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  1. Invaluable mod, but is there any way to control the roll orientation when using the launch-to-orbit autopilot for TCA? Other autopilots really struggle with balancing complex shuttle/Buran style launchers, but those also are often very sensitive to the roll orientation of the craft during launch, but I'm not seeing an option for it anywhere in TCA.
  2. I'm having an issue with the whole-vessel "Quick Apply" and "Automatically Quick Apply" buttons not working as expected - quite often i have spares of the part in inventory, but my craft will still use new parts. I'm wondering if I'm not understanding how modules and part options. I'm using RealAntennas, Kerbalism, and KiwiTechTree, as well as Procedural Parts, so most parts I'm using have a lot of options and tweakable settings. If I e.g. change the skin texture option on a part or upgrade its RealAntenna antenna or change the Kerbalism life support configuration, so that it's slightly different from the one saved in the inventory, will it no longer automatically draw that part from the inventory? And what happens if I use the Scrapyard menu to automatically apply the part and then change the settings? I also seem to be having an issue where if I manually apply a control surface to use a version from the inventory, the "deploy angle" often gets reset to a NaN error and can't be edited again (and deploying it causes it to just rotate infinitely)
  3. Invaluable mod - thanks for maintaining it. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but the in-game manual for this says "You can either transfer resources from individual parts, or select multiple parts and execute the transfer for all of them at once" - but I can't work out how to to multiple transfers at once? I can select multiple parts fine, but when I click the option for in/out/balance/etc it still does it individually by part. Am I missing something here? BTW, is there any way to have TAC Fuel Balancer blacklist certain resources? A few mods add fake pseudo-resources for coding reasons - specifically KSP Recall adds RefundingForKSP111x, and Kerbalism adds one for each processor type (_FuelCell, _PressureControl, _RTG,_Scrubber, etc). Then there's also a few resources like Solid Fuel which can't be managed by Fuel Balancer, but still appear in the list. If you're running Kerbalism especially, this can end up clogging up the menu with quite a lot of resources that you'll never want to use. Minor issue, but thought I'd ask.
  4. I use a life support patch for procedural parts and add a very very narrow procedural life support tank between the pod and the heatshield:
  5. Think this might be a vanilla issue. They can be quite temperamental. redeploying them in the order given here fixed it for me - https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:Deployable_Science
  6. Yeah - would be ideal if it could be done by experiment type, rather than specific parts
  7. I'm always getting the flowgraph errors and have the same "Copied tracker" mod, but haven't noticed related crashes
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I can't find a thread for Kerbal Actuators by @Angel-125. I've had it auto-installed by CKAN as a dependency for Near Future Aeronautics, and it adds a button to the toolbar which looks like some kind of VTOL controls/auto-pilot, but I'm not clear on what it does. Is there any documentation for it? I've googled a bit but can't find anything.
  9. Is there any update on this issue reported on GitHub re Engineers not being able to repair things? https://github.com/zer0Kerbal/OhScrap/issues/30 Also, what does the "'K BETA" option in the settings menu do? And what does the "stage recovery" setting do? BTW the link to the changelog on the main page of the thread seems to be broken - just takes you to a page that says "not found": https://github.com/zer0Kerbal/OhScrap/Changelog.cfg Thinking about this some more: the main differences are 1. Kerbalism has part failures in background simulation, 2. Kerbalism has a pay-to-increase-reliability feature in the VAB, and 3. OhScrap has a ScrapYard based reliability model rewarding you for testing & re-using crafts and parts (which imo adds an enormous amount of depth and realism to the strategic/logistical level of the game). Point 2. is relatively minor imo, so i think the two main approaches here would be either to add background simulation failures to OhScrap (which imo would make Kerbalism's reliability feature largely redundant) or to add ScrapYard support to Kerbalism (it's actually not OhScrap support directly that would matter here) so that its failure model is affected by ScrapYard's part generation/uses.
  10. I set both pan and tilt to -90, 90, but I can't get any of them to rotate at all Btw, I saw some of the discussion from earlier in the thread about @Sovetskysoyuzhaving made a dll for this that's compatible with Probe Control Room. Is that available for download somewhere? EDIT: Also, I'm getting an error on the GRAPH button of the MFD's saying "[ERR 20:46:22.769] [MASMonitor] Unable to switch to page 'MAS_JSI_BasicMFD_Graphs'"
  11. Thanks. Really helpful! I've set up the cameras with the following specifications: name = MASCamera fovRange = 30, 120 fovRate = 20 panRange = -90, 90 panRate = 20 tiltRange = -90, 90 tiltRate = 20 cameraTransformName = cameraTransform refreshRate = 3 translation = 0, 0, 0 rotation = 0, 0, 0 cameraName = Tantares Camera And they seem to be working, but I can't work out how to rotate them? I assumed it was with the arrow buttons around the monitors like in RPM, but they don't seem to work. The up and down arrows seem to change the Field of View (altho they have to be clicked repeatedly, can't be held down?). Am I missing something here? BTW, does the Texture field for Shaders need to refer to a PNG file? And do the shaders still work with no Texture set, but presumably the Blend and Offset fields have no effect without a texture?
