trickery?" Bob: "I dunno. Early access is weird."
  15. ...the game drops way too many autosaves in my opinion, every other minute . Why? Playing offline seems also more stable, steam connection is not stable on my system... I just updated ALL drivers on my system, i hope the memoryleaks get fixed.
  16. Genovis: "You know, i was told this ship is very important for our Space Program..." Bob: "..." Genovis: "We allready wasted half of the fuel, and we don`t have any payload attached..." Bob: "...kay..." Genovis: "I heard rumors Jebediah went AWOL..." Bob: "...I don`t care." Genovis. "...Aaaaaaand... touchdown... ...If we had infinite fuel..." Bob: "We don`t."
  17. ... KSP makes a difference. *KSP is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"- I will eat my driving licence when this guy shows up in this Forum. Also the reason why i don`t play those mindless timesinks pepperd with violence and drenched in greed. KSP is the shining light in the dark, dark... darkest void of "space" games, with the most likeable community. Oh, yeah there is "Orbiter", i know. Realistic and... dry as a desert at high noon
  18. ... Kerbals are extremely resistant and redundant. I guess we care to much about their names. I fire them up with little remorse, at least in early access... There is some kind of strange soulwandering going on, but better we leave them alone, since they use to return back from certain death like... well.... Kerbals do. All is well in my opinion with this universe, all is well.
  19. ...and this is the point where i load a savegame and try again... i am no scientist just a casual fan of Kubrick`s ingenius "2010". Please go watch it if you don`t allready know this masterpiece and the main cinematic. It is epic.
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