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  1. I feel like a lot more wing would solve most of your problems.
  2. Oh what could have been... It seems like every one of my fellow Canadians hates the fact that it was cancelled.
  3. The Thread is dead, Long live the thread!
  4. The Thread is dead, Long live the thread!
  5. Modern equipment means that you start out with eleventy billion soyouzes but can keep building (but you gotta start now, no waiting for that Alcubierre). Ok, how about all the worlds military budgets going to a single space program?
  6. I think you are just touching down too fast. I can land mallards full of science jr. and keep them intact. You just need bigger wings I guess.
  7. I'm talking also about modern hardware, like already existing rockets and stuff. How quickly could we really get some insane stuff done?
  8. I'm talking Falcon boosted SLS, or a delta 4 heavy with Energia boosters. What could we make if we worked together?
  9. I wanna get this thread doing something again so here we go (you can find a kerbalmaps replacement here) What could have formed this? Looks like it could be a caldera or something. It's down near the tip of the KSC continent if anybody want's to go check it out in game. Oooh, I found another dry riverbed, it looks like the whole desert was its drainage basin. That's the desert with the temple, perhaps it was a massive nile-style delta previously.
  10. Nope, that died. Spacedock is the thing now.
  11. While actually from it's ashes rose kerbalstuff, and from thats ashes rose spacedock.
  12. apparently they checked using the horizontal speed indicator on the f3 menu. I think.
  13. please do make a modular cockpit mod. Also, could you make a mid section cockpit that fits the chines on both the front and the back? Like the Vindicator, but without the back glass part, just right into the razorback part again. There was another british ww2 plane that had it but I forget the name right now. And perhaps a glass back so you can make a vindicator cockpit out of it too?
  14. I wonder if by using the same concept as braking the shaft, you could make stock realistic reaction wheels? Spin them up using rover wheels or something, that still works, right?
  15. If it was contra-rotating it could turn in both directions very quickly I guess. A very large heli that turns very fast? yes please. If we could find a way to attach it to a and d keys that would be great.
  16. I wonder if it could be possible to make a system for very, very large helicopters with a single rotor to have their left and right rotation be controlled by braking on the main engine shaft to transfer rotation to the airframe? It probably won't compete but it would be a very interesting method of turning in the direction your rotor is turning.
  17. That's what I was trying to say up above. Make a small planet and cover it in a huge building with built in caves.
  18. I wonder if you could make a cave filled planet by making a tiny one and then sticking a bunch of tylo-style caves on top of it? I would love a "honeycomb" asteroid or something even bigger. Imagine landing your rocket way down a huge hole where you need to steer slightly right and left to get out. Sounds like a star wars planet. EDIT: like this
  19. Oooh, a KAS winch pulling a kite style thing underground (it would need to be a kite because otherwise a boat would not always touch the underground ocean if the winch was too short) is very interesting.
  20. Terrain glitches in certain places could possibly fit through very small boats (or planes!) and then you could go around under the land to all the biomes. All of KSPs continents are connected so you could get all of it. And then return to a hole to exit. We would need to map terrain holes to do this though.
  21. the * symbol is how people usually type times. / is divided, + and - are self explanatory I hope. Lets say 5km range because from the screenshot you got at least that far. Max speed+(max distance/10)+((Max passengers*5)*1+(number of flight attendants/2))+Bonus points so: (Whatever the max speed is, I don't see it in your submission)+(5km/10)+((64*5)*1+(2/2))+135 I'm dubious about the 20m/s stall, as those wings are too small. Stall is when you plane starts falling out of the air because it's going too slow, and loses controllability. By the way, you could make this a far better scoring plane by replacing the tail ramp with the slanted mk3-2.5m adapter emptied of oxidizer and the slanted 2.5m-1.25m adapter and a slanted tail cone for more fuel. And Then take off most of the jets, that size of plane can take off on three wheesleys. Two goliaths is overkill, and you have six. you'd be better off using a few RAPIERs or whiplashes, and then you could rake in a ton of speed points. You could remove all but two of the rear landing gear, but you could have two bogies per side if you aren't as good at landing softly.
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