  12. I'd copied those patches as my starting point, and the module's displayed as present in the VAB, but I'm struggling a bit to get them working. I'm using patches like this copied from the examples: @PART[octans_androgynous_docking_port_s0p5_1]:NEEDS[AvionicsSystems]:HAS[!MODULE[MASCamera]] { MODULE { name = MASCamera cameraName = DockCam fovRange = 10, 10 panRange = 0, 0 tiltRange = 0, 0 cameraTransformName = dockingNode } } @PART[grus_sensor_visible_light_telescope_s0p5_1]:NEEDS[AvionicsSystems]:HAS[!MODULE[MASCamera]] { MODULE { name = MASCamera fovRange = 60, 100 fovRate = 20 cameraTransformName = hc_navcam translation = 0.0, 0.009, 0.0 rotation = -90, 0, 0 cameraName = Tantares Camera } } the patches are definitely loading, because I can see the External Camera module displaying in the VAB, but only the docking node ones are working in-game. I'm getting errors like this: [EXC 15:44:18.343] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object AvionicsSystems.MASCamera.Start () (at <0bf90ae8ff9d477c823199001f706a26>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) I'm wondering is it something to do with the cameraTransformName field? I had a look at the page on the Github Wiki, but I don't really understand the part about transforms. BTW - is there a patch for IVAProbeControlRoom? I'd thought the RPM console screens automatically got updated to use MOAR Avionics, but it seems like they don't. EDIT: Aahhh. I've worked out my issue by looking at the NeptuneCamera patches for Tantares. They've also got a cameraTransformName field (usually just set to "cameraTransform") - so copying that seems to fix it.
  13. Ahh. Well it would be great to have a proper 1.875m bay for it sometime if you're still working on that. Really love the Soyuz & Vostok fairings in this - fwiw a 1.875m one would fit the FGB/TKS nicely by the same scale, i think
  14. FYI have experimented with it a bit, and a 1.875m six-bay service core loaded with fuel tanks actually seems to be slightly wider than 1.875m so will clip through any regular 1.875m fairing/shroud/cargo-bay you try to put it in. Don't know if that's intentional or not.
  15. Was there ever any update on kerbalism compatibility?
  16. Is there no 1.875m cylindrical fairing to match the 1..875m six bay service core?
  17. What are the optimum orbits for the Orbital Telescope Observation requirement of "Max sun-surface angle: 55 degrees" and Irradiance Scan with "Min sun-surface angle: 5 degrees, Max sun-surface angle: 60 degrees"? Does it even make much difference in the long run? Is an equatorial orbit best because it will fulfill the requirement most regularly whereas a polar orbit will often be completely out of alignment?
  18. Ahhh thanks. I had looked on the github wiki, but somehow missed that page
  19. It's displaying an error for me on OGO-1 and OGO-3, Parameter CollectScienceA. but it's a very long error (is there a way to copy and paste from the Contract Configurator menu?) that i can't pretend to understand. can't see anything obviously connecting it to a specific mod - but it looks like it's saying that it failed to parse "[InSpaceLow, InSpaceHigh]"? I've got both Kerbalism and KiwiTechTree installed, which make significant changes to the science system, but i'm not sure why they should break that specifically. Anyway, i'm not bothered personally since i was only planning on doing the Soviet missions, which we've now fixed, but posting anyway in case it's helpful for anyone else having the same issue i guess
  20. Is there a step by step instruction somewhere for how to convert an experiment to use Kerbalism's system?
  21. For the Vostok missions and for Kosmos-110, andromeda_crew_1 should be andromeda_crew_s1_1 or andromeda_crew_s1_2 and then with the Salyut ones, vega_crew_1p5_1_1 should be...i'm guessing tucana_crew_s1p5_1 or tucana_crew_s1p5_2? or grus_crew_s1p5_1 for the Almaz version A few errors as well for some science defs, but I'm not sure if that's Kerbalism or KiwiTechTree interfering for Kosmos 122, Kosmos 92, and with the CoatlProbesPlus science defs for Mariner-4, Surveyor 3, 5, and 6, Apollo 12, OGO 1 and 3.
  22. ohhhhh. i think what it is is the compatibility patch for Tantares - some of the parts/names have changed, so it's breaking some of the contracts
  23. Great mod, but has anyone got a workaround for symmetry on the modular chine segments? attaching them to the nodes, and the symmetry always gets loveed up
  24. Enjoying this contract pack, but I've just realised none of the Vostok missions are appearing in-game. Have just had a look at the files, and it seems like this is due to a typo - they all say "group= VostokMission " when it should be "group = VostokMission" with a space before the equals sign.
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